7 Home Remedies for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

To understand Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried and Teenagers, one should first understand the causes of the same. Research suggests that marriage affects Menstrual cycle, thus irregular periods treatment for unmarried has to follow a bit different pattern.

5 Causes of Irregular Periods  

Irregularity in periods is very common in girls and women. If the menstrual cycle is longer than thirty-eight days, or shorter than twenty-one days, then it is called irregular. Hormonal imbalance is the major cause behind this condition. Let us look at the possible causes of irregular periods. 

1. Pregnancy and Use of Hormonal birth control

Your periods stop when you get pregnant. In that case, you will notice a few symptoms that confirm the irregularity of periods due to pregnancy likeliness. These are:

  • morning sickness
  • sensitivity to smells
  • tingling sensation in breast or tenderness in breasts
  • nausea 
  • fatigue

If you notice these signs, it is advised to visit a doctor to find out whether you are pregnant. 

Another reason for irregular bleeding is the hormone-containing intrauterine devices and birth control pills. These pills can lead to lighter periods or spotting between periods. If you are consuming these medicines, then you should talk to your doctor to treat this issue.  

2. Breastfeeding

Lactating mothers can also experience irregular periods. To produce adequate amounts of breast milk, our body produces prolactin hormone. This hormone also reduces the levels of reproductive hormones in the body. This leads to very light periods or missed periods. This condition remains until you breastfeed your baby. Your periods will return once you stop doing it. (1)

3. Perimenopause

Perimenopause is the stage that happens before you enter into menopause. Changes in the menstrual cycle are one of the major signs of this problem. Its symptoms can last from four to eight years. It usually starts when a woman is in her 40s. An increase and decrease in estrogen levels at this time cause shortening or lengthening of menstrual cycles. A few other signs of perimenopause include:

4. Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS)

If you have PCOD, then also you can experience irregular in your periods. Heavy bleeding and missed periods are the major indicators of this issue. In addition to it, PCOS can also result in:

  • male-pattern baldness
  • excess public hair that includes body hair and facial hair 
  • infertility
  • weight gain 
  • obesity

5. Thyroid issues

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland fails to function in the right way. It becomes underactive and secretes very low amounts of thyroid hormone in the body. This condition leads to longer and heavier periods. Along with heavier and longer periods, you will experience a few other signs such as cold, cramps, weight gain, fatigue, and increased sensitivity to cold. (2)

On the other hand, in hyperthyroidism, your thyroid gland becomes overactive. It secretes high amounts of thyroid hormone in the body. This condition leads to shorter and lighter periods. In addition to it, you may notice a few signs such as 

  • sudden reduction in weight 
  • nervousness
  • anxiety 
  • heart palpitations
  • Swelling in the neck

7 Home Remedies for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

So, we have seen the various factors that lead to irregularity in your periods. The good thing is that you can easily treat this condition with home remedies. These are all-natural and safe remedies that will help normalize with irregular periods treatment for unmarried. 

1. Unripe Papaya

Papaya for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried
Papaya for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

The first and very effective remedy is to eat green and unripe papaya. It works by contracting muscle fibers present in the uterus to regulate menstrual flow in the body. Eat unripe papaya juice daily for some months except when you are in your periods. (3)

2. Turmeric

Turmeric for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried
Turmeric for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

Turmeric is a potent herb known for its therapeutic benefits. It has a warming nature that helps regulate menstruation as well as help balance hormone levels in the body. The anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties of this herb are beneficial to relieve menstrual pain as well. The best way to obtain its benefits is to take 1/4th teaspoon of turmeric with honey, milk, or jaggery. Consume it every day for many weeks till you see enhancement.

3. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried
Aloe Vera for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

Aloe Vera is another natural way to treat menstrual irregularities. It does it by regulating hormone levels in the body. For the best results, you should take the extract fresh aloe vera gel and add a teaspoon of honey in it. Now consume it every day before you have your breakfast. Please note that you don’t consume it during your periods. 

4. Practice Meditation and Yoga

Yoga for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried
Yoga for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

Imbalance in hormones leads to irregular periods, and stress is a major cause of fluctuation in hormones in the body. This condition can be successfully treated by doing meditation and yoga regularly. It helps relieve stress in the body. Both these techniques ensure the right hormonal balance and thus control irregularity in periods without the help of medicines. (4)

5. Ginger

Ginger for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried
Ginger for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

Ginger is another very effective herb that is used for the treatment of a broad array of health ailments. This herb is a great aid to regulate menstrual cycles​ and restore regularity in periods. To reap the wonderful benefits of the herb, you should start consuming Ginger tea daily. 

