10 Symptoms of Pregnancy Before Period & Warnings

Pregnancy before period could be a surprise for anyone. Missing the date of period is the biggest sign of pregnancy. However, this is not the only way to determine whether you are pregnant or not. There are other signs which may help you determine the condition. Body begins to transform within a few days of your pregnancy. It begins to give out signals. You need to decipher these signals to know whether you are pregnant or not.

These signs are usually mild ones and you may miss them. If you are wondering whether you can determine about your pregnancy before you have missed your first period, the answer is yes. You can determine this by reading the signs properly.

10 Early Signs Of Pregnancy Before A Missed Period

pregnancy before period

This article will help you understand whether you are going to be a mother soon or not. You may experience the below mentioned symptoms even before you miss your first period. Therefore, keep an eye on the transformation, your body is going through.

Breasts – You Need To Be Attentive  

You must pay attention to your breasts. The earliest transformation takes place here only. Therefore, you need to be focused on this part of your body. Soreness or ache can be the first sign of pregnancy. Some women may find their breasts tender to touch. In some cases, the breasts become fuller. These are the early signs of pregnancy. The symptoms may remain during the course of your pregnancy. In some cases, these disappear within some weeks.

Areolas Darkening

This is another sign of pregnancy. This may take place even before your first missed period. Most women experience this sign. The area surrounding nipples get darker during this time. This event can take place in a couple of weeks after you conceive. The nipple darkening is considered as one of the earliest signs of pregnancy.

Intense Fatigue  

This could be a symptom of Pregnancy before period. Fatigue can be a symptom of a lot of things including pregnancy. However, this is considered to be an early sign of pregnancy as well. You can experience this even before you miss your first period.

Morning Sickness

You must have heard of this. Morning sickness is the most common sign of pregnancy. You may experience this even before you miss your period. The seriousness of the nausea may vary depending on the individuals. The signs can be more serious for some women while other may have it mild.

Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge is a common occurrence. However, women experience this heavily during pregnancy. You may experience heavy flow during your first trimester. The discharge may look like pale yellow mucus. This may take place before you have missed your first period. 

Implantation Bleeding  

Bleeding is one of the major symptom of pregnancy before period. You might notice blood stain. Usually this occurs 10 to 14 days after conceiving. Some mistake this as their period. However, the color of the blood is usually lighter than the usual period that women have. 


The frequency of the urination usually increases during this time. Women have to frequent to the washroom after they conceive and this is a sign of pregnancy. This takes place because the kidneys produce more fluid during this time. Therefore, keep an eye to the number of times you go to the washroom. The event may start taking place right after you have conceived.

Body Temperature

You will notice a sudden rise in the basal temperature of your body. This temperature is measured right after you wake up. To understand the change in this temperature, you need to keep measuring it. Only then you would be able to trace the changes that are taking place.


Body bloating can be a sign of pregnancy. Some women experience this before they have missed their first period. This occurs because the digestion system of the body changes during pregnancy. Therefore, you may feel bloated. There are women who experience this.

Aversion To Food

Some women become sensitive to some smells. As a result, they fail to consume some foods. This is an early sign of pregnancy. You may experience it before you start to notice the other signs. Some women even experience change in their taste bud. You need to pay attention to these signs as these may be symptoms of pregnancy. (1)

What’s The Difference Between Pregnancy Symptoms And PMS?

Sometimes PMS symptoms and pregnancy before period symptoms seem alike. It is due to this reason women often mistake these two. There are some signs which imitate each other including fatigue, breast tenderness and nausea. However, signs like implantation bleeding is the sign of pregnancy only. Therefore, you should not mistake it as PMS symptom. 

Because of the similarities between PMS and pregnancy before period signs, you may have to go for home pregnancy test to determine whether you are really pregnant or not. (2)  

Other Causes Of A Missed Period

Missed period is an important sign of pregnancy. However, you may miss period due to other reasons as well. Missed or delayed period is not always the sign of pregnancy. Therefore, you need to be aware of the other causes of delayed or missed period. 

  • Stress can be a cause of missed period. Chronic stress leads to many health complications. Missed period is one of them. Therefore, you need to be aware of your stress level before coming to any conclusion. 
  • Fall in body plays a big role in missed period. You would have to check your body weight if you are experiencing delayed period or you are missing them. 
  • High intensity workout may lead to missed period. You may even experience delayed periods as well.
  • Not only low weight leads to missed period, obesity can be a result of irregular period cycle. Therefore, you need to be careful about your body weight. 
  • Thyroid condition is another cause of missed period. You need to check your thyroid condition if you are missing your period. 
  • Cyst in ovary can be a reason of missed period. Due to this reason, you need to get in touch with a doctor if you are missing your period.

How Reliable Are The Symptoms?

The only complication in deciphering the symptoms of pregnancy is the dissimilarities. These signs may differ for different women. In addition, the signs are easy to be confused about. You may easily take them as PMS symptoms. Or you may confuse the symptoms of PMS as pregnancy signs.

The best way to determine this is to go for a test. You can opt for a home pregnancy test. These provide reliable test results. However, there are times when these tests too can give out false result. Certain medications can lead to the false green signals. Therefore, going for a proper medical test is the best way to determine whether you are pregnant or not. (3)  

Should I see a Doctor for Pregnancy before Period?

It is always a good idea to get medical checkup in these situations. Pregnancy symptoms can be misleading. Therefore, you need to get expert’s answer to come to a solid conclusion. After a medical test, you would be able to know whether you are really pregnant or your body is giving out false symptoms. Also, you would come to know about the complications which you are facing. This is why – it is always a good idea to get medical checkup to determine your health condition.

Pregnancy Before Period – What Should You Do ?

There might be many reasons for you to experience signs which are similar to pregnancy signs. This is why – getting advice of the doctors is essential. Also, you need to be aware of your health condition and pay attention to the signs which your body is giving out. You might experience these signs before you have missed your period. Therefore, be a little attentive of your health.

Commonly Asked Questions about Pregnancy Before Period

Fastest way to know if you are pregnant   

There are many ways to determine whether you are pregnant or not. However, if you are impatient, if you have to know right away, you can opt for a home pregnancy test. This is the quickest way to determine whether you are pregnant or not. However, sometimes even home pregnancy test gives out false alarms. Therefore, you need to be careful about the test results. Make sure to check multiple times to confirm. 

How to confirm pregnancy?

If you want solid confirmation about your pregnancy, you need to see a doctor. The only way to determine your pregnancy is by getting medical tests. Pregnancy signs may mislead you sometimes. The home pregnancy kits may also give our false green signals. Therefore, you need to get expert’s confirmation. 

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