Foods that Lower Testosterone Levels: Causes Weakness and Dullness

Testosterone is one of the most important hormone in human body. There are some foods which can lower your testosterone levels which will make you weak and dull, and these food items should be avoided in any case to. However, you should be also knowing about the foods which will increase your testosterone levels this will , Zinc and Vitamin D rich foods can increase your testosterone levels. You can increase consumption of these foods to improve your testosterone.

When we talk about the food which can lower your testosterone levels, there are some foods including dairy, soy, mint, alcohol, and specific fats, may lower testosterone levels in the body. However, a person can increase testosterone levels naturally by maintaining a healthy lifestyle, weight, and of course, exercising regularly. Consumption of these food items will lower testosterone levels and increase weakness and dullness in your body.

The food you eat can affect many aspects of our health. Food provides energy to the entire body and also to the cellular level of our body, including hormones such as thyroid and the testosterone. Overeating of certain foods may cause difficulty for the body to produce and secrete certain hormones in a proper manner.

Foods that lower your testosterone levels.

Lower Testosterone Levels
Lower Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the primary sex hormone in the human body, although men produce more testosterone as compared to women, as it is an essential hormone for women as well.

Testosterone is so important that it promotes an increase in muscle mass, bone mass, hair growth, and influences reproduction. Although the busy keep on regulating the normal levels of testosterone on its own to avoid imbalance in the hormone levels, however, some foods may have an interfering effect on the process. It is a hormone responsible for many primary functions in human body apart from affecting the reproductive health.

If you are worried about low levels of testosterone, you should avoid the following foods. These foods were found dangerous for your reproductive health and should be completely avoided in case of any medical situation originating in respect to testosterone levels in the body.

Soy products

Foods made with soy, such as soy-milk, tofu, and soy protein isolate, contain phytoestrogens, which are similar to estrogen in the body and function in the same way. Many types of research are conducted on soy, but the studies still do not understand it fully.

Although other researches have shown the relation between eating soy and alteration of serum testosterone or estrogen levels. As people who stopped consuming soy showed that breast tenderness and estrogen concentrations returned to normal. It is suggested that soy consumption can increase the body’s estrogen levels, and you can see symptoms of high estrogen.

Dairy products

If you want to increase your testosterone levels, you might choose to avoid dairy products; this is because some cow’s milk has synthetic or natural hormones, which may affect your testosterone levels. If you’re looking for alternatives of Dairy Products for boosting testosterone, consider reading about testosterone rich foods.

Also, animal foods contain soy, which possibly can increase the levels of estrogen in cows milk. This is the primary reason which suggests why Dairy Products should be avoided for better testosterone.


If you are concerned about your testosterone levels, you should think of quitting or limiting your alcohol consumption. Some studies refer that alcohol if taken in small quantities, may increase testosterone levels in men, but this is not the case. As one review says, heavy or regular drinking over a long period causes a decrease of testosterone in men.

This study also says that women who consume alcohol have an increase in their testosterone levels. So consumption of alcohol could be really dangerous for men and at the same time, it would be supporting the testosterone levels boost in women, Apart from Alcohol, you should also read about sex drive food for female.


I know a lot of you love the fantastic and calming effects of peppermint and spearmint, but menthol in mint might be reducing your testosterone levels researchers studied that spearmint essential oil lowers the levels of testosterone in lab rats.A study (PMC4528347) published in the BMC complementary & alternative medicine also noted that there is some outstanding evidence that clearly shows that mint lowers testosterone levels in women suffering from PCOS.

However, there is no high-quality evidence on the effect of mint in general. Most of the researched were conducted on rats and women, and further studies should be conducted both on men and women or on both the sexes so that the effect of mins can be known to us in a bigger picture.

Bread, pastries, and desserts

According to a study shows that diets that have a high number of portions of bread, pastries, and desserts are linked to low levels of testosterone in men of an ethnic group.According to the journal, the sample group of men also had low muscle mass and high levels of fat.

Other factors include high dairy consumption, eating at restaurants regular, and lacking in the intake of green leafy vegetables. So for better testosterone levels, you can opt for consuming green leafy vegetables instead of dairy consumption to increase sex drive in men along with testosterone levels.

Licorice root (Mulethi)

Licorice root is an excellent remedy when it comes to its benefits in reducing testosterone in healthy women during the menstrual cycle. Studies conducted on animals show that licorice can reduce T levels.

Although it would be better if the study is conducted in both men and women to understand the effect of the herb in a bigger image. Licorice root (Mulethi) have multiple health benefits but should be avoided if you care for testosterone levels.

Certain fats

“As I always say, you are not what you eat; you are what you digest”. In context, the type of fat you eat may also affect your testosterone levels and functions of your testis. Research also refers that eating trans fats may lower levels of testosterone in your body. They also found that consuming too many omega -6 fatty acids lowers the T levels and reduce the testicular size and its functionality.

On the other hand, consuming a lot of polyunsaturated omega -3 fatty acids might increase the testicle size and improve its functionality. Its important to check for consumption in order to Lower Testosterone Levels in your body.

Other factors which lower testosterone levels

These are commonly known factors apart from the food consumptions which can reduce your testosterone levels production. Some other factors that might influence low testosterone or hormone imbalance include:

  • Diabetes
  • A sedentary lifestyle
  • Chronic drug, tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana use
  • Aging
  • Obesity

How to boost testosterone naturally?

There are many ways to boost your testosterone levels naturally, including.

  • Consuming a diet rich in plant-based nutrients a diet more focussed on fresh foods.
  • Avoiding processed foods
  • Avoid overeating on a day to day basis
  • Avoid obesity as being fat is connected to low T levels
  • Exercise regularly as it helps in boosting your T levels naturally
  • Getting enough or plenty of sleep at night.

Apart from this, Olive Leaf Extracts is considered helpful in recovering from many ailments resulting lowering of testosterone levels in human body. One should also take a note of those factors as well.

Foods that Lower Testosterone Levels – Summary

As the Hippocrates say thy food be the medicine and medicine be thy food. It proves to be a very true saying as your diet and lifestyle play an important role in sustaining good health and keeping the hormones balanced.

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