To prepare it, you will need to boil one tablespoon of fresh ginger for around five minutes. Now add some organic honey in it to reduce its sharp taste and make it more palatable. Drink it thrice a day post your meals. 

6. Cumin

jeera water for weight loss
jeera water for weight loss

Cumin seeds or jeera are commonly used in the preparation of dishes to add flavor to them. In addition to it, the seeds are loaded with various types of health benefits. They are highly beneficial to cure irregular or missed periods. Soak two teaspoons of cumin seeds in water and leave it overnight. Now drink it in the morning. Drink it daily, and you will notice your periods will get regularized. (5)

7. Cinnamon

Cinnamon for for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried
Cinnamon for for Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

Cinnamon creates a warming impact on the body that helps regulate the menstrual cycle in the body. It has a distinctive taste that, when added to dishes, improves it to a great extent. This is a magical herb that is effective in the treatment of several health issues in the body. Add a teaspoon of cinnamon powder in a glass of warm milk and drink it. In addition to regularizing your periods, it is also helpful to effectively eliminate menstrual cramps in the body.

When Should You See a Doctor for Irregular Periods?

If you have noticed that your periods have become irregular, then it is best to get a consultation from a gynecologist. She will look at your symptoms and consider other details to arrive at the right cause behind this irregularity. On this basis, she will form a treatment course to treat this condition. She may prescribe oral contraceptives to normalize your menstrual cycle. 

Following are the signs when you need to talk to a gynecologist:

  • You have not had a period in the past ninety days
  • Your periods have suddenly got irregular
  • You are getting periods within every twenty-one days
  • Your periods start after thirty-five days
  • Your period goes for over a week
  • Your periods have got very heavy
  • You often bleed between your periods
  • Your periods cause you immense pain (7)

Best medicine for irregular periods?

Do Note: This part is only for reference and educational purposes to understand irregular periods treatment for unmarried in better way. This is in no way replacement to professional advice.

  • Injectable hormone therapy or oral contraceptives in the form of birth control pills that contains progesterone and estrogen hormones to regulate the irregular menstrual cycle are good. A hormone medication named “progestin” can help initiate periods in females who do not get them.
  • If it is due to an eating disorder or increased body weight, then your doctor may even prescribe you a nutritional therapy to treat it.
  • Insertion of an intrauterine device that releases hormones in the body 
  • Use of medications like tranexamic acid or anti-inflammatory and nonsteroidal medications to treat the condition

If irregularity in periods is due to structural issues or when the above medical treatments fail, then your doctor may consider the following treatments:

  • surgical removal of polyps  
  • uterine fibroids
  • a procedure called “Uterine artery embolization” that blocks blood circulation to the uterus
  • a procedure called Endometrial ablation that removes blood vessels present in the endometrial uterus lining
  • Hysterectomy

Commonly asked questions about Irregular Periods Treatment For Unmarried

These are some of the commonly asked questions on “irregular periods treatment for unmarried.”  

Can one conceive with irregular periods?

Yes. A woman can conceive even if her periods are irregular or she has asymmetrical menstrual cycles. This problem does not always affect fertility. There are several cases where women who had irregular menstrual cycles got pregnant and had normal pregnancies. Though it is not a major cause that leads to infertility, it is better to take treatment to manage this problem soon. 

Why is my period suddenly irregular?

Your period can become irregular due to various reasons. It can be due to too low or too high body weight, use of birth control pills, perimenopause, doing a lot of physical activity/exercise, taking birth control pills, nutritional deficiencies, pregnancy, stress, high or low thyroid hormone levels due to overactive and underactive thyroid gland in the body. 

\Either a single reason or a combination of all these reasons can contribute to irregularity in periods or missing periods. You should not delay getting consultation from a gynecologist for your problem. The sooner you start the treatment, the faster it will be its management. In addition to medical treatment, use the above home remedies too to cure irregular periods.

Are irregular periods normal?  

In the initial years of menstruation, i.e., in the teenage years, a girl can observe irregularity in her periods. If it goes for several years, then it is not normal. It is a major concern, and proper treatment should be taken to deal with it. Ideally, the menstrual cycle duration should be between 21 days to 35 days. If you notice that your periods start before 21 days or after 35 days quite often, then it is a sign of irregular periods. You need to consult a doctor for the treatment. 

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