Indian Gir Cow Ghee Benefits: Little-known Pure Organic Desi Butter

Known Cow Ghee Benefits Of Indian Gir Cow: Indian Gir Cow Ghee Benefits are endless, clarified butter which is known as pure organic desi ghee. This type of ghee from Indian Gir Cow (A2 Cow) are also available to buy online. We’ve listed few top dairy brands on Amazon available for sale. 

Dairy products are famous in India for ages. Dairy products are made from milk. This dairy products have an unbreakable connection with our food habits. It is quite odd and unnatural for us to consume a meal without any kind of dairy product in our country. Not only in our country, but dairy products are also popular throughout the whole Asian subcontinent. We have seen the use and popularity of milk related products and foods since our childhood. We have heard from our elders about the multiple beneficial features and uses of these dairy products. 

Top 3 Desi Ghee Products Online

Vedic Ghee Kesariya Farm A2 Gir 

Ayurvedic Natural Gir Cow Ghee Benefits

The best product out there is Vedic Ghee Kesariya Farm made with organic A2 milk with the ayurvedic ancient Bilona Method. This product is made with 100% organic grass-fed Gir cow’s A2 milk pure hand-churned organic A2 ghee with a wooden churner and the cows are ethical milking managed by experts and cows are fed only organic grass.

You can buy this product online.

Vanalaya Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow ghee from A2 Milk Prepared by Traditional Bilona Method

The second best product that I recommend is Vanalaya Organic A2 Desi Gir Cow ghee as this product is best known for its benefits like providing lubrication to the body which helps reliving from joint pain and increasing memory, balances the mind, thus enhances brain function and boosts immunity and this product is also made by traditional bilona process.

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Akiva Superfoods Pure Desi A2 Cow Ghee from Bilona Method 

Akiva Superfoods Pure Desi A2 Cow Ghee is also amazing as this product is also made by following the age-old Bilona Padati process and source our milk ethically, this ghee does not contain any harmful cholesterol. instead, it is packed with potent nutrients like omega -3 fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K2. great for your mind body and your soul.

You can buy this product online.

Ghee is no exception. It is a basic dairy product, and we get it more or less in almost every meal in India. This food habit is continuing from ages without any kind of change. We can get several cow ghee benefits from the regular consumption of ghee. But the once made from the desi cows, which are also the GIR Cows, contain a lot of pure natural cow ghee benefits than other ghee.

Gir Cows are actually the native tract from the Gir Hills in Gujarat they’re organic grass fed cows. These cattle breeds are also found in different districts of Gujarat, like Rajkot, Bhavnagar, Amreli. Gir Cows are the “desi cows,” and they produce more milk than normal crossbreed cows. The milk from the Desi Cows is far more beneficial than the crossbreed cows. Ghee made out of these milk is a storehouse of several nutrients.

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Ghee is actually a form of butter. We can see the frequent and massive use of ghee in the entire Asian subcontinents. Desi Cow ghee has an important role in several things like preparation of ayurvedic medicine, executing religious rituals, and obviously, it has various health benefits. From the ancient ages to today’s developed generation, ghee has kept its importance unchanged. We can no way overlook the beneficial features of ghee, and we cannot remove ghee from our diet too. It is an important food component for our regular survival. 

What is ghee made out of

The process of making pure desi ghee is not at all an easy process. It needs a long time, a lot of cleanliness, and special skills and techniques to prepare pure ghee from milk. At first, you need to churn the topmost layer of dahi and prepare cream from it. Basically, we use this cream to make a special type of butter, and after that, we simmer the butter to make pure ghee. After making the ghee, all the impurities are skimmed properly. This process takes a long duration, and what we get is the delicious pure cow ghee. Sometimes we find some flavors in the ghee. These flavors get added after the preparation of the pure ghee by manufacturers.

Nutritional values – Desi Cow ghee benefits

and how the components increase the number of desi cow ghee benefits:- 

Cow ghee benefits are numerous to count. We all know that milk is the best source of several vitamins and minerals for our bodies. None of us is unaware of the function of milk in our regular life. And ghee is a product of milk. We get ghee from processing milk. So, undoubtedly ghee also has a high nutritional value and important vitamins and minerals. 

Ghee is the main source of fat in our body. Regular consumption of ghee increases the fat percentage in our body. And it is important to maintain the proper fat levels for our regular activities. Besides proteins and carbohydrates, fats are also essential elements to keep our body healthy. Fats do active functions in our body. Fats regulate our body temperature, controls our body structure, and also take part in curing many diseases. There are a lot more functions of fat in our body. So this is clear that we cannot neglect fat in case of keeping our body healthy. And ghee is the best source of fat. Ghee is made of fat mostly. There are 0% of proteins and carbohydrates in ghee. But you can get 99.5% of total fat only by consuming ghee. Ghee includes both saturated fat and unsaturated fat. You get almost 62% of saturated fat from it, and the rest is unsaturated fat. Ghee has various other components in it. It includes vitamins A2, E, D, and K. These vitamins have control over several factors of the body.

To be specific, the most uses of ghee are noticed in India, and it’s neighboring countries. We use ghee in many forms as a portion of food. Sometimes we use ghee directly as an individual food item. We also use ghee as a cooking component for preparing various dishes. In India, we can find the presence of ghee more or less in most of the food items. From dosa to pulao, almost every Indian dish contains ghee. We easily realize the impact of ghee in making the taste of foods far better. In the North Indian regions, people consume pure ghee almost with every dish. Ghee is also an essential item in the rituals of every religion. Let it be marriage or any other social program; ghee is a must for executing the social rituals. So we don’t need to mention differently that ghee is extremely important for our regular life.

