36 Ways To Control Hair Fall Permanently Without Harmful Chemicals

Hair loss is one of the major problems that are common in both men and women. How To Control Hair Fall has turned into a millennial question. It is very disturbing for people, especially women. Several reasons can cause this issue. The major ones being lack of oil massage, poor or deficient sleep, lack raw, organic, unprocessed and nutritious diet, use of chemical-enriched products, frequent hair treatments from salon, and more.

Here we are telling you five important steps that you must start implementing from today. Not just it stops your hair fall and Control Hair Fall, but it can even reverse the situation. These are the time-tested ways that work for all types of hair and promote the overall health of your hair and scalp. It enhances the strength and quality of hair and arrests hair fall effectively.  

Control Hair Fall
Control Hair Fall

5 Important Steps To Control Hair Fall

Regular hair massage

The first thing that you need is to do regularly massage your hair with luke-warm oil twice a week. Choose any oil from coconut oil, almond oil, amla oil, olive oil, or castor oil. As castor oil is thick, you should dilute it with any of these oils to get the right consistency. Be gentle when massaging the oil to the scalp and hair. With slow and steady finger movements, massage for around fifteen minutes to boost blood circulation on the head. (1)

Don’t Shampoo Often

Shampoo makes your hair dry and weak. Do it when you oil massage your hair. In addition to reducing your frequency of oiling your hair, use only herbal shampoo. Its the very basic step to control hair fall.

Use Less Chemical Product

Abstain from chemical loaded oils, shampoos, serums, conditioners, or other types of hair styling products that cause immense damage to your hair. If you feel dryness in hair after you shampoo them, take two to three drops of any of the above oils and add some Aloe Vera gel in it.

Apply Onion Juice

Onions have Sulphur in it that does wonder when applied on hair. It strengthens hair roots and prevents hair fall. It is also found effective in growing new hair. Prepare fresh onion juice. Apply it all over your hair. Depending on your comfort level, you can either keep it for an hour or an entire night. Follow it by washing your hair thoroughly. Perform this natural remedy once or twice a week.  

Use a natural hair pack.

You can find various hair packs on the market. Prepare a hair pack with curd, reetha, amla, Aloe Vera gel, and shikakai powder. This is a completely natural hair pack that shows incredible results. Apply it once a week. Let it stay for an hour and follow it up by washing them using a diluted shampoo.

If you have oily hair, then add a few drops of lemon juice in it. It will help control oil production on the scalp. People with dry hair should add a few drops of oil in it for effective hydration. 

The time period that you will require to see the results will vary from one person to another. To get the best results., you need to be consistent in its application. When you implement these ways, you will sure to see a visible decline in har loss and improvement in hair and scalp health. (2)

6 Lifestyle Changes To Control Hair Fall

Your lifestyle and habits also have an impact on your hair condition. In addition to the above topical hair treatments and tips, you also need to bring healthy changes in your lifestyle. Here are a few beneficial lifestyle tips that will not just make your hair healthy but will also correct several health issues in the body. 

Implement these lifestyle modifications and resort to an herbal and natural way of living. Not just this new lifestyle will be light on your budget but also protect you from the side effects of chemical products and control hair fall.

Opt for natural food sources over multivitamins

Many people take multivitamins to overcome any nutritional deficiency in their body. They are purported to be beneficial for health, but in reality, their regular intake can damage your hair health. In place of multivitamins, eat nuts, fish oil and other sources of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants

Keep Yourself Adequately Hydrated

Water is very important for the execution of several bodily functions that includes detoxification, digestion, and circulation of nutrients throughout your body. Drink a minimum of eight to ten glasses of water daily.

Along with it, drink two to three glasses of water right after you wake up in the morning. It will help expel toxins from the body and effectively clean your body. Whatever the season is, ensure that the water you drink is at room temperature. Prefer earthen pot over refrigerated water. 

Keep your intestine healthy and functional. 

Intestinal health contributes a lot to our hair health. This organ needs adequate nutrition to function well. To keep your gut in the best health, you should eat foods that are beneficial for your intestine. 

Consume more of homemade curd in the breakfast as it contains gut-friendly bacteria. In addition to it, consume buttermilk at lunch and milk at night that aids in digestion and improves gut health. Herbs like Triphala helps regularize your bowel movements and clean the intestine efficiently. 

Sleep Well

A good amount of sleep every day is very important for the regeneration of the cells and tissues in the body. Proper sleep keeps your hormones at the right levels in the body. Make a sleep schedule and stick to it. Switch off electronic gadgets an hour before going to bed. Drink warm milk at night as it helps induce sleep naturally. 

Exercise Regularly

In addition to eating healthy, you also need to perform half an hour workout daily. Not just it energizes your body but also keeps a majority of health issues at bay. Healthy eating is must to control hair fall quickly.  

