Wheatgrass Powder for Weight Loss Benefits: Uses And Side Effects

What is wheatgrass powder? 

Wheatgrass powder is defined as an important nutrient-rich type of young grass of the wheat plant. Talking about its appearance, it looks like a thick and dry, bright green colored grass. Wheatgrass powder has good amounts of vitamins A, C, and E, along with magnesium, and iron. It also contains specific types of alkaline minerals that offer relief from constipation and ulcers in the body. This powder is sold as a dietary supplement in the form of a tablet, powder, liquid, and capsule form. (1)

How to use Wheatgrass powder for Weight loss 

Wheatgrass powder for Weight loss
Wheatgrass powder for Weight loss

Wheatgrass powder is an incredible source of several different essential minerals and vitamins. Out of the several benefits of this therapeutic substance, one of them is weight loss. It works by boosting metabolism and providing the necessary energy to the body. When used in the right way, it burns more calories in the body. In this way, it results in weight loss.

This powder is a specific type of alkaline minerals that help in dealing with digestion issues that include constipation, ulcers, diarrhea, etc. It is a natural supplement that you get easily in the market. There are various ways to consume wheatgrass powder. (2)

You can either grow it at your home and use it fresh or purchase it from a medical store, local grocery store, or health and wellness store. To get the best results from this supplement, it is very important to buy it from a trusted organic brand to get visible results. You should only choose the brands that provide you organic form of wheatgrass powder. This ensures that your product is not treated with harmful chemicals and pesticides and is safe to consume. 

Now that you have bout pure and superior-quality wheatgrass powder, you need to know the right way to consume it. Initially, you may find the taste of this powder to be unpleasant, so you can try mixing it by adding this powder in your fruit juice, smoothies, and a milkshake.

This will make it more palatable for you to consume it. Later, you can try consuming one teaspoon of wheatgrass powder with water and consume it in the morning on an empty stomach. For best results, it is advised to wait for a period of half an hour before you eat your breakfast. 

Some people may find it hard to drink it early morning; they can even drink the solution of Wheatgrass and water right before bedtime. It will give them the same results. Whichever way you choose to consume wheatgrass powder, you need to be diligent in its consumption to get the best results from it. 

Side effects of wheatgrass powder 

You may experience issues when you overconsume it or have an allergy to it. Let us see more about its side effects.


It is important to consume Wheatgrass powder in the right way. It should always be consumed with water on an empty stomach or with other vegetables, and fruits. If you consume it just after a meal, then it can cause you nausea. This will help you prevent discomforting conditions in the body. 

Digestion issues

In addition to when you consume wheatgrass powder, it is also necessary to have a gap of half an hour from the time you consume it and have your meal. If you consume your meal right after taking wheatgrass powder, then it can lead to loss of appetite, and upset stomach, constipation.


Low-quality wheatgrass powder is likely to have destructive mold and bacteria in it. It can cause a lot of harm to your body in the form of a bacterial infection etc. So, it is very important that you only purchase wheatgrass powder from a reliable supplier and reputable health store. 


It as also been noticed that people who consume wheatgrass powder in more quantities than what is prescribed leads to headache and fatigue. The permissible powdered dose of Wheatgrass is 3 to 5 grams or one teaspoon. Follow it by drinking an 8 oz. cup of water to lessen any possibilities of side effects.


It has been seen that people who are allergic to wheat or have a blood disorder, or gluten intolerance or celiac disease should not consume Wheatgrass. It can cause side effects. Also, pregnant and lactating mothers should avoid consuming wheatgrass powder to prevent any complications.

14 benefits of Wheatgrass powder 

It is a superfood

Wheatgrass powder is a therapeutic ingredient that provides extensive nourishment to your body. It is full of essential vitamins and nutrients such as calcium, iron, enzymes, phytonutrients, seventeen amino acids, magnesium, vitamins A, C, E, K, and B complex, proteins. It is also a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial agent that provides overall health and wellness to a person. (3)

Eliminates toxins

The nutrients present in Wheatgrass help the body to eliminate impurities, accumulated toxins, and harmful elements from the body. It cleanses your entire body system at the cellular level. The presence of chlorophyll in the powder detoxifies the body and aids in the healthy functioning of the liver. 

Aids in the digestion 

Wheatgrass has got high amounts of enzymes that help in metabolism. It aids in the breakdown of food and absorption of nutrients in the body. Wheatgrass is effective in the cure of constipation, IBS, or (irritable bowel syndrome) and a few other digestive issues.

