Rice Water For Hair Growth: Steps to Use Chinese Secret for Strong & Long Hairs

The incredible benefits of rice water have been known for centuries. Women in Southeast Asia, China, and Japan have been using this natural hair treatment for ages. Rice Water For Hair water packed with the goodness of several vitamins, minerals.

Regular application of Rice Water for Hair is well-verified to stimulate hair growth and make them long, shiny, and smooth. This article tells you more about this traditional beauty treatment and the right way to use it to improve the texture, density, and strength of hair.

How This Ancient Beauty Secret Got Revealed To The Present Generation?

With more and more people learning about the benefits of rice water, this ancient beauty remedy has become increasingly popular. There is a community named Red Yao in China. Women belonging to this tribe have been known to use rice water to rinse their hair.

Almost every woman of this tribe has knee-length hair. Their hair is amazingly thick, long, and shiny. The village where these women live is honored with the Guinness Book Of World Records certification as the ‘longest hair village of the world‘. These women are a living example that proves how the application of rice water can get you healthy hair naturally.

Another example that proves the benefits of rice water comes from Japan. The honorable women of the Imperial Court in Japan in 800 A.D. are popular for their dazzling long tresses. When asked the secrets of their beauty, do you know what they said – yes, you predicted it right – Rice Water. These women used to wash their hair with rice water regularly. 

This ancient remedy has not been a secret anymore. This natural hair treatment has been passed on to generations via word of mouth. Rice water is the simplest, and the highly efficient, “Do It Yourself” beauty products that can get you the tresses you have always dreamt of. 

Rice water for hair
Using Rice Water for Hair

How to make Rice Water for hair

Rice water for Hair is the starchy residue left after soaking the rice in water for around 30 minutes. This liquid has got milk-like consistency. It is white. This water is enriched with the nutrients present in rice.

Rice Water For Hair has a rich concentration of hair nourishing vitamins, and minerals that make it a healthy tonic for your hair.

3 Methods To Prepare Rice Water 

There are three ways to prepare rice water. Let us learn about them.

#1 Soaked Rice Water for Hair

In this method, you need to take half a cup of rice in a bowl. Add two to three cups of water to it. Keep it aside for thirty minutes. Now strain the mixture. Collect the liquid in another bowl. Your rice water is ready for use.  

#2 Fermented Rice Water for Hair

This is another effective method to prepare rice water. In this method, you need to keep the mixture of rice and water at room temperature for around two days. During this time, the rice will ferment. Strain this mixture and collected it in a separate clean bowl. You will notice that the fermented mixture has a sour smell.

Till you use this water, you need to keep it inside a refrigerator. You can refrigerate it for a maximum of three days, after which you have to discard it. This will prevent the growth of harmful bacteria in it. Fermented rice water for hair growth has anti-oxidants that help to combat hair damage. 

#3 Boiled Rice Water for Hair

This is the third method to prepare rice water for hair growth. In this method, you will need to cook half a cup of rice with one cup of water. Bring the water to a boil. Simmer for a few minutes. You will notice that the consistency of the mixture starts to become thick. Switch off the flame. Let the mixture cool on its own. Strain it and collect the liquid in a clean bowl. Your rice water is ready for use. 

steps To Use Rice Water For Hair Growth

There are several ways in which you can use rice water for hair. 

1. Rise Water for Hair Shampoo

Rice water is an effective substitute for a commercial conditioner. To use this natural conditioner, you will need to perform the below steps:

How to Use Rice Water for Hair

Mix the Ingredients

Take a mug and add rice water to it. For added effect, you can also add some drops of lavender, rosemary, geranium, or chamomile essential oil. Now apply shampoo to your hair. After washing off your hair, pour the rice water on your scalp. Let it stay for ten to fifteen minutes. 

Apply Rice Water on your Hairs

During this time, gently massage your scalp and hair. Rinse with regular water thoroughly. Repeat this method once or twice a week to see a gradual improvement in the texture and health of your hair. This treatment is helpful for patients who are suffering from chronic skin issues like dermatitis.

Estimated Cost: 20 INR


  • Rice Water
  • Essential Oil


  • Mug

2. Rice Water Hair Mask

To prepare a hair mask, add mustard powder and a few drops of oil to fermented rice water, Make a smooth paste. Mix it well. Apply it evenly on the scalp to cover your scalp completely. Leave it for around twenty minutes. Finally, rinse off your hair. 

