24 Easy Exercises For Calf Muscles – Men & Women Workout Plan

Calf muscles are essential for various reasons. These Exercises For Calf Muscles will help you achieve stronger muscles. Sadly, when it comes to calf muscle building exercises, people usually stay behind. They don’t pay much attention to these muscles. As a result, the calf muscles remain twigging just below the knee area.

The problem is – people, even the regular gym-goers, don’t understand the essentiality of calf building exercises. Your calf muscles help you keep your ankle flexible. Therefore, you can appreciate that tight calf muscles can bring bad news for your ankles. Such forces will expose your ankle to the risk of injury. Also, the quality of your training solely remains on the calves. If you are a runner, you will surely need to train to build these areas’ muscles. Exercises For Calf Muscles are important for complete body workout.

Best Unisex Calf Workout Plan

If you have never exercised before, you need to remember an essential fact before making your calk workout plan. The calf muscle developing plan does not have to be complicated. Also, you don’t have to toil for hours to get those muscles strong and bulging. Those who have tried doing various sets of exercises have failed to show the motivating result. Therefore, don’t create a plan to tire yourself down.

There is a general concept that – calf muscles develop themselves if someone does regular squats. However, it is not a complete misconception. However, only doing squats is not enough. It would help if you focused on the calves to build the muscles. Calf muscles are like ab muscles. They are more tolerant of workouts than any other power, which is why – you can train your calves without hesitation.

When you perform calf exercises, you need to focus on exercising all the muscles, like – Gastrocnemius, soleus, and the tibialis anterior; this is why you must perform standing exercises and seated and reverse calf exercises. Together Easy Exercises for calf muscles will build the calf muscles in the right proportion. 

6 Exercises For Calf Muscles – Calf Workout Plan

You should do a Calf workout plan in 15 reps and three sets, this an an effective strategy for anyone who is trying to build calf muscle.

Note: Images are representational purposes only, use barbell/ dumbbells’ as per requirement.

  • Exercises For Calf Muscles

    Seated Calf Raise With Barbell – This exercise targets the soleus muscle

  • Exercises For Calf Muscles
    Reverse Calf Raise With Smith Machine – This exercise targets the tibialis anterior
  • Exercises For Calf Muscles
    Standing Calf Raise With Barbell – This exercise is for the Gastrocnemius

There is another set of Exercises For Calf Muscles which you need to perform in 6 reps and three sets

  • Seated Calf Raise – This is for the soleus muscle
  • Reverse Calf Raise With Smith Machine – Tibialis anterior is the targeted area
  • Standing Calf Raise With Dumbbell – Here, the targeted area is Gastrocnemius

The abovementioned 6 exercises for calf muscles can be followed after workout.

10 Calf Exercises For Men  

When you are getting started with calf exercises, you need to select around three activities. These you must perform at least four times weekly. Also, you must make sure to perform three sets.

You don’t have to worry about your calves. These are accustomed to many hard works. These support you all the time. Therefore, you can train your calves without any fear with these Exercises For Calf Muscles.

1. Standing Calf Raise 

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

It would be best if you remembered that when it comes to calves, the top moves. You may need a Smith Machine for this exercise. If you don’t have a Smith machine, you need to place the feet’ ball on a high place. It would be best if you put some weight on your shoulders.

Now, it is essential to tighten your glutes and core when performing this exercise. It would be best if you keep your knees straight as well. After you have placed yourself in this position, you need to lower yourself on the ground so that your heels touch the ground. Then again, push back up and point your toes. You can target 25 reps when performing this exercise. However, you must know your limit.

2. Band Push While Seating

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

This exercise is fantastic for progressive resistance. You need to perform this with a resistance band. Put one end of the looped resistance band around your feet. Second, Now straighten your leg in front of you. Hold the other end of the round with your hands. Now bend the ankle and press the resistance band. Now, you need to pause for a while. Once you have done this, you must flex the calves. After that, you must return your leg to the starting position. It would help if you were doing this exercise 25 times as well. 

3. Calf Step Up

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

To build calf muscles, you can take advantage of plyos. You will need either a strong box or a bench. Now, put one of your foot on the bench or chest, whatever you have succeeded in getting. Now you need to drive off the foot you have placed on the box. Jump up in the air. You need to switch your leg and place the other one on the package as you come down. The aforementioned is a great way to develop calf muscle. Now use the other portion to repeat the exercise. You can do 25 reps.

4. Static Neutral Hold

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

Isometrics are amazing for calf muscle building. These help in ankle flexibility as well. It is why using isometrics can be useful when you are training your calves. You need to use the balls of your feet and stand on them a couple of inches above the ground. It would be best if you held on to the wall or something substantial for support. Now, you need to put your weight on the balls of the feet and then straighten the ankles. Then flex your calves. You must hold this position for at least 60 seconds. Perform this exercise 4 times.

5. Bunny Hop

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

This exercise uses the power of the explosion to build muscles. However, this is a simple exercise to perform. It would be best if you bent your knees along with your waist slightly. Then you need to jump up and then come down. The hops must be frequent and small. Land healthy on your feet, putting pressure on your calves, and then go up again. This exercise is easy, and anyone can do this. Keep doing the hops for at least 60 seconds. You can do four sets. 

6. Rope Jumping

This exercise follows the concept of rope jumping. Here you are moving continuously on your toes while jumping. Rope Jumping is a great way to use your calves. You can jump ropes for 30 seconds. If your stamina permits, you can increase the time of jumping. However, make sure to give yourself 30 seconds break after each jumping spell. Continue to do this for at least 5 minutes. This is for the beginners. Once you get used to jumping ropes, you can increase your jumping time. Rope Jumping workout increases your heart rate as well. 