The Indian Gir cow ghee benefits in our regular life.

Unknown benefits of Cow Ghee

Here we are going to discuss the various desi cow ghee benefits, which are scientifically proven and accepted.

  1. Gir Cow ghee is very rich in Omega3 properties. It helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
  2. Gir Cow ghee is rich, healthy fat vitamins. It has both saturated fats and unsaturated fats in it as ingredients. Saturated fats are very important ingredients that our body needs. This kind of fats contains high burning points. And that’s why these fats don’t break down into radicals easily. And thus the saturated fats keep the fat percentage of our body perfect and balanced that are vital for health. 
  3. Gir Cow ghee also has an important role in maintaining the temperature of the body. Fats are responsible for the thermal balance of the body. Also, our body temperature is 37.2 degrees, and Gir cow ghee melts in 37degree. Other normal ghee melts in 39 degrees, which increases the cholesterol, diabetics, and blood pressure in our body.
  4. You can boost up your digestion process by consuming Gir cow ghee. It helps your stomach to release more digestive hormones. Those digestive hormones develop your digestive organs and improve digestion. Moreover, this ghee includes conjugated linolenic acid (CLA). This acid helps in losing weight.
  5. Gir Cow ghee is rich in antioxidants. Among the antioxidants k2, butyric acid and CLA are highly recommended for our body. This mainly comes from grass-eating cows. So naturally, the presence of these antioxidants is high in this ghee. 
  6. It is useful for fighting various viral infections in our body and naturally curing them.
  7. You can see a useful effect of Gir cow ghee in clearing constipation. As this product is very easily digestible, it has a positive effect on preventing constipation. Many doctors recommend the patients with constipation to consume a spoon of this desi ghee before sleep. This actually helps the entire digestion process and prevents constipation.
  8.  Gir Cow Ghee has an advantage for the healing of various body organs too. Indians use the desi ghee to treat skin burns because this is a natural remedy to treat that. We can apply it on our hair also to heal and nourish our damaged scalp. It has the healing power for both internal damages and external damages of our body. This is a good natural moisturizer for our skin and face. We can also use this ghee to moisturize our cracked lips and heels, too, in the wintertime.
  9. Gir Cow ghee is totally full of energy. Scientists analyzed that a tablespoon of desi ghee produces 450 kJ of energy in our body. This is a huge amount of energy from a little source. We need the energy to do all the activities throughout the whole day. And we get this energy from the food. This ghee actively produces a huge amount of energy inside our bodies. So we can definitely keep the proper balance of food-produced energy in our body with desi ghee. We require a fixed amount of food-produced energy every day, and it easily fulfills that. Our liver directly absorbs the fatty acids of this ghee and burns those into energies. Gir Cow Ghee is especially very effective for kids and persons with ailments. 
  10. The desi ghee is also known for its allergy-preventing features. Due to its natural antioxidants and nutrients, Gir Cow ghee is able to prevent allergies. It is capable of fighting many infections also. It is a good alternative for those people who are lactose intolerant. This desi ghees are an excellent substitute for oils and butter for the heath-concerned people. 
  11. Researches have shown that desi ghee has a good impact on heart health also. Gir Cow ghee helps to keep the blood pressure normal and heart functions. Eventually, this ghee is beneficial for patients with high blood pressure. It also helps to keep the blood circulation normal in our body.
  12. Gir Cow ghee is partially useful for our intestines also. Among Cow Ghee Benefits, You can keep your intestine clear and healthy by consuming Gir cow ghee on a regular basis.

So, these are the various uses and benefits of Gir Cow Ghee. This can be regarded as an ideal regular food item for maintaining a healthy body. You cannot find a portion of food with such multiple benefits.

Cow Ghee Benefits for Body

Healthy and beneficial food, when consumed in a larger portion than ordinary needs, becomes dangerous for our health. Gir Cow ghee is no exception. Though it is very good and ideal food for everyone, it has some adverse effects too. So besides the good effects, we need to discuss the bad effects of this ghee also. Here are the adverse effects of this ghee when consumed in a huge portion than a normal requirement in our body:-

  1. It has a fat element. So it is quite normal that it increases the fat percentage in our entire body. Excessive consumption of desi ghee can increase the fat percentage of the body more than enough. And the excess fat is not of any use for our body, and it leads to obesity. So it is the main adverse effect that causes serious illnesses to our body. 
  2. Sometimes regular excessive intake of desi ghee can cause more problems for our body. The excessive fat just gets stored around our heart, and that makes our heart rate slow. It partially decreases the blood circulation in our body. This way, the excessive fat can interrupt our regular body functions.

We are now coming to the conclusion part about Gir Cow Ghee. We have already discussed the various benefits of this desi ghee on our health. We have seen all the important uses and needs of this ghee in our regular lifestyle. We cannot deny the multiple functions of this ghee anyway. In our country, the usage of pure cow ghee is continuing from ages to ages. From the ancient age to the present time, the popularity of desi ghee never decreased. We are coming to know about more benefits of desi ghee with the development of science day by day. We are also getting information about better processes to produce this ghee more purely. Ghee is an important ingredient for cooking in India, and it as a healthy and better substitute for bad oils and butter. But nothing is good when it is done excessively. We need to keep in mind that we should intake this ghee up to a limit. Patients with obesity and other complications should consult with their dieticians and physicians before consuming it. We should take a moderate amount of Gir Cow Ghee with our regular diet that is healthy for us. Start in-taking this desi ghee to get the amazing results. Healthy eating is the key to a healthy lifestyle. So keep your diet healthy with this amazing Gir Cow ghee and boost up your regular lifestyle. 

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