15 Best Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes with Dosage and Recipes

Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes could help people regularly suffering. Ayurveda is an ancient system of medicine that has influenced the life of many people throughout the world. It is based on simple remedies, special diets, concoctions, and lifestyle suggestions that promote overall health and wellness of a person. It is beneficial in not just the treatment of the disease but also forming natural defenses for the body. Ayurveda medicines are known to be immensely effective in the treatment of Diabetes.

15 Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes With Recipe, And Dosage

Nature has the best cure for Diabetes. Various natural ingredients are used in the preparation of Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes. These ingredients are effective in the management of Diabetes. Regular consumption of these medicines can help improve your condition.

Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter Gourd Juice - Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes
Bitter Gourd Juice -Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes

Bitter gourd is one of the most popular and effective remedies for the treatment of Diabetes. The juice of this vegetable is commonly available in the market. It is loaded with several beneficial antioxidants that reduce inflammation causes free radicals in the body. Bitter gourd juice also has potent bioactive complexes like polypeptide-p that shows hypoglycemic activity. This juice is very effective when it is consumed on an empty stomach every day in the morning. Drink 30 ml of this juice daily to see visible results. 

Bael Leaves Juice

Bael Leaves Juice - Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes
Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes

Bael is touted as an anti-diabetic herb. The leaves of this tree have been used since time immemorial for the treatment of ayurvedic medicine. The leaves possess incredible anti-diabetic qualities that become more powerful when consumed with black pepper and honey. You can prepare bael juice on your own or get it from an Ayurveda store. Drink it thrice a day to get effective relief from Diabetes mellitus.

Herbal Drink

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Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes

Herbs as special importance in Ayurveda. Some of the proven and time-tested herbs used for the treatment of Diabetes are neems and tulsi. These two herbs are loaded with antioxidants that help to destroy harmful free radicals in the body.

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Regular consumption of the drink enhances the functioning of the pancreas gland in the body. This results in the regulation of sugar levels in the bloodstream. To prepare this drink, make a paste of ten leaves of each herb. Consume it with water on an empty stomach to lower the glucose levels in the blood.

A Concoction Of Turmeric, Aloe Vera And Bay Leaf

Turmeric is a potent healer and antiseptic compound that exhibits remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. Curcumin, in turmeric, helps in reversal of the harm done to the pancreas due to the over-production of insulin in the body. Bay leaf and Aloe Vera also possess high levels of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes to effectively control blood glucose levels. 

This Ayurveda medicine comprises of a concoction of bay leaf, turmeric, and bay leaf that helps to stabilize blood glucose levels and manage diabetes effectively. To prepare this mixture, all you need is half a tablespoon of powdered bay leaf, half a tablespoon of turmeric powder, and one tablespoon of aloe vera gel. This mixture has to be consumed two times a day before meals. 

Cinnamon powder

Cinnamon, also called dalchini, is potent ayurvedic medicine for the treatment of Diabetes. Mix three to four tablespoon of cinnamon powder in water. Now heat this mixture for about twenty minutes. Later, sieve the mixture and allow it to cool. Drink it daily to see visible benefits.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek Seeds or Methi seeds are packed insoluble fibers that help to controls the digestion as well as absorption of food sugars. It is another effective natural remedy to cure type 2 diabetes. 

You need to learn the right way to consume these seeds. Soak four tablespoons of methi seeds in warm water overnight. On the next morning day, chew these soaked seeds. Perform this remedy daily for a minimum of three months.

Jamun Leaves 

Jamun is a specific type of alkaloid named “jamboline” that stops the starch to transform into sugar. Chew five Jamun leaves daily for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. Another way to consume Jamun seeds is in powdered form. Consume one teaspoon of this powder daily two times a day with lukewarm water. 


Ginger works by lessening blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body. It is a potent antioxidant and antibacterial agent that promotes smooth blood circulation in the body. It also prevents any impediment in the arteries. Its one of the best available easy to get Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes.

Ginger is an effective anti-diabetic herb that is scientifically proven to reduce blood glucose levels in the body. It is helpful for the prevention of free radicals in the body. Eating ginger daily may reduce insulin resistance and other discomforts associated with the ailment. Ginger can be consumed in the form of tea, supplements, and adding it to various dishes.   


Inflammation is one of the causes of Diabetes. Foods that are rich in antioxidants are very effective in reducing inflammation in the body. Lemon is a powerhouse of antioxidants that helps in the management of high blood pressure levels. 

It softens the blood vessels as well as eliminate rigidity that can pose issues in the blood circulation. Loaded with vitamin C, lemon also has the ability to regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It lowers the insulin resistance in the body and gives you relief from Diabetes. 

Aloe Vera: 

Aloe Vera is also a potent Ayurveda remedy that reduces the progress of Type 2 diabetes. It possesses antioxidant properties that safeguard and repair the insulin secretin beta cells in the pancreas. To get benefits of this herb, you can add its extract into a smoothie. Drink it daily will help in controlling Diabetes in the body.  

Amla juice or Amalaki churna 

Amla is another potent ayurvedic medicine that helps to reduce weight in the body. The curative and antioxidant properties of the ingredient balance the right sugar levels in the body. It is advantageous in dealing with Diabetes. Drink twenty ml of Amla juice two times a day to see enormous benefits in Diabetes. Amla extract is also available in the form of churna (powder) or tablets. Consume it two times a day will help in the management of Diabetes.