There are alternative jumping rope variations as well. One can try different jumping rope variations for better results. 

7. Speed Ladder

This workout is all about agility. It is also about speed. Speed Ladder workout helps in developing the calf muscles quickly. There are few variations of the ladder workout drills. You can pick the one that suits your stamina and requirement. You will see that the ladder workout drills vary from running between the ladder to hopping through the ladders. There is a drill called Ickey shuffle. Speed Ladder is a complicated drill that you need to learn. However, you can do other speed ladder drills quickly. You have the option of doing 3 to 4 sets of each exercise.

8. Stadium Stair    

Stairs work like wonder in toning calf muscles. These also help in building the muscles around calf areas. Therefore, all you need to do is find a stairway to get those muscular calves. The idea is to run up and down the stairs. Skipping flights would not help you get the best result. Therefore, place your feet on each flight while climbing up and down. Climb for 20 seconds. Do at least three rounds.

9. Sprint

Yes, this, too, helps in building calf muscles. It would help if you targeted running at least 50 yards for the best result. This workout helps in going full range of calf motion.

10. Hill Running

Hill Running is a strenuous exercise. It gets a full-body engagement. This exercise does not only tone your calf muscle; Hill Running torches down glutes, quads, and hamstrings as well. 

8 Calf Exercises For Women

Calf Raise  

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

It would help if you stood straight with your feet apart. Engage your abs by drawing it inside. It will stabilize your entire body. Now, you need to raise your whole body on the balls of your feet. While you do this, you must keep your knees straight. However, don’t try to lock them together. It would be best if you held your position after you raise yourself. Squeeze the calves and then gently land on your feet. You can do this 15 times every day.

Inward Calf Raise

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

Inward Calf Raise is more or less like the previous exercise. Here also, you stand with your feet apart. But the difference is in the placement of the toes. You need to move the toes near each other while keeping the heels outward. Now, like the previous exercise, draw your abs inside. Inward Calf Raise will give you the required stabilization. Now you raise yourself and hold the position for a while. Here also, you must squeeze your calf muscles before landing back on the ground. Do 15 reps. 

Outwards Calf Raise

Outwards Calf Raise is also a useful exercise. It would be best if you stood with your feet apart. Put your heels together and move your toes outward. Your feet should create a V shape. Pull your stomach muscles inside for stabilization. Now, raise yourself on the balls of your feet. Now, you need to stay on the top for a while. Squeeze your calf muscles tight before landing back on the ground. Go for 15 reps to complete a set. 

Single-Leg Calf Raise

Here it would be best if you stood with your legs apart. Now raise one of the legs and bend at the knee. Your leg should create a 90-degree angle here. Now, introduce yourself on your other leg. Once you raise yourself, hold the position for a moment. You can hold onto a chair or wall for support. Now, squeeze your calf muscle before landing back. Single-Leg Calf Raise is a useful exercise for calf muscle building. You need to perform 15 reps to complete a set. After completing one location, you must repeat the Easy Exercises for calf muscles with the other leg.

Jumping Jack

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

Jumping Jack is a tremendous calorie-torching exercise. Jumping Jack is not only good for calf muscles; the training is excellent for leg toning as well. Jumping jack is a famous exercise which is easy to perform. Begin by standing straight. It would be best if you kept your arms hanging by your side. Now, begin to jump upward. While you jump, make sure to place both your feet apart. As you jump, you need to raise your arms as well. Do this continuously for 15 times; this is one set. You can repeat the reps and do more than one group if your body permits. As you get accustomed to the exercise, increase the groups.

Seated Calf Raise

You will need a chair or a box for this exercise. Sit on the edge and place your feet on a couple of yoga blocks. It would be best if you put the toes of the feet on these props. Keep your heels hanging by the edge. Now, you will have to hold two dumbbells over your thighs. Keep raising the heels of your feet upward. Your knees should rise along with the heels. Pause on the top for a moment. They put the feet back. Do this exercise for 15 times for the best result.

Weight Calf Raise

For this exercise, you will need two dumbbells. The kettlebell will do the job too. It would be best if you stood with your feet apart. Now hold two kettlebells or dumbbells in both your hands. After this, you must roll back your weight on your heels. Pause for a moment in this position. Then roll forward so that your weight shifts back on your toes. Do this exercise for 15 times to complete a set.

Downward Dog

Exercises For Calf Muscles
Exercises For Calf Muscles

Go on a plank position. Now, keeping your weight on your hands and feet, push your hips up. Position them slightly backward for a perfect downward dog position. Now, spread the fingers of your hands apart for proper balance. Relax your neck so that your head hangs over in the air. Now, raise the right toe, bending your knees. Keep yourself in this position for a moment. Then move to the other leg. Raise the left toe, bending the left knee as you do this. Hold the place for a moment. Continues to do this. Make sure to bend each knee 15 times each. This will complete one set. 

What is the best exercises for calf muscles ?

Calf raise is the best exercise for the calves. This exercise is simple to perform. It also helps in building the calf muscles properly. 

How do I bulk up my calves?

Some exercises help in building calf muscles. You can perform standing calf raise practice, band calf flex exercises, and heel raised squats to bulk up your calves. These are all effective workouts.

How do you strengthen your calf muscles?  

Doing calf muscle building exercises will help you strengthen up your calves. You need to perform the activities regularly to get the best result.

How can I build my calf muscles at home?

Several exercises like a calf raise workouts, downward dog calf raises, inward and outward calf raise practices, which you can perform at home without any trainer.  

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