Delicious Upma For Weight Loss – 7 Minute Simple Recipe

Weight loss programs have become a trend amidst the modern generation. People look for ways to lose weight, using Upma For Weight Loss is very powerful. However, only exercising does not help with weight loss. There is the fact that you need to understand and accept, “You need to eat well to lose weight.

Eating well refers to eating low-fat food here” Therefore, you need to pay attention to foods that nourish the body while keeping fat away. With careful planning, you need to create a diet chart that supports and promotes weight loss. Here is a dish that can help in weight loss if you are looking for food compatible with your fitness program.

Upma For Weight Loss Nutrition Value

Total lipid (fat)11.25g
Carbohydrate, by difference71.25g
Fiber, total dietary3.9g
Sugars, total including NLEA4g
Sugars, added1.5g
Calcium, Ca51mg
Iron, Fe2.12mg
Potassium, K206mg
Sodium, Na1170mg
Vitamin D (D2 + D3), International Units0IU
Fatty acids, total saturated6.75g
Fatty acids, total trans0g
Upma For Weight Loss – Nutrition Value (Source)

Upma is well known for breakfast. However, you can have this dish for weight loss purposes as well. Suji is the main ingredient of upma. Semolina or Suji is best consumed on the days when people fast in India. Yet, you can incorporate Suji for a healthy meal as well. 

Upma is a South Indian dish. It has surpassed the boundary of its origin and is now commonly eaten by the entire nation. The health benefits of upma are one of the reasons for its popularity. It is also effortless to prepare. Quick preparation is the reason when you are in a hurry; you can make this dish. Besides, if you are on a diet and struggling to make your meals tasty, you can add upma to your daily diet.

The wonders of upma don’t end there only. This dish is easy to digest, as well. You will not have to struggle to digest it. Also, you can turn upma into tasty dishes. There are several upma recipes to try out. You can make upma as delicious as you want without compromising its health benefits. Also, you can make upma from Suji or oats, depending on your preference. Here is a tasty upma recipe to try.

Suji Upma For Weight Loss Recipe

Suji Upma For Weight Loss
Suji Upma For Weight Loss

You can prepare Upma using roasted Suji or Rava. This roasted Rava is then cooked with garlic and Onion for taste. However, those as mentioned above, humble and meek dish can turn into a tasty and colorful one, with some sabzis. What vegetables you add to this dish is purely your choice. You can add anything you prefer. From carrots to cabbage, you can toss everything in your upma to give it a quick health boost. The veggies will elevate the health benefits of the upma by adding to the fiber level and turn it into a healthy meal that keeps you full for a longer time. 

How To Make Suji Upma for Weight Loss

To prepare this tasty and healthy upma, you will need,

  1. A cup of Suji or Rava
  2. 1 to 2 tablespoon oil
  3. Mustard seeds half tsp 
  4. One tsp black lentils or urad daal
  5. Four to six curry leaves
  6. Two green chilis
  7. One fourth cup onion chopped
  8. Salt, a little bit of lemon juice, and sugar for taste

Preparation Time: 7 Minutes

It would be best if you roasted the Suji in a pan. The Suji needs to be dry roasted. Therefore, keep the heat either low or medium to prevent burning. Stir till the Suji gets adequately roasted. It may take 4 to 5 minutes. After the Suji looked hash brown and burned, you can keep it aside.

Now, take a pan and heat the oil. Once the oil is evenly heated, toss the mustard seeds in it. Allow the seeds to get heated till they crackle.

Once the seeds get prepared, you need to add curry leaves and urad daal in the oil. Toss the chilis in the oil as well. Now saute everything in medium to low heat. 

You can toss the chopped Onion along with your favorite veggies in the pan. These two, you will have to saute for a few seconds. Don’t fry everything too much. The secret is to keep the veggies a little bit crunchy. The crunch adds to the taste of the upma. 

Pour semolina in the veggies. Immediately add three cups of water to the pan. Add salt and sugar, give everything a quick stir, put the lid, and allow the upma to cook in low heat. Don’tDon’t forget to stir the upma from time to time to prevent burning.

