The Best Aloe Vera Gel For Face: Application, Benefits and Side-Effects

The Best Aloe Vera Gel For Face  

Aloe Vera is a famous plant which looks a lot like cactus. Its pulp is widely used in the preparation of various healthy juices, beauty creams, hair products, and diet supplements. The therapeutic benefits of Aloe Vera make it a versatile solution for people of all age groups. It is loaded with vitamin C and vitamin E that keeps the skin youthful, hydrated and nourished. 

Aloe Vera possesses remarkable antibacterial, healing, and antiviral attributes that help to treat skin infections, dryness, and inflammation easily. Let us know more about the qualities of Aloe Vera which make it so unique and appealing. Here, in this article, we will also look at some effective Aloe Vera enriched face packs that give you healthy skin naturally.

Why Homemade Aloe Vera Gel Is Best?

Aloe Vera is one of the healing herbs that benefit our body in a multitude of ways. The clear gel obtained from the leaves of this plant does miracles to the skin. In the market, you will find an overwhelming range of Aloe-Vera enriched products. A lot of them are labeled as “pure and 100 percent natural aloe extract”. 

Based on the studies performed on those products, researchers found that only fifty percent of those products had a pure form of aloe vera in them. Not all aloe vera products lived up to their claim. These products were loaded with preservatives, artificial color, and smell to increase the shelf-life of the product. The presence of such synthetic ingredients will do more harm than good on our skin. 

Due to this reason, the aloe vera gel we are using must be a hundred percent pure and natural. One of the best ways to ensure it is by preparing aloe gel at home. Homemade Aloe Vera gel offers you the maximum benefit from this plant. 

Aloe Vera Gel For Face Application and Recipe

Aloe Vera gel does wonders for oily skin. It has amazing exfoliation properties that can help get rid of the various disturbing signs of the skin. These include acne, excessive oiliness, dead skin cells, blackheads, pimples, infections, and more. (1)

Here is the best way to use aloe vera on your face to get a fresh, clean and healthy-looking skin naturally.

Using Aloe Vera As A Scrub 

Best Aloe Vera Gel For Face

Scrubbing holds a lot of importance when you have oily skin. Sugar is an effective natural scrubber that can take away all the accumulated dead skin cells off the skin. Lemon helps to get rid of all the dirt, dust, and excess oil from the skin. It will help in lessening suntan and scars on the skin. Aloe Vera moisturizes the skin and restores the right moisture content on the skin. It will deeply clean the skin.

To make this recipe, you would need a half a cup of fresh aloe vera gel. Now add two tablespoons of lemon juice and one cup of sugar into this gel. Mix all these ingredients well and apply it on the face. After ten minutes, when the gel dries up, you can rinse off your face. Use it once a week to get the benefits.

Using Aloe vera to treat acne

Best Aloe Vera Gel For Face

Take some amount of aloe vera gel, and add powdered walnuts and honey into it. Honey and walnuts show remarkable anti-oxidant properties and Aloe vera is touted for its healing properties. The combination of these three ingredients gives you clear, even and acne-free skin naturally. Do it twice a week to see a visible reduction in your acne. (2)

Aloe Vera Gel for Oily Skin

Oily skin can be sensitive too. To treat oiliness in such type of skin, you need to use this recipe. Aloe Vera is very gentle and calming on the skin. To prepare the remedy, you would need aloe vera gel, yogurt, rose oil and cucumber juice. Now mix everything nicely to form a paste. Leave it on the skin for about twenty minutes. Now wash off your face. Repeat the above steps two times a week to get relief from excessive oiliness, and discomforting symptoms linked to it. 

Aloe Vera Gel for Dry Skin

Aloe vera is suitable for all types of skin. So, if you have dry skin, the regular application of Aloe Vera pulp can moisturize your skin and make it soft, and supple. Rose water and Aloe Vera possess remarkable healing and hydrating properties. Milk is a cleanser. It locks natural moisture in the skin. 

