Reduce Face Fat with these 25 Tips, Daily Habits and Exercises

Face fat is one of the annoying issues in men and women. By following these methods to Reduce Face Fat, you can easily get results need. You can dress up in ways that can help you appear slimmer, but you can’t hide your face fat. Your ugly double chin can still show in reality and in selfies that can reduce your attractiveness and make you look less appealing. The excess fat on your face and neck can even lower your self-confidence. 

Though the areas where the fat deposits in the body are determined by their body composition and genetics, there are a few ways that can help sculpt your cheekbones. In this article, we are going to look at facial exercises and dietary tips that, when used in conjunction, can get you a chiseled and defined face. (1)

8 Tips to Reduce Face Fat 

Here are a few simple and effective tips that will help you reduce face fat from your face naturally. 

8 Tips to Reduce Face Fat
8 Tips to Reduce Face Fat

Do Gargle

The benefits of Gargle are not just limited to clean the mouth and soothe your throat, but it can also prove to be a good exercise for cheek muscles. Take two minutes after every meal and fill your mouth with water. Now using your cheek muscles, do rinse your mouth thoroughly. With regular practice, you may notice some reduction in your face fat. 

Blow balloons

The next thing that you can do is to blow balloons. Do it irrespective of whether you have any party lined up or not. You don’t need a balloon to do this exercise. You can simply do the action of blowing a balloon and finish the breathing routine.

Fish face

Make a face that resembles a fish face. This is done by sucking your cheeks inside. Hold this position for a few seconds and return to the normal state. Pretend to be like a fish a few times a day.

Laugh Often

Laughing works your face muscles. It is a good facial workout. Switch on a laughter show, and exercise your muscles. It won’t just reduce your face fat but also improve your emotional and mental health too (2)

Hot towel

Another thing that can do is to soak a towel in warm water. Now use it to massage your entire face. This is a hot compress process that uses heat to burn the fat of the face. 

Chew gum

Chew unsweetened chewing gums daily for about twenty mins to lose extra fat in the lower cheeks and the chin area. Regular chewing will sculpt your face by giving you a visible jawline. It will help enhance your look.

Chant vowels

Chanting vowels, i.e., a, e, i, o, and u are some of the best ways to exercise your face muscles. This is because when you chant them, you have to stretch and expand your mouth. By doing this act for a few times a day, you will work out your facial muscles, and that will, in turn, result in fat reduction.

Facial massages

Massage has an important role in shedding the extra layer of fat from the face. In addition to fat loss, it can also help detoxify your body and brings a glow to your face. Face massage can be done with or without lotion. It is another good way to exercise your face muscles. (3)

10 Daily Habits to reduce face fat 

10 Daily Habits to reduce face fat-compressed
10 Daily Habits to reduce face fat

Here are a few daily habits that will speeds up the fat loss and Reduce Face Fat from the face but also assist you in achieving your fat loss goal faster. These habits are beneficial for your overall health. By doing it diligently for only ten days, you will start to notice its benefits. 

Stretch your body

Stretching is important for the body. This activity releases the tension accumulated at the various joints in the body. It also helps loosen up the muscles. Stretching is the beginning of every exercise and makes any exercise more effective. 

Drink warm water

To reduce fat from the body, it is advised to drink warm water, herbal tea, a concoction of lemon, honey, and ginger three times a day. Water helps to boost metabolism that helps in burning of fat in the body. 

Choose stairs over the lift.

You can achieve fat loss from diet alone. You need to work hard to burn the excess calories in the body. Only when you lose fat from all the parts of the body, you will notice a fat reduction on the face. If you can’t take out extra time for exercise, you can choose to take stairs in place of lift to shed that extra pounds from the body. Climb stairs till the fourth floor, and then you can consider lift. (4)

Design your meals wisely

You should eat heavy meals at the starting of the day. Lunch should be moderate, and dinner should be very light. You can simply take salad or soup in your dinner. This dietary consideration is necessary for everyone who either wants to lose weight or avoid accumulating excess fat in the body. In addition to it, you should eat less processed, fatty, sugary, and spicy food foods in your diet. Stay away from fried foods, alcohol, sweets, and canned drinks.

Take dinner early 

Take dinner two hours before you sleep so that by the time you reach the bed, you have digested the food. If you can’t maintain this time gap, then you can simply eat foods that are low in calories and get digested quickly. Salads are the best examples of it.

Get up and walk 

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the major causes of fat gain. If you want to lose face fat, then make a conscious effort to get up from the place and sit for fifteen mins. After every hour you should take a break of five to ten minutes. At that time, you can walk to shed extra calories. Always walk for ten minutes after the meal.

