Is Noni Juice Safe? Weight Loss, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Thyroid Examined

Noni Juice gained popularism in India for being a “Celebrity Juice.” Many Hollywood-Bollywood actors and actresses, including Miranda Kerr and Shilpa Shetty, were spotted consuming Noni Juice in their diet plans. But, let’s first examine if Noni Juice is really safe for your health in this article.

Note: Noni Juice is generally considered safe for many people, but numerous people complained about improper bowel movements and diarrhea post-consumption of Noni Juice. Hence, read this article in full before considering Noni Juice as a part of your balanced diet chart.

Noni Juice is usually consumed at the starting of the day. Noni Juice is full of benefits if consumed in the right manner.

Noni Juice helps in Weight Loss

Noni Juice helps in Weight Loss

Being rich in health properties, acting as an anti-inflammatory agent, and full of natural laxatives, a spoonful of daily consumption can help get rid of extra kgs real quick. Noni Juice shouldn’t be consumed more than a spoon for weight loss without your dietitian’s advice.

It’s important to understand the weight loss process; a calorie deficit and balanced diet play a major role in promoting weight loss in the body. Getting rid of inflammation is foremost important before starting the weight loss journey. Noni Juice’s anti-inflammatory properties can help you in your weight loss journey.

Steps to consume Noni Juice for Weight Loss

  1. Buy only fresh Noni Juice from the market or online.
  2. Consume one tablespoon of Noni Juice and consume it followed by 1 glass of hot water.
  3. Noni Juice should only be consumed as a first thing in morning empty stomach for maximum effect.

Noni Juice to Maintain HDL and LDL Levels

Noni Juice can help you maintain HDL and LDL levels of total cholesterol because of its enriching anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It controls total sugar absorption from the gut and helps as a tool to reduce total ESR in blood.

There is limited information available on using Noni Juice for controlling cholesterol levels. However, Noni Juice’s health-related properties help in fighting the core ailments and strengthening the immune system.

Steps to consume Noni Juice for Cholesterol

  1. To consume Noni Juice for Cholesterol, its important that you’re not on any regular drugs/medicines. Noni Juice is a natural product and hence can take time to act on body.
  2. Take one spoon of Noni Juice with ABC (Apple Beetroot Carrot) drink or one glass of water every morning.

Noni Juice for Thyroid

Noni Juice can’t help in Thyroid disorders because they’re linked to the Thyroid gland. But it can help you in getting rid of pain and inflammation due to thyroid disorders.

  • Take one spoon of Noni Juice with One glass of milk every night 30 mins before bedtime.
  • Consider consuming non lactose sources of Vitamin D if you face lactose tolrent issues like diarrhea post consumption.

Noni Juice for Diabetes

Noni Juice for Diabetes

The juice can help control diabetes because of its properties to regulate insulin by controlling sugar absorption from the gut with its laxative properties.

Consume half tablespoon of the juice two times a day with cold water to regulate elevated blood sugar levels. The juice effectively fights against Type II Diabetes, and all other types are still a matter of research.

Noni Juice for Irregular Periods

Noni Juice for Irregular Periods

Irregular Periods are not an uncommon problem with teenagers. Consuming a tablespoon of juice every morning empty stomach can help your body to fight against many issues. Its very effective against fungus and inflammation, which can be a cause of irregular periods.

Along with being helpful in menstrual disorders, this juice will also help relieve abdominal pain during periods.

Noni Juice Cancer Cure?

UH, cancer researchers are currently studying the impact of Noni Juice healing properties against Cancer. It’s quite evident from initial studies that Noni Juice consumption can limit tumor growth.

There is limited information available on Juice’s impact on Tumor or Cancer. Still, a user on YouTube gives a very encouraging review about his journey with N-Juice to cure cancer.

My prostate was as big as an orange. I got operated and after the surgery the doctor told me that there is also some cancer on my prostate. He told me it is not a dangerous one and also will not spread. He said: you come back in three weeks for a CT-scan and we will operate you again for taking away the cancer cells and later on you need some radiation.