The bark of Banyan tree 

The bark of the Banyan tree serves as an Ayurvedic medicine for the efficient management of Diabetes. It as a compound, Leucocyanidin, that boosts insulin production in the body. Regular consumption of the bark inhibits the degradation of insulin in the body. Simmer twenty grams of the bark in one liter of water till the water reduces to one-fourth. Let it come down to normal temperature. Consume it once daily to get the best results.  

Vijaysar Churna

Vijaysar churna, also called Indian Kino powder, as the ability to pacify the pitta and Kapha dosha in the body. It is a trustworthy remedy for the treatment of type 2 diabetes. You can either consume vijaysar herb by soaking it in water overnight and consuming it on an empty stomach the next morning.

Gymnema Sylvester 

This is a vital herb used in the formulation of conventional Ayurveda medicines. It is associated with remarkable abilities to reduce blood glucose in the body. It regenerates islet cells and enhances the performance of beta-cells in the body. 


Triphala is a healthy concoction made from dried herbs such as Amla, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. It is another potent ayurvedic medicine for the cure of Diabetes. It lowers glucose levels in the blood. Drink 20 ml of a diluted form of Triphala daily two times a day. (2) (3)

Consult Personalized Ayurvedic Diet Plan For Diabetes 

Ayurveda is a long-term diabetes medication. Ayurveda doctors provide personalized, authentic treatment to diabetes patients that helps them lead a much healthier and prosperous life. Depending on the age, gender, severity of the condition, lifestyle, etc. the treatment prescribes personalized lifestyle and diet changes to enhance the overall quality of life. 

The doctors are very well aware that other than medication, the lifestyle and diet also play a vital role in supplementing the impact of medications and gives sustained results even after the completion of the treatment. In this way, Ayurveda emphasizes equally on diet and lifestyle. It provides tailor-made Rasayanic treatment, simplified lifestyle modifications, medicines, therapies, home remedies, and diets to lower the risks associated with a further decline in health due to Diabetes. 

Personalized Ayurvedic medicines and natural remedies are based on a detailed analysis of the fundamental cause of the ailment. The treatment begins by cleansing the body so that medications work better to cure the reason behind the disease. It effectively lowers the possibilities of critical health complications that arise out of the untreated cause. Throughout the treatment, Ayurveda instructors keep you properly updated to track the relief progress and assist with the health inquiries.

Symptoms Of Diabetes

Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes mentioned above can help you getting better with these symptoms. Diabetes is caused due to the below symptoms:

Frequent urination

One of the causes of urination is excessive urination. This happens due to an increase in blood sugar levels in the body. In that condition, the kidneys work by the elimination of the excess level of sugar from the body by flushing it out of the bloodstream. This causes the person to urinate frequently, especially at night.

Weight loss

Another sign of Diabetes is a gradual reduction in body weight. This happens due to frequent urination that causes you to lose calories and glucose from the body. Diabetes prevents glucose (present in the food) from reaching the cells. 

Failing to get necessary amounts of glucose makes your cells deprived of energy. A person feels hungry at all times. This combined effect results in rapid weight reduction along with type 1 diabetes.

Feeling fatigued

People who are diabetic suffer from low energy levels. It causes them to feel extremely weak and tired. The tiredness is the outcome of inadequate sugar, reaching the cells of the body via the blood.

Hazy vision

The high levels of sugar in the bloodstream can cause harm in the small blood vessels present in the eyes. This leads to distorted vision. It may be recurrent in nature. In the absence of the treatment, this damage to the blood vessels becomes more chronic. In severe cases, it can lead to permanent loss of vision too. (1)

Commonly Asked Questions about Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes

Is Ayurvedic medicine safe for Diabetes?

Diabetes is a type of metabolic disorder that can’t be only cured by regulating the levels of sugar in the body. Ayurveda helps a person to lead a healthy and happy life. Millions of diabetics manage their blood sugar levels with Ayurveda. 

It also helps to avoid the commencement of key health difficulties caused due to ignoring a timely cure for Diabetes. Looking at the lifetime advantages of Ayurvedic Medicines is safe in the cure of Diabetes. When you follow the path of Ayurveda, it can help to lead a much-rejuvenated and diabetes-free lifestyle.

What is the best natural medicine for Diabetes?

A healthy concoction of neem, tulsi, and belpatras in equal amounts helps to boost the functioning of the pancreas gland in the body. Drinking its juice on an empty stomach will help to reduce the sugar content in the blood. Ayurvedic Medicines For Diabetes is the best natural medicine.

How can I get rid of Diabetes permanently?

Ayurveda herbs provide a holistic treatment for the treatment of type-1 and type-2 Diabetes. It addresses the fundamental cause of the problem. The various Ayurveda formulations help to lower blood sugar levels and treat severe damage to the eyes, nervous system, and kidneys in the body.

Does Madhunashini cure diabetes?

Madhunashini Vati is a proprietary medicine in Ayurveda. It has been seen helpful for the cure of Diabetes mellitus. Daily consumption of Divya Madhunashini Vati resolves problems related to Diabetes. It shows a reduction in the serum triglycerides level and serum glucose level in the body. With time, you will notice significant improvements in terms of vision, immunity, strength, and skin issues. 

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