Eat Clean

Eat nutritious, organic, and whole foods. Thoroughly wash your foods to eliminate all harmful chemicals and other hazardous things that it may have been exposed to. Eat a clean diet. Avoid unhealthy foods like oily, fried, processed, and junk foods. Choose only healthy fats and oils for food preparation. Coconut oil, Mustard oil, Olive oil are enriched with good fats and are healthy for your body. Stay away from refined and fortified branded. (3)

25 Ways to Control Hair Fall 

1. Eat a well-balanced diet

One of the reasons for hair fall is the deficiency of adequate nutrition. Vitamins and minerals are two valuable nutrients that encourage right sebum production in the scalp and stimulates hair growth. Dark leafy green vegetables, papaya, mango, bell peppers, etc. are good sources of Vitamin A. 

Include beans, dairy products, etc. as they are a good source of Vitamin B12. A biotin deficiency leads to hair thinning and hair fall, so include biotin-rich foods like nuts, milk and milk products, cabbage, and other green vegetables in your regular diet.

2. Eat a protein-dense diet

Protein is the element that builds your hair. Its deficiency leads to hair fall. To curb hair fall and make your strands long, healthy, and thick, you should include good amounts of protein in the diet. Some of the best natural sources of proteins are dried beans, lentils, milk, cottage cheese, seeds, sprouted legumes, etc.  

3. Stay hydrated 

The reason why it is important to stay properly hydrated is because your hair shaft is made up of one-quarter water. So, drink 10 to 12 glasses of water daily to boost healthy hair development.

4. Do Oil Massage On Your Scalp Regularly

To Control Hair Fall Massaging your hair with essential oils increases blood circulation on the scalp. It activates your hair follicles and allows deep penetration of oil in the hair shaft. In this way, it locks the moisture in the hair and protects your hair from damage. 

When using essential oils for massaging, you need to know that they are very strong. So, you can’t apply it directly to your scalp. Mix 4-5 drops of it with carrier oils like coconut oil, castor oil, olive oil, almond oil, etc. and then apply it. When it comes to resisting hair loss, castor oil is the best hair oil that promotes hair growth and curbs hair loss. 

5. Use hair pack and hair balm to nourish your hair

Hair has a tendency to lose moisture quickly. Apply a hair pack with the ingredients that nourish, moisten, and strengthen your hair. Regular application of a hair pack deeply conditions your hair, darkens them, and makes them glossy. The result is less to no hair fall. Use hair balm along with hair length or right after you rinse it off. You will notice results in just a couple of weeks. 

6. Rub green tea 

Green tea is loaded with beneficial antioxidants and catechins that help reduce DHT chemicals in the scalp that leads to hair loss and Control Hair Fall. Prepare green tea and massage it all over your scalp for two minutes. Rinse your hair after one to two hours.

7. Shampoo regularly

The dirty scalp can lead to infections and dandruff that can contribute to hair loss. So, it is very important to keep the scalp clean. Regular shampooing once or twice a week will keep your scalp clean, fresh, and healthy. Shampoo your head with natural and herbal shampoo. It will also prevent hair breakage.

 8. Use the right technique to shampoo your hair 

Before you shampoo, you should always comb your hair and detangle all knots. Take moderate amounts of shampoo onto the palms, and rub them properly to whip up the foam. Now apply it to the hair roots and massage it all over the scalp in circular movements. Be gentle while massaging it with your fingertips.

9. Avoid exposing your hair to hot water

Hot water has the tendency to strip off the moisture from the hair as well as lighten the color. Your hair will become dry and rough. Use luke-warm water that will maintain the right oil balance in the scalp, remove dirt, and enhance blood circulation too. Always end it with a cold-water rinse. It will help stimulate blood circulation at the hair roots and make them glossy and smooth. 

10. Do not brush hair when it is wet 

Wet hair is weak and fragile. There are chances that it can break if you try brushing them in a damp state. Sit at an airy place and let your hair gets dry. Use a wide-toothed comb to comb your hair as they are gentle on hair and do not break hair. This will effectively Control Hair Fall.  

11. Do not use hair styling products like a blow dryer

The least you expose your hair to chemical enriched hair-care products and hair styling products, the healthier your hair will be. Pat dry your hair with a clean towel than using a blow dryer for this purpose. This will help prevent hair loss.

12. Avoid Smoking 

Smoking reduces the flow of blood to the scalp and deprives it of much-needed nutrition. This leads to a reduction in the growth of hair. 

13. Exercise Regularly

Exercise helps maintain the right levels of hormones in the body. It also helps uplift your mood and reduce stress along with Control Hair Fall benefits. So, make it a point to do exercise thirty minutes a day. 

14. Manage your stress

Do you know that stress is one of the primary causes of hair fall? This makes it very important that you meditate regularly. Other techniques to reduce stress are dancing, listening to music, gardening, chanting, taking a leisurely walk in nature, etc. 

15. Wear a cotton handkerchief 

People who wear a helmet must have noticed sweat deposition on their head and forehead. Not just it gives discomfort but also clogs our pores and weakens your hair roots. This, in turn, contributes to hair loss. The solution to this problem is to wear a cotton handkerchief over your hair below the helmet that absorbs sweat and prevents hair breakage.