So when i got home i ordered 4 liters of Tahitian Noni Juice by Morinda inc. After 10 days drinking the Noni juice I let examine my blood. And what happened: the PSA from my prostate was 92!!!! So my house doctor told me to go for a second opnion at the university clinic in Leuven (Belgium). This professor told me that with such a PSA from 92 you don’t need a second operation and surely no radiation. Thank you NONI!!!

I knew the benefits from this fruit juice because i took it from 2003 until 2011. By my first control for my license to drive the taxi the control doctor told me: you have some sugar in your urine, let it investigate. So I went to my house doctor and he told me: sure there is some sugar in your urine but it is too less for medication. So 3 years later it was the same: to low for medication, 3 years later just the same: too low for medication. In 2011 i stopped by drinking the Noni and in 2012 (at the visit of the controldoctor) my bloodsugar was 370!!!!!

So afterwards I had to inject me with insulin 3 times a day. So all those years the Noni kept my pancreas healthy although i ate during all those years cookies and chocolate. The other benefit of the Noni was that after 2 months my tennis-elbows (who gave me terrible pain when I have to take out luggage out of the taxi) the pain was gone. I had to go every month to a specialist to clear out my nose because i got sinusitis in a terrible way. After 6 months it was cured. So if you have any doubt about the benefits of Noni Juice: i am happy that i knew the fruit!

Robert Verdonck on Khon2 News Channel

Noni Juice Benefits

To understand Noni Juice Benefits for health, it’s important to have a look at its properties. Noni Juice is rich in benefits with its superpowers to fight many types of diseases; some of them are:

  1. Noni Juice helps in regulating Blood Pressure. Warning: If you’re on Blood Pressure Medications, always consult a certified dietitian or your doctor before consuming Noni Juice.
  2. Anti-Bacterial – Helps to fight bacterial infections.
  3. Anti-viral – Can be consumed while suffering from viral infections.
  4. Antitumor – Noni Juice is Beneficial for Cancer Patients
  5. Anti-Inflammatory – Helps to reduce gas related problems.
  6. Immune enhancing – Helps to enhance the immune response against infections.

Safety – Noni Juice Possible Side-Effects

There is a lot of safety advice issued while consuming Noni Juice; it’s technically a juice that can enrich your immune system and destroy your liver on overconsumption. Here are basic safety guidelines while consuming Noni Juice.

  1. Diarrhea: Never consume Noni Juice with Apple Cider Vinegar, Castor Oil or Jeera Water. Noni Juice is enriched in laxative properties which will make it difficult for your stomach.
  2. Liver Toxicity and Damage: Noni Juice prevents Carbon Tetrachloride toxicity in Liver, but at the same time it can lead to severe liver damage if the patient is already on controlled or uncontrolled drugs.
  3. Never to take along with Drugs and Medications: If you’re already on medications related to any chronic syndrome, Noni Juice could give your liver a devastating effect. Always consult your doctor,nutritionist or a health care professional before consuming Noni Juice.
  4. Pregnancy & Birth Control: Noni Juice is not meant to be consumed while being on birth control pills (drospirenone) and it should never be consumed by pregnant mothers. (Although there are not enough studies related to Noni Juice consumption during pregnancy, we highly discourage its use because of drug related side-effects)

Conclusion – Is Noni Juice Safe?

Although most of the part requires extensive research, the juice proved itself a “healer” from time to time. It helped people who were earlier suffering from Ailments like Diabetes, Weight Loss, Thyroid, Irregular Periods, and high cholesterol.

Considering the odds, it’s highly recommended not to consume the juice during pregnancy or on drugs for any existing ailment. One should be very careful while following holistic nutrition along with modern medicines.

If you’re suffering from Liver related ailments, consider consulting a doctor before consuming it.

Frequently Asked Questions about Noni Fruit and Juice

What is noni juice good for?

Noni Juice is good for diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, and strengthening the immune system. Limited research shows the possibility of using Noni Juice for cancer treatment.

Who should not drink noni juice?

Anyone who is taking any drugs or medications should consult their doctor before consuming noni fruit or juice; this fruit can affect the liver adversely in that case.

What are the side effects of noni juice?

Noni Juice can cause various side effects, from diarrhea and improper bowel movements to liver damage.

Is noni juice toxic?

Noni Fruit is considered safe for human consumption and has been approved in many nations. However, it’s important not to consume noni juice more than a tablespoon per day.

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