Giloy Sticks Kadha Benefits, Dosage and Side-Effects

Giloy Sticks are being recommended by number of Ayurveda institutions as an immunity booster against Covid 19. In this article we’ve also examined the possibility of using Giloy Sticks against Covid.

Giloy, also called Guduchi is considered to be the queen of herbs in Ayurveda. Its botanical name is “Tinospora Cordifolia”. It belongs to the ‎Menispermaceae plant family. This Ayurveda herb has been widely used in the formulation of various types of traditional medicines for ages. (1)

It is also called as ‘Amrita’ or ‘the root of immortality‘. The leaves of the tree have the shape of the heart. Giloy is a climber that grows on different types of trees such as neem, tulsi, ashwagandha, and take on their benefits. This powerful herb is majorly cultivated in countries like India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. 

Benefits Of Using Raw Sticks

Immunity Supplement

Giloy is a valuable Ayurvedic herb that is known for its immuno-modulator properties. It has the natural ability to correct autoimmune disorders. This potent herb shows remarkable anti-inflammatory, detoxification, and metabolism-boosting properties that help in the lasting cure for severe and recurrent fever, gout, anemia, jaundice, urinary tract disorders, heart ailments, asthma, etc. 

Helpful against Chronic Conditions

When this herb is ingested, it increases platelet count in the body that in turn helps to boost immunity levels and fight off chronic health conditions like dengue. Ayurveda regards this herb as “Prana” due to its ability to survive and cultivate on its own even after cutting it. 

Helpful against Type 2 Diabetes

Fresh and pure raw stems of Giloy are effective in boosting immunity levels in a person. It is a powerful hypoglycemic agent that manages Type 2 diabetes by reducing blood glucose levels in a person. 

A herbal concoction made from Giloy stems has been proved to be a panacea for almost all types of ailments and disorders. It is beneficial in restoring the overall health and well-being of a person. Besides promoting physical health, this herb is also helpful in improving mental health in a person. It has distinctive abilities to calm the mind and reduce anxiety and stress to a significant extent. (2)

Types of Giloy

Giloy is a powerful herb that is touted for its remarkable anti-diabetic, blood purifying, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-tumor, anti-angiogenesis, anti-arthritic, anti-impotency, and anti-malarial action. As Giloy is a creeper, it can be cultivated with several other potent Ayurveda herbs such as Tulsi, Ashwagandha, Neem, etc. The combination of the benefits of different herbs increases its effectiveness to manifolds. On whichever tree it grows, it acquires and absorbs its medicinal qualities. 

Neem Giloy

Neem Giloy is largely advised for the cure of illnesses related to weak immunity system, inflammation, and impure blood in the body. Its Anti-pyretic, anti-inflammatory, and blood purification properties have been scientifically proven in the cure of cancer.

Tulsi Giloy

Giloy when combined with natural Tulsi helps to balance pitta dosha, strengthen lungs, and cure skin disorders in the body. It enhances the immunity system and effectively cures jaundice, seasonal viral infections, intestinal disorders, ingestion, urinary disorders, etc. in the body.

Ashwaganda Giloy

Ashwagandha is another therapeutic herb that when combined with Giloy helps in the effective treatment of severe viral infections like coronavirus, swine flu, etc. The presence of a potent compound in Ashwagandha as “withanone” improves endurance, agility, energy, and stamina in a person. It acts as protective against bacteria borne ailments, stress, and inflammatory conditions naturally. (3)

Where To Buy Raw Giloy Sticks In India?

Giloy is considered to be “Amrita” or “the root of immortality”. Due to this reason, on whichever tree it climbs, it does not let the tree die. It absorbs its medicinal properties. Giloy is loaded with antioxidants that destroy harmful toxins in the body. 

Most Powerful Giloy: As Giloy is a climber, you can easily grow it in conjunction with various other medicinal plants such as tulsi, neem, ashwagandha, etc. Neem is considered an excellent herb for the cultivation of Giloy. The association of both these miraculous herb exhibits exceptional medicinal benefits that assist in the development of immunity in a person. 

Grow Giloy at Home: The process to cultivate the magical herb “Giloy” is quite simple and can be done at home. It grows with the stem part that is considered to be the most effective part of the plant. All you need is to cut a stem from the Giloy tree and sow it in the soil close to a tree (to enable it to climb the tree). One of the best things about this herb is that it can easily grow with a small amount of water.

Buy Online in India: Amazon is one of the trusted places online, from where you can get 100 percent natural, organic, fresh, and pure form of Giloy stem. All these products are completely vegetarian and claim to be effective against curing a wide range of acute fevers, boost digestion, strengthens immunity, and manages diabetes. Available at an affordable price, you can consult your doctor about the daily dosage of Giloy stem to treat your health condition effectively. 

Some of the leading sellers of Giloy stem on this e-commerce store are:

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  • Birju Mahavir 400 Gr Giloy/Guduchi Stem Cutting (Tinospora Cordifolia) Raw Form 

Homemade Giloy Sticks Juice

The use of Giloy herb is an effective remedy to prevent frequent occurrence of fevers. For its remarkable natural antipyretic properties, regular consumption of this herb can give lasting relief from symptoms of various life-threatening health issues. Its effective action to kill bacteria makes it a safe treatment of liver and UTIs (urinary tract infections). The therapeutic Kada prepared from six inches length of its stem provides substantial relief from a variety of disorders that includes systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, and a few chronic health conditions.

