Best Shilajit in India – Is Patanjali Shilajit Good?

Shilajit is a potent ayurvedic herb found in the Himalayan Mountain range. Various brands are selling Best Shilajit in India; this article will discover the Shilajit Quality and Review all the top brands available in the market selling Shilajit. Patanjali, Baidyanath, Dabur, Upakarma and Zandu are the top 5 brands selling Shilajit in India.

Shilajit is known for its aphrodisiac properties, which means that it is often associated with properties increasing sexual desire, arousal, and performance. A 2013 study on rats found that Shilajit can indeed have a parasympathomimetic effect on sexual performance.

Benefits of Best Shilajit

Other widespread benefits of Shilajit Consumption include

  1. Helpful in increasing testosterone level
  2. Reduce Aging Symptoms
  3. Helpful in reducing high altitude sickness
  4. Increasing Sperm Count
  5. Helpful in fighting Iron Deficiency

Along with all these benefits, regular consumption of Shilajit with warm water can help improve Gut Health and increase stamina.

Best Shilajit in India – Top 5 Brands

Five popular brands are selling the best shilajit in India. The popular names include Patanjali, Baidyanath  Dabur, Dr. Morepen and Zandu.

#1 Baidyanath Shilajit

Best Shilajit in India – Top 5 Brands

Baidyanath is among the top Ayurvedic company in India, with its fingerprint to other nations as well. Baidyanath Shilajit is the only one in India who comes with a certificate of Authenticity.


  • Good Manufacturing Practices Certified
  • Comes with Quality Analysis Certificate
  • Strandardized and Certified for Purity


  • Expensive than all other options in competition

If you can afford to shell out around 1400 INR for 15 Grams of Shilajit, then Baidyanath is the best Shilajit in India for you. The certificate of authenticity helps in controlling the supply of fake shilajit. So you can be sure about the product while buying it.

#2 Zandu Shilajit

Best Shilajit in India - Top 5 Brands

Zandu is a more than a century-old Indian company manufacturing all kinds of Ayurvedic products.


  • Minimal Processing – Mostly Pure Shilajit
  • Available in Capsule for – Easy for Consumption
  • Affordable – 499 INR for 60 Capsules


  • No authenticity certificate

Zandu manufactures the best Shilajit in India for those looking to buy a product that can be directly consumed as capsules. If you’re looking for an affordable and good product, Zandu could be the right brand for you.

#3 Dabur Shilajit

Best Shilajit in India - Top 5 Brands

Dabur is one of the most popular and widely available Ayurvedic brands around the world.


  • Research and Development team monitors quality
  • Easily available and very affordable


  • No Clarity about manufacturing process
  • Concerns about quality and packaging

Despite being the hallmark of the best Shilajit in India, Dabur Shilajit fails to impress because of repeated concerns relating to unclear manufacturing practices.

#4 Patanjali Shilajit

Best Shilajit in India - Top 5 Brands

Industrialist and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev’s Shilajit is the most popular brand in India. In the Sales pitch video, he vouched for Shilajit manufactured by Divya Pharmacy for Patanjali.


  • Cost Effective and Widely Available
  • Cheapest Shilajit in India


  • Manufactured using artificial factory-based processes
  • Lacks proper guidelines relating to medical use

Patanjali Shilajit is the best Shilajit in India for those looking to procure the product cheaply. Patanjali stores around the country are the easiest way for many people to buy Shilajit around India. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, Patanjali Shilajit could be the best choice for you.

#5 Upakarma Shilajit

Best Shilajit in India - Top 5 Brands

Dr. Morepen is a 35-year-old Indian company dealing in several aphrodisiac medical products and medical equipment.


  • Manufactured in NABL Certified Lab against Purity
  • ISO 9001 Company
  • Passes all the tests relating to Good Shilajit
  • Sourced from Mountains


  • Fairly New Company
  • Costlier Product without Certificate of Authenticity

Upakarma Shilajit is the top-rated product on Amazon India. Many reviewers around the globe praise this product for its powerful support to the immune system. Upakarma is the best Shilajit in India on Amazon.

How to Test Pure Shilajit – SWF Method

When you buy Shijalit from any store or online marketplace, it’s essential to check it against possible impurities. Because of its expensive nature, there is a considerable supply of identical products in the market. With this method, you can quickly check if your Shilajit is authentic or not.

There are primarily three types of tests in SWF Method to determine the purity of Shilajit – Stickness Test, Water Test, and Fire Test. If your Shilajit passes all three types of tests, it’s very much likely that the Shilajit you.

SWF Method to test the purity of Shilajit is possibly the easiest for all those who want to consume this substance regularly. Here are simple steps to perform SWF Test for checking Shilajit Purity

How to Test Pure Shilajit

S – Stickness Test

If you’re buying the best Shilajit in India, It should be sticky in warm and hot temperatures and rock-solid in cold temperatures. Take a small portion of Shilajit on your finger, and it should start melting and being sticky on your fingers. The exact amount should get rock solid when placed inside Refrigerator.

W – Water Test

This test determines if Shilajit is in pure form or not. To conduct this test, place a little Shilajit paste inside a glass full of water. The Pure Shilajit should start dissolving itself in the water.

F – Fire Test

All varieties of Best Shilajit in India never get burnt while exposed to fire. The refined version will never give you the sensational smell of something being burnt when exposed to fire. Take a small pea-sized portion on a knife and try to burn it over on the induction stove to conduct the last step of the SWF test.

Estimated Cost: 10 INR


  • Water


  • Refrigerator
  • Induction Stove (Gas Based)
  • Spoon

Materials: Shilajit

Thus, by following this three steps simple Purity test to find out the reality of Shilajit bought online or offline, you can quickly figure out whether you purchased a genuine product or not.

How Much Shilajit to Consume – Dosage

Ideally, You should take a pea-size portion of Shilajit with warm milk or water two times a day for best results.

  1. Dose for adults (18+): 100 mg once or twice a day
  2. Dose for elderly patients (55+): 150 mg once or twice a day

However, most manufacturers have different levels of controlled dosages for different types of products. Thus it’s advisable to consult a medical professional to estimate the right amount of Shilajit based on your health condition.

Risks of Taking Shilajit – Side-Effects

There are not many specialized studies on the side-effects of Shilajit, but there are few known risks of taking even the best Shilajit in India.

There are not many studies relating risks of consuming it for Diabetes and Thyroid patients. However, the consumption may interfere with insulin levels, as per one study published in the Indian Journal of Pharmacology. Hence, it’s not recommended to consume it unless monitored by your healthcare practitioner.

Frequently asked questions about Best Shilajit in India

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about the Best Shilajit in India.

Who should not take shilajit?

People with Thyroid, Diabetes and High Iron Levels in the Blood shouldn’t take Shilajit. If someone suffering from these ailments wants to take it, they should first consult a registered medical practitioner.

Can women take Shilajit?

Yes, Women can take Shilajit as much as any man. It’s a proprietary ayurvedic medicine, and physician-controlled consumption can help women to gain the benefits of Shilajit.

Is Dabur Shilajit effective?

Shilajit is a very effective medicine; Dabur Shilajit has mixed reviews (Positive and Negative). Shilajit is a proven medicine to achieve a lot of health benefits. However, the quality of the product remains a concern.

Is Baba Ramdev shilajit effective?

Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Shilajit is one of the most affordable and cost-effective Shilajit available in India. It’s a factory-made Shilajit produced in Patanjali industries. Shilajit is generally very effective; if Patanjali Shilajit suits you, it may be right for you.

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