5 Sex drive Foods For Female – Foods to Improve Estrogen Levels

Women lack the sexual desire and it is not a secret, our primary discussion would be on Sex drive Foods For Females in this article. After a certain age, women start losing interest in sex because of multiple medical reasons. There are many causes that lead to sex drive loss in women. However, this problem is not present in older women only. Through a study, it has been seen that young women are also suffering from such sexual dysfunction.

The problem with women’s sex drive is more complicated than that of men. Women lose interest in sex due to both physical and mental disorders. This is why finding a cure for the loss of women’s sex drive is difficult. However, doctors have tried to combine the problems in one nutshell and tried to find solutions that can improve women’s sex drive.

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Due to physical causes, women lose sexual drive as they age. However, sexual desire is also dependant on physiological and emotional factors. There are multiple reasons for women to lose sexual desire. Sex drive Foods For Female can help females in improving their reproductive health as well.

Sex drive Foods For Female – Reasons to eat such foods

Sex drive Foods For Female
Sex drive Foods For Female

Relationship Issues

This is the main cause of the loss of women’s sexual desire. Lack of emotional bonding with the partner usually causes the sex drive to go low. Also, the poor performance of the partner is another cause that leads women to lose sexual desire. Childbirth is another cause of low sex drive in women. Becoming a mother and caregiver for another one leads to low sex drive.

Stress and Depression

Stress and depression are common causes of lack of sex drive in women. With time more and more women are facing problems in their sex life due to these two elements. Stress and depression negatively affect sex drive and due to this reason, it is important to see a doctor in case one suffers from either of the problems.

Medical Reasons

There are many medical issues that lead to low sex drive in women. However, men are not immune to these diseases either. Diseases like cancer, arthritis, and diabetes can lead to loss of sex drive in both men and women.


It has been seen that many medications work against high sex drive. There are many prescribed drugs which can lead to low sex drive in women. This is why those who are under certain medications should talk to their doctors in case of a low sex drive.


Lifestyle plays a big role in low sex drive. Alcohol can be a cause of loss of sex drive. It is true that a glass of wine puts into the mood for sex. However, when someone indulges in too much alcohol, they suffer from low sex drive. Additionally, drugs, smoking, and other addictions cause irregular blood flow. Eventually, that leads to a low sex drive.


There are some surgeries that lead to low sex drive in women. Surgeries like breast surgeries or genital surgeries can affect the sex drive of women. Additionally, such surgeries affect sexual functions as well.


Fatigue can be considered a common reason for the loss of female sex drive. There are countless works women indulge in. Daily toils like taking care of children can cause low sex drive. Also, fatigue caused by the illness can be a cause of loss of sex drive.

Other than these reasons, menopause is a big reason for which women suffer from loss of sex drive. Pregnancy can be another cause of low sex drive. Also, breastfeeding can lead to a loss of desire for sex.

Sex Drive Foods For Female – Foods That Cure Sexual Issues

There are many sex drive foods for females which can work as a mood booster for sex. These foods can be used to drive up desire. Given below are some foods which can help women improve their desire for sex.


This can be considered as wonder food when it comes to women’s sex drive. Spinach is loaded with magnesium. This mineral reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation. This is why eating this food can help in increasing sex drive in women. Spinach helps women in feeling orgasm easily. In fact, men too benefit from eating this veggie. They can have longer erection if they eat spinach.

Green Tea

Green tea is famous for its weight loss capacity. However, a steaming cup of green tea can lead to steaming sex as well. Green tea is loaded with catechins. This compound is known for its ability to promote healthy blood flow. Therefore, drinking green tea regularly improves women’s sex drive. Also, green tea helps in relaxation. This is the reason before going to bed one can indulge in a cup of green tea for a great night of sex.

Pine Nuts

Pines nuts come with a high zinc level. Zinc is an important ingredient that keeps the sex drive alive in both men and women. Studies have shown that women who have a proper zinc level in the body system, have a higher sex drive. This is the reason, those who want to have improved sex life should eat pine nuts or any other food with high zinc level.

Red Wine

Although too much alcohol can be harmful to sex life, a glass of red wine can help in calming down nerve and set the mood. So, when in doubt or suffering from jitters, red wine can be of great help. One glass of wine can help in having high sexual desire. However, too much wine can have opposite effect. So, it is advisable to stick to only a couple of glasses.

Fatty Fish

Tuna, salmons, and sardines are known to possess omega 3. This is why eating these does not only help one to have a healthy heart, it helps in having a healthy sex drive as well. The fatty fishes should be included in the diet chart for proper blood flow.

While a proper diet helps in improving sex drive, there are other ways to improve sexual desire. Regular exercise is one of the ways to keep desire alive. Also, women should get proper sleep as a lack of sleep can lead to loss of sex drive. Another important way to deal with the loss of sex drive is to consult experts. A healthy life and a healthy diet can help improving sex drive in women with Sex drive Foods Female.

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