Detoxifies body

Wheatgrass powder shows remarkable cleansing properties that help to detoxify the blood, colon, liver, and improve the strength of cells in the body. The result is also seen in the form of improved immune responses and prevention of the occurrence of ailments and diseases in the body. 

Boosts the metabolism

Wheatgrass is a food loaded in nutrition. It gives a feeling to become fuller quickly and for a longer time. This significantly helps to lessen cravings for unhealthy foods such as oily, sugary, and fried foods. When you drink wheatgrass powder, it benefits your body by boosting metabolism and assist in weight reduction as well. 

Reduce cholesterol levels

Wheatgrass is also helpful in managing cholesterol levels in the body. If you are having more than permissible levels of LDL and total cholesterol levels in the body, then start consuming it today. Regular intake of this powder helps in regulating and balancing the levels of cholesterol in the body and saving yourself from developing heart ailments too. (4)

Boosts immune system

Wheatgrass improves the function of the defense system in the body. It does it by eliminating diseases and infections. You feel a lot better when your body’s immunity is at optimal levels. A strong immune system prevents the occurrence of diseases and also helps recover quickly.

Energizes you

The detoxification impact of Wheatgrass cleanses your intestines and reduces the formation of bloating, abdominal discomfort, and gas. This ensures healthy metabolism, healthy energy levels, blood circulation, and sound functioning of the body. You would notice that your energy levels would be higher than usual. 

Reduces blood pressure

Another very important benefit of consuming Wheatgrass powder is that it has the ability to reduce blood pressure in the body. The presence of chlorophyll molecule resembles the same action as that of hemoglobin. It helps to increase the count of blood cells, normalizes blood pressure, purifies blood, as well as enhances blood circulation in the body.

Enhances cognitive function

Wheatgrass is also found to be effective in the improvement of mental function in the body. Its neuroprotective properties ensure better cognitive function. It is beneficial to treat Alzheimer’s disease, prevent memory loss as well as improve hand-eye coordination in a person. If you are suffering from depression and anxiety, then Wheatgrass can be very helpful. 

Aids in diabetes

It has been proven that Wheatgrass improves levels of blood glucose in the body. This action makes it beneficial for people who suffer from diabetes. The reason for it is because Wheatgrass has specific compounds that work like insulin in the body. It has a low glycemic index and more fiber that controls the absorption of sugar and cholesterol in the body and helps in regulating blood sugar levels. 

Aids with arthritis

Wheatgrass shows remarkable anti-inflammatory properties that fight off inflammation and problems that are caused due to it. These include stiffness, swelling, and pain in muscles and joints. This property of Wheatgrass makes it beneficial in the treatment of arthritis as well. 

Manages body weight

Packed with nutrients, consumption of wheatgrass powder reduces untimely hunger pangs and keeps you fuller for a longer time. So, when you eat less, you take in fewer calories in the body. Wheatgrass also stimulates the thyroid gland that speeds up metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Improves skin

Wheatgrass also provides beauty benefits to a person. It is loaded with skin-beneficial antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals that keep your skin youthful, healthy, and blemish-free. It tightens loose skin, removes acne, promotes elasticity, and helps you achieve healthy-looking skin. (5)

Commonly Asked Questions about Wheatgrass Powder Benefits

What is wheatgrass powder used for?

The incredible nutritional composition of wheatgrass powder makes it a brilliant choice for the enrichment of your well-being. Regular intake of the powder will give you relief from discomfort and pain in the body. It is a superb addition to your diet if you are on a weight loss diet and looking to shed excess calories in the body. It makes you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

When should I take wheatgrass powder?

You should consume on an empty stomach. Wait for thirty minutes before having your breakfast. This makes it very important to restrict your intake to admissible levels. It may help you get your body to regulate to digest wheatgrass. That way, you can be sure that you always invest in the pure and organic form of wheatgrass powder.

Is wheatgrass powder good for health?

Wheatgrass powder is full of a potent combination of nutrients needed for the healthy functioning of the body. It provides a concentrated source of nutrients that include iron, calcium, amino acids, magnesium, and vitamins A, C, and E, and chlorophyll. Eight grams of Wheatgrass as protein, dietary fiber, and a few calories.

How do you drink Wheatgrass? 

You should consume around two tablespoons of pure wheatgrass juice with water on an empty stomach or before bedtime. You can also add it to your smoothies. It is mostly safe when you consume it in the right way and the right dosage. Start with a small dose and then slowly increase the intake to fulfill the recommended dose.

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