7 Sex drive Foods for male – Profound Way to Improve Stamina

In this article we will discuss the Sex drive foods for male. These foods will help you in improving the Sex drive specially in men. Let’s discuss Things You Need to Know about Male Sex Drive first.

There is a preconceived notion about Sex drive foods for male. Due to portrayal in books and television shows, many consider males as sexual predator always looking for a chance to get into bed. Before going ahead, you should also know the foods to boost testosterone levels in men.

However, the reality is far from the truth. Studies debunk a lot of general concepts about male sex drive. Many think that males think about sex all the time. This concept is also not entirely true. It has been seen that male think about sex, though more than women, they don’t indulge into such thought all day long.

Males usually take between 2 and 7 minutes to orgasm. However, it is not easy to determine how long one would take to reach that state, Sex drive foods for male can help men in getting a better stamina. This entirely depends on the person. The two elements of orgasm are excitement and plateau. Lets discuss Sex drive Foods for male more

Sex Drive Foods for Male

Sex drive Foods for male
Sex drive Foods for male

There are many foods which help to boost sex drive. To maintain sexual health, it is essential to maintain good circulatory system. To get better sexual response, it is important to have better circulation. Its no secret that taking the wrong meals can adversely affect your sexual life.

Food can play a big role in maintaining good circulatory system. Sex drive food for male includes variety of fruits and veggies, foods with fiber, whole grain foods, olive oil and seafood.

Food for High Libido

Sex drive foods are better known as aphrodisiac foods. The name has been given after Greek goddess Aphrodite. Eating these help in improving sex drive in men. Sex drive foods for male mentioned are high in libido.

1. Walnuts

Studies have shown that eating walnuts increases sperm. Also, eating walnuts improves sperm quality. It has been seen that walnuts help in improving vitality and shape of the sperms. To improve fertility one can add walnuts to their diet chart.

2. Berries

Berries are good for better sex drive. Strawberries are especially good high sex drive. Strawberry seeds contain zinc which is good for sex drive. Men can eat strawberries for better quality sperm and high level of testosterone. Men need to eat food with zinc because, they lose zinc during intercourse.

3. Raspberries

Raspberries are also good for sex drive as the seeds of raspberries also contain zinc. Therefore, men can add both the berries to their diet chart for a great sex life. It’s known to improve Sex drive Foods for male.

4. Avocado

Avocado is another food which helps in improving sex drive. There are many reasons adding this fruit to the diet chart. It is loaded with folic acid which is needed for healthy sex drive. Also, this fruit contains vitamin B6 which is also good for improved sex drive. Folic acid is known to increase energy level which is needed for better sex. Vitamin B6 helps in stabilizing sex hormones.

5. Chocolate

There is a reason why in movies people dip strawberries in liquid chocolate. The combination does not only look and taste good, the combination helps in improving sex drive also. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, helps in uplifting the mood for sex. Although chocolate is not directly responsible for improving sex drive, it helps in setting the mood and raising the excitement level. Chocolate is known to improve Sex drive Foods for male.

6. Watermelon

Watermelon may looks like an innocent fruit. But it can help in improving erection. Also, the fruit helps in uplifting the level of libido. Regular watermelon consumption can help in improving the vascular condition of body.

7. Oyster

Oyster is known for its aphrodisiac qualities. This helps in improving sex drive because of the level of zinc which it contains. As it has been mentioned zinc is essential for male sex drive.

There are some other foods which contain zinc including crab, red meat and lobster,

Factors affecting Sexual Drive in Men

It has been seen that men are more willing to indulge into casual sex than women. A group of male and female have conducted a study in places like nightclubs and bars. The number of willing men is higher than the number of willing women. However, the researchers also state that the number heavily leans on social restrictions and culture. So, drive for casual sex depends on external factors rather than the drive itself.

Sex Drive Decoded

Sex drive is better known as libido. The fact about libido is – you cannot measure it by using numeric. Yes, libido is either high or low, even though that is a vague way of measuring.

Male libido

Male libido is controlled by two different parts of the brain. These two parts are limbic system and cerebral cortex. These two parts of male brain are important to male sex drive. In fact, these two parts are so active that men can have orgasm just by thinking about sex.


Testosterone is another active factor in men sex drive. This hormone plays a big role in arousing men. This hormone gets produced in the testicles. Testosterone plays big role in several body functions as well. This hormone effectively takes part in male sex organ development. Body hair growth is another function which this hormone controls. Muscles, mass and bone development is also controlled by testosterone.

Low testosterone leads to low libido. Studies show that the level of this hormone is higher in the morning. However, as the day declines the level of the hormone also gets low. The level of testosterone is at the highest in the late teen. After that the level begins to get low.

Low Libido or Loss of Sex Drive

Loss of sex drive occurs with age. However, there are other conditions that play important role in low libido as well. Stress has been a cause of low libido for many men. Women are not immune to this problem either. Additionally, depression can cause low libido as well. It is advised to talk to a doctor in both the cases.

Testosterone level causes sex drive. Low level of this hormone causes low libido. Also, some medicines like antidepressants pills can cause low sex drive. High blood pressure causes low sex drive because with high blood pressure men usually fail to hold on to erection. Sometimes they fail to experience erection due to high blood pressure.

Conclusion – Sex drive Foods for male

Sex drive is a complicated factor. It needs more than proper nutrition to maintain healthy sex drive. One needs to be relaxed to enjoy sex. Healthy body is also needed for good sex drive. However, balanced diet always helps in maintaining high sex drive in men.

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