3. Rice Water Hair Conditioner

You can also combine your rice water with your usual conditioner. Use both of these conditioners in equal amounts. Apply it all over your scalp. Let it stay for ten minutes so that all its nutrients get properly absorbed by the hair and scalp. Follow it up with a thorough rinse. 

How do you use Rice water hair spray?

Prepare rice water for hair and store it in a spray bottle. Spray a sufficient quantity of rice water on the hair. Leave it on for twenty minutes. Let the extra rice water for hair remains in the bottle for around twelve to twenty-four hours at room temperature.

Waiting for 24 hours will cause Rice Water For Hair Growth to ferment. After this duration, refrigerate it for a maximum of three days. Use it till this period. Throw the remaining water. 

Rice Water Combination With Onion Oil

Onion oil and rice water for hair are the two powerful ingredients that stimulate hair growth, enhances blood circulation on the scalp, and fight away infection. To make this natural remedy, add onion oil to rice water and use it as a hair conditioner or a hair mask. 

Nutritional Composition Of Rice Water

Using Rice water for hair makes your hair stronger, shinier, and smoother. With every application, you would notice your tresses become silky soft that is easier to detangle and manage. The nutritional composition of rice water is responsible for these benefits. It has a seventy-eighty percentage of starch in it. 

Along with it, this liquid also has amino acids, minerals, B vitamins, vitamin E, and potent antioxidants. B vitamins improve blood circulation in your hair. As more blood reaches the hair roots and follicles, they get adequately nourished with more oxygen and nutrients.

Rice water contains a specific form of carbohydrate called “inositol” that works by repairing your damaged hair. This compound remains in your hair even after you rinse off rice water from your hair. Inositol works as a shield to protect the hair from any kind of damage. 

The presence of amino acids in the liquid makes the hair roots strong. It arrests hair fall, improves its elasticity, and reduces surface friction. All these actions promote healthy hair that is strong from the inside and look beautiful from the outside.

7 Benefits Of Rice Water For Hair

Rice is a popular staple food that is consumed in all parts of the world. Before the knowledge of the benefits of rice water, you may have been throwing the water in the sink. Here, we will tell you how you can make effective use of this water to improve your hair health. Rice water is an age-old safe and natural beauty treatment that protects and beautifies your hair. Here, you get a compiled list of the benefits of rice water.  

1. Enhances Growth of Hair

When it comes to reducing hair fall and stimulating hair growth, there is no other treatment superior to rice water for hair. The high content of amino acids (a form of protein) and vitamins B, C, and E, in this liquid shield hair from environmental damage, regenerate them, and promote rapid growth. Rinse your hair with this water after a wash. Do it two times a week. You will notice the difference in the health of your hair.

2. Eliminates Split Ends

Split ends are the result of exposure to pollution and improper maintenance of hair. The cumulative effect is seen in the form of degeneration of hair. It indicates that your hair has become weak and is in dire need of adequate nourishment.

When you treat them with rice water, then the protein present in it deeply repairs the damage and nourishes your hair strands. It improves the quality of hair and solves the problem.

3. A Natural Hair Conditioner

Rice water is touted to be one of the most effective and cost-effective natural conditioners for all types of hair. For a parlor-like shine, rinse your hair with fermented rice water mixed with a few drops of rosemary essential oil. Allow it to stay for fifteen minutes.

With regular use, you would notice your dry, lifeless, and fragile hair to become smooth and soft. You would see an improvement in their hair, elasticity, and volume. Your hair becomes more manageable. You can style them in various styles you like.

4. Safeguards Your Hair From Damage

Treating your hair with heat-emitting electronic hair devices, and chemicals-enriched hair care products, and exposure to pollution, etc. can lead to hair damage. Rice water is an incredible treatment that protects your hair from surface friction. The inositol named carbohydrate present in it repairs the damage and makes them stronger and healthier.

5. Makes Your Hair Strong And Smooth 

Rice water has got ample amounts of amino acids in it. It is the food for your hair. It is required in adequate amounts in the body to form the hair and nourish it. These acids in combination with inositol carbohydrates strengthen your hair roots. 

It detangles your hair and makes them less prone to damage. By penetrating damaged hair, it repairs them from the inside out and shields them from any further damage. In this way, rice water beautifies and strengthens your hair. 

6. Prevents Dandruff

Dandruff is a commonest hair issue that can be quite embarrassing and annoying. Lack of proper cleanliness and excessive production of sebum on the scalp gives rise to dandruff. It can cause a lot of irritation and itching on the scalp. Rice water is seen to be one of the potent treatments to combat the signs that leads to dandruff. 

