Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Fall: Side-Effects, Causes and Diet

Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Fall gained quite a momentum in recent days. Hair is an important asset of a person. Lack of care can lead to several types of hair issues. The most prominent one being hair fall. Homeopathy is one of the ancient and highly trusted systems of medicine. Homeopathy medicines are effective in arresting hair fall and promoting hair growth. In this article, we will learn more about hair loss, causes, and homeopathy medicines to cure it.  

7 Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall

We are mentioning seven most effective homeopathic medicine for hair fall:

Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall-

Thuja Occidentalis

If the hair loss is due to white and scaly dandruff, then thuja is the best cure for it. This remedy work wonders to relieve your hair from dry, lifeless, and thin hair. It is also useful when the growth of hair is slow. 

Natrum Muriaticum

This is another important homeopathic remedy that is prescribed when the hair loss happens to a mother after delivery of the child. In such women, hair becomes scarce in the front region of the head. This medicine is also effective in cases where the hair loss is due to deficiency of iron. It is beneficial in the treatment of alopecia areata and dandruff


If you are experiencing hair fall after childbirth, menopause, or ovarian dysfunction, then Lycopodium is the best way to treat it. This medicine effectively treats hair loss at the vertex, and on the temples.  

Fluoric Acid

This is the most potent medicine that is advised for patients who suffer from alopecia areata. In this condition, hair loss happens in the form of patches throughout the scalp. This medicine stimulates hair follicles to grow new hair and cover the bald patches. This medicine is also beneficial in treating hair loss that begins after typhoid fever. Fluoric Acid is a potent solution for dry, frizzy, and brittle hair that breaks off easily. It strengthens your hair from the root level and makes them strong, nourishes, and conditioned.   


Phosphorus is another effective medicine that helps in treating the hair loss that is noticed in the form of bunches. If you find that you are losing hair from the vertex, forehead, and crown region, and your hair is turning gray, then Phosphorus is beneficial to solve the problem. It is also beneficial when hair loss is due to a change of climate and change of water. 


Injuries or wounds on the skin of the scalp can also contribute to hair fall. This is a fabulous and deep acting remedy that helps in treating skin issues that result in hair fall. 

Nitricum Acidum

This homeopathic medicine is made from nitric Acid. It is frequently prescribed to treat all types of complaints of hair fall. People who notice hair loss from the vertex, or have sensitive scalp should use this medicine. (3)

Causes Of Hair Fall

Hair loss affects both men and women. There can be several reasons for it. Age is one of them. Nearly 13 percent of women suffer from baldness before they reach the menopause stage. Other causes of hair fall are

  1. anemia, 
  2. hypothyroidism, a type of thyroid disorder
  3. polycystic ovaries, 
  4. stress
  5. malnutrition, or deficiency of vital nutrients such as Protein, Vitamin B12, Iron, Biotin, and Folic Acid.
  6. diabetes, 
  7. smoking,
  8. change of water,
  9. chemically treated hair
  10. dandruff, 
  11. genetic and seborrheic dermatitis
  12. metabolic disorder
  13. hypertension, 
  14. high cholesterol.
  15. Use of contra septic pills, etc. (1)

Homeopathic Medicine For Hair Fall Side Effects

The homeopathic medicines treat the issue from the root level to give you lasting results. These medicines are proven to manage hair fall in both genders. There are no apparent side-effects of Homeopathic Medicines in general.

If the person consumes prescribed dosage of these medicines and completes the full course of the treatment, then the hair fall can be cured. Nowadays, doctors are using a specialized science of hair, “Trichology,” along with Homoeopathy to identify the type of hair loss, its reasons, and treatment. (2)

Diet for Hair Fall

What we eat has an impact on your hair and overall body. If your diet comprises of all essential hair beneficial nutrients such as iron, zinc, protein, biotin, etc. then your hair is going to be stronger and healthier. By incorporating the right foods into your diet, you would notice a gradual improvement in the health of your hair. Here is the list of most effective hair-boosting foods to treat hair fall.