16. Chose a nice hairstyle

If you suffer from hair loss, then it is time to say goodbye to braids, ponytails, and other similar hairstyles that pull your hair and eventually lead to hair loss. Choose hairstyles where you can let your hair loose. 

17. Maintain good health 

Certain health issues can also contribute to hair loss. Chronic illnesses, anemia, typhoid, tuberculosis, eczema, high fevers, skin infections, alopecia, etc. can lead to hair loss. Having regular vaccination can help Control Hair Fall.

18. Learn the effect of medications 

Medications that aim at thinning the blood and reducing cholesterol levels can lead to hair loss. So, if you are experiencing hair loss as their side effect, then talk to your doctor. 

19. Avoid chemicals

Harsh chemicals can lead to hair breakage and hair fall. Choose natural hair care products and remedies as it gives you assured and long-lasting results. The best part is that they save from side effects of the store-brought and chemical-enriched oils that do more harm than good on the hair. 

20. Get a sound sleep 

. Sleep is the time when a majority of development takes place in the body. Follow the principle “Early to bed and early to rise” to keep your hair woes away.

21. Wear a cap 

Overexposure to sun rays can prove to be damaging for your hair. It can make your hair shafts brittle and dry. This can lead to hair fall. Wearing a cap when you go out in the sun is a good way to protect them. 

22. Do not sleep with hair down

If you have medium-length or long hair, then tie it in the form of a loose braid before you go to sleep. It will prevent knots and frizz in them that contributes to hair loss and Control Hair Fall which essentially happens during the night.

23. Practice Yoga

Pranayam like anulom vilom and kapalbhati and yoga poses like Surya Namaskar, Sarvangasana, Vajrasana, Halasana cleanses the system, invigorate hair follicles, boost blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth. 

24. Perform Balayam

Balayam is a potent acupressure therapy that involves the rubbing of nails together. It is believed that this action increases blood circulation in the scalp, prevents hair fall, and promotes new growth of dark, thick, and lustrous hair. 

25. Get a consultation from a Dermatologist

If you notice continuous, gradual, or sudden hair loss, then it is good to take advice from a skin specialist. He/she may figure it out the reason behind constant thinning and shedding of a hair and suggest you the right preventive measures to Control Hair Fall.

Commonly Asked Questions  

How can I stop my hair loss?  

If you are struggling with hair loss, then you should start implementing the below measures to help lessen hair loss.
1. Eat a nutritious diet that has good amounts of protein and vitamins
2. Use only mild shampoo to wash hair
3. Do regular scalp massage
4. Do not comb your hair when they are wet 
5. Apply onion juice, ginger juice, or garlic juice.
6. Stay adequately hydrated. 
7. Apply natural hair packs once a weekly to nourish your hair 
8. Sleep well
9. Rub green tea on hair
10. Avoid junk and processed foods
11. Do stress-relieving exercises to manage stress and anxiety
12. Do not treat your hair with chemical-enriched hair styling products

How can I reduce my hair fall by diet?

There are several hair-friendly foods that you should include in your daily diet to prevent or reduce hair fall. These are:

1. Carrots, spinach dark leafy green vegetables, mango, papaya, pumpkin, sweet red peppers, and are rich in Vitamin A-rich carrots that offer excellent nourishment to your scalp. 
2. Eat biotin-rich foods like dairy products, cabbage, etc. in your diet.
3. Prunes are best to relieve from thinning, excessively dry and discolored hair.  
4. Green peas, yogurt, shrimp, eggs, and oats, are a good source of protein that makes your hair strands strong from the root level. 
5. Walnuts are loaded with healthy fats and antioxidants that help fight inflammation on the scalp that could be the reason for hair loss.  

What should we eat to reduce hair fall immediately?

Diet plays an important when it comes to strengthening your hair and curbing hair fall. Our hair is made up of a special type of protein called Keratin. So, by eating the right amounts of protein, you can help strengthen your locks and prevent hair fall. Similarly, vitamins are also significant in promoting healthy hair. 

Pumpkin, spinach, sweet potato, carrots, milk, spinach, or yogurt are packed with Vitamin A that aids in the growth of hair cells. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen that is beneficial in maintaining hair structure. This vitamin also assists in the absorption of iron in the body that, in turn, leads to hair growth.  

Which oil is best for hair fall?

There are several potent anti-hair fall oils that can give you a head full of hair. Regular massage with these oils restricts hair fall, improve hair quality and density of your hair.

Coconut Oil
Argan Oil
Jojoba Oil
Almond Oil
Olive Oil
Grapeseed Oil
Lavender Oil 

Essential oils like rosemary oil and peppermint oil that stimulates hair follicles to grow new hair naturally  
You can also find natural and herbal anti-hair fall oils by top health and wellness brands like Himalaya, Biotique, Trichup, Patanjali, and Khadi. These oils have shown amazing results to curb hair loss and promote hair regrowth.

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