Rinse your hair with rice water regularly to get effective relief from dandruff. You need to note that dandruff might return when you stop the treatment. So, take it as a life-long treatment. 

7. Makes them Glossy 

Long and shiny tresses have been the innate desire of every woman. Several expensive cosmetic treatments claim to add instant shine to your hair. These treatments come with their share of side effects. With regular use, your hair starts to become brittle and weak. You will witness hair fall and reduced volume. 

Rice water is a safe and purely natural treatment that brings dazzling luster and natural bounce to your hair with every rinse. For the best results, prepare a rice water hair mask and leave it on for twenty minutes. Complete the procedure by washing off your hair. 

8. Eliminates Fungal Infection

Rice water for hair exhibits anti-bacterial properties, too, that helps in inhibiting the development of Malassezia fungus on the scalp. This fungus is responsible for causing lice and dandruff. Regular use of this treatment effectively eliminates lice and other fungal infections from the scalp.

rice water for hair
Rice Water for Hair. Photo: Hadviser

Side Effects of Rice Water for Hair

Although it’s very much clear that using Rice water for Hair doesn’t have any side effects but there is a possibility of hairs being too much dry. People with dry scalp should avoid using it, because it may create problems of scalp psoriasis or dandruff on your head.

Frequently asked questions about Rice Water For Hair Growth

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about using Rice Water For Hair Growth.

Is It Safe To Keep Rice Water In Hair Overnight?

It is not advised to keep rice water on hair for only between fifteen to twenty minutes. Keeping it for more than the prescribed duration can lead to bacterial growth on your scalp. This can result in itching, irritation, and other issues.

Here we have compiled a list of a few commonly asked questions on Rice Water and Its Use on Hair. I hope it helps in answering most of your queries.   

For how long can you store rice water for hair?

Rice water is prone to the breeding of bacteria. You can refrigerate rice water for a maximum of three days. It is not advisable to use it after this duration. If it remains unused after this time, then discard it. 

Can using rice water for hair harm my hair?

No. Rice water for hair is a completely safe and natural treatment. If you keep it for twenty minutes on your scalp, it will not cause any harm to your hair. However, if you let it stay for extended periods, then it can lead to the deposition of protein on the scalp. 

Excess protein can cause your hair to break. Also, do not use it more than twice a week. It will cause a build-up of inositol and amino acids on the scalp that can cause damage to your hair. If you have overused rice water and it is causing damage to your hair, then add a teaspoon of natural clarifying agents to it.

The addition of lime, shikakai, and amla to rice water helps in the prevention of the build-up. By sticking to the usage guidelines, rice water will give you incredible benefits without causing any harm to your hair.  

Can I use store-bought use rice and use it directly on my hair?

It is a good practice to wash the rice in plain water two times. It will eliminate any dirt and chemicals deposited on it.

Which type of rice is ideal for use in this treatment?

All varieties of rice can be used in the preparation of rice water for hair. You can choose from white rice, basmati rice, organic rice, brown rice, jasmine rice, short-grain rice, etc.

What can I add to the rice water to make it more effective?

Rice water has natural saponins that make it a mild cleanser. The addition of green tea enhances the antioxidant properties of rice water. The combination will impart additional strength to your hair that will, in turn, lessen hair fall. 

Is drinking rice water safe and effective for hair?

Yes. You can consume rice water in the form of oral consumption or topical application. In both ways, it works perfectly fine on your hair. However, do not overconsume rice water to get its benefits safely.

Which is most effective: Plain Rice Water or Fermented Rice Water? 

The pH of plain rice water is more than the pH of your hair. The fermentation process brings down the pH level of the rice water to match that of the hair. This action helps in closing the cuticles and protecting them from external damage.

Also, fermentation enhances the concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, and mineral levels present in the rice water. In this way, fermented water provides better nourishment to your hair follicles. 

Fermented rice water has acidic nature. A rinse with this water restores and maintains the right pH levels of hair. It also offers improved repair and rejuvenation benefits. When compared to plain rice water, fermented rice water for hair promotes a healthy scalp, boosts hair growth, and enhances the condition of the hair.


A container of rice is all you require for thick and lustrous hair. Simply soak the rice in water, and there you have it! Unlike expensive hair care treatment, rice water is a natural, convenient, and affordable treatment for all types of hair issues. Now that you have known Asia’s best-preserved ancient secret don’t wait and try it today!


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