The root of Guduchi is used as a key ingredient in the preparation of several medicinal formulations. Powdered form of Giloy stem is used in making kadha, juice, and Giloy tea. Depending on your preference, you can choose from any of these options to reap its benefits. Below we are telling you the method to prepare these herbal drinks easily at home. (4)

Giloy juice using Giloy stick/stem

Lets learn to make Giloy Soup or Kadha at Home

Type: Ayurvedic Medicine

Cuisine: Indian

Keywords: giloy juice, giloy kadha, giloy

Recipe Yield: 2 servings

Preparation Time: PT10M

Recipe Ingredients:

  • Giloy Sticks - Fresh
  • ,
  • Knife to Peel
  • ,
  • Drinking Water

Recipe Instructions:

First Step:

  • Array

Second Step:

  • Array
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गिलोय का काढ़ा बनाने का सही तरीका - Giloy Sticks Kadha | Benefits | Recipe | Side-Effects

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Homemade Giloy Sticks Kadha

There are two popular ways to make pure Giloy Sticks Kadha at home.

Giloy tea using Giloy stem

Another way to enjoy the health benefits of Giloy is in the form of a Giloy tea. To prepare this recipe, you will need the stem of Giloy and chop it into small bits. Now crush these bits to make a fine lump-free paste. 

To make Giloy tea, take a pan and boil water in it. Add this paste to the water. Let the mixture steep. When the amount reduces to one-fourth level, then switch off the flame. Sieve the mixture into a cup. Let the tea cools down a little. Enjoy it when it is luke-warm.

Kada using Giloy Powder or Giloy leaves

Kada is one of the popularly used methods to consume Giloy. If you don’t get a fresh Giloy stem, then you can also use the powdered form of Giloy stem to prepare this herbal kada. Giloy powder is easily available online and local stores that sell Ayurveda products.

To prepare this kada, you need to take a pan and add 400 ml of water in it. Put it on flame and boil it. Now add two tablespoons of Giloy stem powder into it. Simmer it till the mixture reduces to one-fourth. Strain it and allow it cool down. Drink it twice a day or as directed by your doctor to get the best results. (5)

Giloy Sticks Dosage

2-3 Spoons of Pure Giloy Juice or Six Inch Portion of Giloy Sticks boiled in 400 ML Water is recommended dosage. However if you’re taking Giloy as extract or tablet, then consider following instructions on product label.

Giloy Sticks Side-Effects

Giloy is considered safe for human consumption without any known side-effects of low to moderate dosage. Excessive dosage may result in constipation and loose motions.

Which Giloy Juice is best? 

Giloy Juice can be prepared using only Giloy, or in combination with other Ayurveda herbs such as neem, tulsi, wheat grass, ashwagandha etc. Depending on the herb you use to make this healthy drink, you are going to reap the benefits from it. Giloy Neem Juice is considered to be superior and more effective than Giloy Tulsi Juice, Giloy Ashwagandha, Giloy Wheatgrass Juice etc. 

All parts of neem i.e., leaves, stem, root, flower, and bark are best known for its remarkable medicinal benefits. Some of the prominent ones being detoxification and blood purification. Neem boosts the immunity system and treats skin allergies, or eczema, and Type 2 diabetes. Giloy is a powerful immunity-boosting herb that strengthens the immunity system and effectively cures diseases caused due to viral and bacterial infections. 

Is Giloy Recommended For Fever    

Due to its abundance of medicinal attributes, our ancestors used to refer to Giloy as the nectar of Gods. Regular consumption of Giloy nourishes cells in the body and keeps them in the best health. This beneficial Ayurveda herb strengthens the lungs and prevents recurrent bouts of cough in the body. 

Giloy helps in developing strong immunity power and makes your body capable of fighting off all types of flu or fever effectively. It works in the body by balancing Pitta Dosha and cures tonsillitis, and pharyngitis. The powerful phytochemicals present in the herb restrict replication of the virus and makes you resistant towards fever. 

Giloy Sticks Benefits On Coronavirus

Coronavirus is a transmittable disease that is spreading among people by coming in close physical contact with each other. The infection passes from one person to another through coughing and sneezing. People who have low immunity levels are more prone to catching this disease. 

Giloy sticks are beneficial in treating coronavirus by arresting the spread and growth of infection-causing virus in the body. Potent natural phytochemicals present in the herb prevents entry of covid-19 entry into host cells. In this way, it helps to restraint the covid-19 infection. This is a simple herb that is scientifically proven and time tested for the improvement of the immunity of a person.

Giloy Sticks and Covid 19 – Where we stand ?

AYURAKSHA is a programme launched by All India Institute of Ayurveda under the Ministry of AYUSH and Delhi Police for Delhi Police personal. It emphasizes on the scientifically proven and time-tested immunity boosting potential of Ayurveda herbs. The main objective of this program is to make use of Ayurveda immunity-enhancing measures to fight against corona.

The Ministry is working towards giving this therapy for coronavirus positive cases. This move has been appreciated by the Delhi Police. Its distribution will happen for around eighty thousand personnel of Delhi police that is spread across fifteen districts of NCT Delhi.

According to the release “Ministry of AYUSH Vaidya Rajesh Kotecha, highlighted the role of Giloy as Vayasthapana (Anti-aging herb). He mentioned that the Ministry is working for AYUSH medicines to be given as add-on therapy for COVID 19 positive cases. He also appreciated the efforts of Delhi Police as frontline warriors. ”

Thus it can be concluded that using Giloy could be really helpful. Even against Coronavirus.

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