This vegetable is rich in Vitamin A-that provides excellent nourishment to your scalp and hair. For the scalp. 

Prunes, Beetroots, and green vegetables

All these vegetables are ideal for enhancing the quality of your hair. If you suffer from dry, thin, or discolored hair, then it is an indication of a lack of iron in your body. Prunes, beetroots, and leafy greens are good sources of iron that nourishes your hair and makes them strong and lustrous.

Green peas

Green peas are rich in the right amounts of zinc, protein, B group vitamins, and iron that helps to maintain healthy hair.


Oats are not just beneficial for digestion, but also for your hair. This is because of the presence of hair vitalizing nutrients such as polyunsaturated fatty acids, iron, zinc, and omega-6 fatty acids that promotes hair development and growth.

Almonds and Walnuts

Antioxidants play a major role in promoting healthy hair. If you suffer from poor hair health and hair fall, then start consuming nuts. Almonds and walnuts are two potent foods for your hair. They are loaded with omega-6 fatty acids, zinc, Vitamins B1, B6 and B9, iron, and a lot of protein. Eating a handful of these nuts in a day will give the best nourishment to your hair. 


If you crave for healthy and strong tresses naturally, then you should start incorporating eggs in your health regime. Eggs are packed with proteins, iron, zinc, Omega 6 fatty acids, and Vitamin B12, Vitamin B7 (biotin), that eliminates any nutritional deficiency in your hair. Regular application of eggs will enhance your hair quality and density. Your hair will become conditioned and get a natural bounce. 

Dairy products

Dairy products like milk, curd, and cheese are rich sources of calcium, high-quality proteins like casein and whey protein. Regular consumption of dairy items prevents hair loss and contributes to overall hair health.  

  1. Hair loss is seen to cause depression and even suicidal tendencies in men and women after they attain the age of 21. It can significantly impact the self-esteem of a person. 
  2. Rejection in marriages and workplace are commonly seen in people who suffer from hair loss. In one study, it showed that 42% of men who had full heads of hair got chosen for job interviews compared to 25% of balding men. 

Alternative treatment for Hair Loss

Castor oil is touted to promote hair growth. It works by stimulating hair follicles that can drastically increase the rate of hair growth by up to five times the normal growth rate. Castor oil will improve the texture and density of your hair and prevent it from breakage. This oil can be used to treat thinning hair on scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes. As this oil is very dense, you can mix it with coconut oil or almond oil to improve its consistency.

The process of application of this oil is very simple. All you need is to mix a teaspoon of castor oil with equal quantities of almond oil or coconut oil. Mix it well. Apply it on the region where you experience hair fall. Let it stay for two hours. Wash it with a mild shampoo. Perform this remedy once a week. Do not overdo as it can cause the build-up of a layer of oil on the scalp.  

Commonly Asked Questions about Homeopathic Medicine for Hair Fall

Does homeopathy have side effects?

Homeopathic medicines generally do not cause any side effects when taken in the right amounts. However, as they have a large amount of heavy metal in it, overconsumption of these medicines can prove to be life-threatening.

Does homeopathy really work?

Yes. Homeopathy medicines have given time-tested and proven results in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses. These include high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insomnia, migraine, hair fall, skin issues, anemia, and more. The treatment is safe and offers long-lasting results.

Does homeopathy affect the kidney?

Homeopathic medicines, when taken with allopathic treatment, have the ability to repairs your damaged kidneys. It also regulates the levels of blood glucose and blood pressure in the body. 

The Bottom Line

Homeopathic medicines are one of the best treatments to treat hair fall for both men and women. Several homeopathic medicines have given the best results to effectively control hair loss. These medicines are prescribed based on the underlying cause to lessen the hair loss and promote re-growth of hair. By following the right dosages for the prescribed period, hair loss can be completely cured.

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