Turmeric is a potent anti-septic. To use Aloe Vera for dry skin, you will need some amount of aloe vera, one pinch of powdered turmeric, one teaspoon of organic honey, one teaspoon of raw milk and some drops of rose water. Mix all these ingredients well. Apply it evenly on your face. Keep it for twenty minutes. Rinse your face with fresh water. 

Aloe Vera Gel for Face Side Effects and Precautions

There are no side effects of applying fresh and pure aloe vera gel. However, if you are allergic to Aloe Vera, then you should not use it. People who are allergic to it, can experience certain side effects such as irritation, rashes, burning sensation and redness on the skin.  

Another important thing that you should note is that the overuse of aloe Vera can prove to be harmful to the skin. This is because it is a natural exfoliator that removes oil from the skin. If you apply the Aloe Vera pulp on the face more than permissible amounts, then it can cause excessive dryness on the skin. Due to this reason, you should make its optimal use to get the desired benefits.

Benefits Of Aloe Vera Gel for face

There are several advantages of using Aloe Vera on the face. When you incorporate this healthy pulp in your regular personal care regimen, you can benefit from its potent exfoliation, restoration, and impressive nutritional content. (3)

  1. The natural aloe vera gel is mild and gentle. It soothes and cools your skin. It is a miraculous herb for the treatment of wounds, cuts, dryness and acute burns.
  2. Aloe vera as good amounts of vitamin C, E, enzymes and beta carotene that nourishes, and moisturizes the skin without making it greasy. This ingredient also delays aging and keeps your skin wrinkle free, soft, and lively. (4)
  3. Drinking fresh aloe vera juice as the first thing in the morning boosts digestion and gives a healthy radiance to the skin.
  4. The high antioxidant properties and concentration of skin boosting enzymes in this natural ingredient help to treat inflamed skin. Regular application of Aloe Vera pulp on the face is effective in the treatment of burns, fine-lines, acne and rough skin. (5)
  5. Another important use of Aloe Vera gel is that it provides you relief from sun burn and sun tan. This is due to the remarkable healing and calming impact of the herb on the skin. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are a few important frequently asked questions on the use of Aloe Vera on the skin.

How to use aloe vera for maximum results

To get the maximum benefits from Aloe Vera, you should not just apply it topically on the face but also drink its juice. The fresh aloe Vera juice is healthy for the skin, and overall body.

Topical application of aloe Vera gel

Take one leaf of aloe Vera and make a slit on it to open it and extract the pulp inside it. Use a spoon to scoop out this gel from the leaf. To make it more effective, you can also add some drops of vitamin E oil, and vitamin C powder in it. Blend this mixture for around thirty seconds. apply it on your face. Keep it for fifteen minutes and rinse your face. You can do it three times a week. 

To walk the extra mile, you can prepare a homemade Aloe Vera by diluting the fresh pulp in water. Blend the solution in the blender. Now strain it and your healthy Aloe Vera juice is ready. The natural taste of Aloe Vera is bitter so you can add some fruit juice in this juice to make it sweeter and palatable. For the best results, you should perform both the above remedies.

Fresh vs. bottled aloe vera

Bottled form of aloe vera gel is not the same as what you get from the leaves of the Aloe vera plant. It is very different in texture, composition, and nutrition levels. Bottled Aloe Vera is a synthetic form of Aloe Vera is not 100 percent pure. As Aloe Ver gel is perishable in nature, the bottled form of gel contains a lot of other ingredients to increase the shelf life of the product. 

It has added color, and smell to make it more appealing. This is not the case with fresh gel. They have only one ingredient in them and i.e, aloe vera pulp. This pure pulp is the most potent way to get the maximum benefits of Aloe Vera. 

Should I use Aloe Vera Gel for Face ?

You can reap the benefits of Aloe vera in all seasons, and on all types of skin. It is effective in treating the epithelial layer of the skin. In this way, it is beneficial to remove sun tan, get rid of stretch marks and sunburn on the skin. This therapeutic el can be used either alone or with other skin beneficial ingredients to reap the benefits from it. So, now that you have learned the incredible benefits of aloe vera for face, it is the time to experience it. Use the above homemade recipes to enjoy clear, moisturized and healthy skin.  

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