Get yourself hydrated before meals.

By keeping yourself hydrated before you eat the food will help in the digestion of the food. Drinking water half an hour before your meals are great to improve your metabolism. Also, before you start your meal, fill your stomach with fruit salad. Do this in every single meal you consume. Avoid eating sweet and calorie-dense fruits such as mango, banana, and musk melon.

Consume Aloe Vera Pulp

Aloe Vera is another important ingredient that can contribute to the loss of fat from the face. Aloe Vera juice is an effective treatment to clean the blood and cut down the excess fat from the face. 

Avoid white flour

Another important thing that you can do is to refrain from all types of white food items such as white rice, refined flour or maids, pasta, white sugar, white noodles, and white bread. These items are highly processed and have low amounts of fiber and other nutrients in them. 

Eat negative calorie foods.

Negative calorie foods can prove to be a great snack. There are certain fruits that are loaded with fiber and fewer calories in them. The reason why they are called negative calorie foods is because when you digest them, it burns more calories than what you get from eating them.

Due to this effect, the inclusion of negative foods is beneficial to lose fat from the face and overall body. Some of the best examples of these foods are pineapple, cucumber, oats, raspberries, pears, blackberries, etc. 

Drink lemon water after your meal

Lemon is a powerful source of Vitamin C that is a potent antioxidant. It can help boost metabolism in the body. The best time to drink lemon water is after the meal. A teaspoon of lemon extract helps in quick digestion of the fats

7 Exercises To Reduce Face Fat 

Losing face fat to reduce fat face isn’t so easy. You need to lose fat from all parts of the body to see a reduction in face fat on your face. The reason why it is hard to shed face fat is that your face hardly participates in any of the exercises. Below we have mentioned a few effective tips that will help lose face fat.

Lion Pose

This pose tones your facial muscles. To do this, pose, knee down on the ground. Place the palms on the thighs. Stick the tongue outside. Now stretch it in a downward direction with pressure. Extend your tongue as much as possible. While you perform this move, release the breath and make a roaring sound.

Locked Tongue Pose

This exercise helps you chisel the face and also shape the jawline. All you need is to sit on the ground. Force the tip of the tongue against the upper layer of the mouth. Force the tongue against the mouth wall till the time you feel a stretch in the neck. 

Jaw release

If you crave for attractive cheekbones and get rid of double chin, then do this pose regularly. To do this pose, sit comfortably on a chair. Keeping your mouth closed, move the jaws as if you are eating something. 

Chin lock

This exercise will help you tone your jawline muscles and shape your face. Sit in the Lotus position. Place the hands on the keens. Now lift the shoulders up. Bend yourself in the forward direction. Stick the chin firmly against the chest. Try to hold your breath for maximum possible time. Relax and repeat the steps for a few more times.

Mouthwash Technique

This is another technique to lose the double chin and tone the cheeks. Fill air in the mouth. Keeping your mouth closed, transfer the air throughout the mouth. Another way to do this exercise is to fill mouth wash in your mouth and clean your entire mouth with it. Relax and repeat the process.

Neck Roll

Neckroll is another effective method to get rid of the double chin. This exercise tones the jawline, neck muscles, and chin. Sit on the ground and face in forwarding direction. Now bend it towards one side so that it gets in line with the chin. Now start turning the head in circular movements. Keep the spine and shoulders straight while you do it. Repeat the move clockwise as well as anticlockwise.

Eye Focus

This exercise will smoothen your eyebrows. Open the eyes wide. Ensure your eyebrows are relaxed. Focus on an object or a point placed at a distance. Now relax the steps. (7)

Commonly Asked Questions about ways to Reduce Face Fat

How can I slim my face in a week?

To lose fat from this area, you need to focus on exercises that specifically exercise that area and eat a calorie-deficit diet. In addition to facial exercises, you need to aim at losing excess fat from your overall body.

How can I lose my double chin fast?

Do neck roll as it is an effective method to get rid of the double chin. Drink more water, smile more, and keep a check on your calorie intake. Also, you should reduce sodium in your diet. Regularly include cardio exercises in your workout regime.  

What causes face fat?

A poor diet, aging, genetic conditions, and lack of exercise cause facial fat. It can be treated with a calorie-restricted healthy diet and facial and cardio exercises.

Which food reduces face fat? 

Fresh fruits, veggies, negative calorie foods are rich in fiber. It increases metabolism in the body that helps lose stubborn face fat quickly.

Can chewing gum reduce face fat?  

When you chew chewing gums daily for about twenty mins, it will help you lift your facial skin and lose extra fat accumulated in the lower cheeks and the chin area. Regular chewing will carve your face and give you a visible jawline.

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