2 to 3 minutes later, take off the lid and add the lemon juice. Now, you need to cook it for another minute or so before removing it from the heat. Put the upma on a plate or a glass bowl and serve hot after throwing a few coriander leaves for garnishing. 

Oats Upma for Weight Loss Recipe

oats upma for weight loss
Oats upma for weight loss

You will need a series of ingredients to prepare oats upma. Given below are the elements.

How To Make Oats Upma for Weight Loss

Ingredients to make upma for weight loss”

  1. Two cups of rolled oats
  2. Three tsp oil
  3. Half tsp turmeric powder
  4. One tsp mustard seeds
  5. One tsp urad daal
  6. Six curry leaves
  7. Kashmiri red chili – one
  8. A couple of green chilis
  9. Half cup chopped onions
  10. Half cup carrots
  11. One-fourth cup green peas
  12. Sugar and salt to taste

Preparation Time: 7 Minutes

You will have to heat one tsp oil in a pan. Once the oil is heated, you need to add the oats to it. Give the oats a little stir before adding the turmeric powder. Cook the oats till it turns light brown. You need to keep the oats on the heat for 4 minutes. Once the oats get cooked, you can remove it from the heat and set aside.

Now add two tsp oil to the pan and toss the mustard seeds in it. Allow the sources to get crackled. After the seeds got roasted and prepared, you need to add the urad dal and curry leaves, green chili, and red chili in the oil. Allow everything to cook for a couple of minutes on low heat. It would be best if you sauteed everything. Now, you need to add onions to the oil. Cook for a minute and then add carrots and green peas to the pan. Now, you must cook everything on a low flame. 

Two minutes later, add the oats to the pan. You need to add the salt and sugar to it for taste. Stir the mixture and allow it to cook for a minute before adding one cup of water in it. Again, stir the mixture. Then put the lid on and let the oats to cook for a couple of minutes. Garnish with coriander leaves and serve the upma hot.

Why Upma For Weight Loss is Healthy ?

To understand the health benefit of the upma, you need first to understand the beneficial aspects of the ingredients. How valuable is Onion for health? How useful is lemon juice for your health? Let’sLet’s have a look,

Onion: Onion is not only a great spice that enhances the taste of your food; this comes with immense health benefits. Onion is known for its anti-oxidant properties. Onion is high on Vitamin C levels; this helps with immunity-boosting. Phytochemical of Onion makes it highly beneficial for health. Onion is also high on chromium. It works like wonder when it comes to regulating blood pressure. Eating raw Onion helps in keeping the hearts strong and healthy. Therefore, putting Onion in your upma makes it healthy and also tasty.

Lemon: Lemon is famous for its taste. Who does not love a cold glass of lemonade? However, lemon is loaded with healthy compounds. Drinking lemon juice is immensely beneficial for health. Lemon contains an ample amount of Vitamin C. Therefore, when you drink lemon juice; you get a boost of Vitamin C. It enhances your immunity system. It makes you healthy. Also, Vitamin C is suitable for white blood cell production. Lemon juice helps in preventing various types of infections. Thus, you can understand that using lemon juice in upma increases its health benefit. You can drink this juice to avoid cold and boost your immunity level.

Semolina: This is an excellent source of phosphorus and magnesium. Due to this reason, semolina is good for the nervous system. Eating this will keep your nervous system healthy. However, semolina is not high on fiber level; this is why you need to load it with veggies to enhance the fiber level of your upma. Also, semolina is suitable for people who are suffering from diabetes. Therefore, people with diabetes should not eat upma made from semolina. 

How Much Calorie Does Upma Possess?

How many calories will you consume when you eat one serving of upma? One should be aware of the calories all the time to achieve weight loss. Because upma is low calorie, you should not worry about gaining too much from just one serving. You will get 192 calories from one serving. To enhance the benefits of upma, you can add a lot of veggies to it. Carrots, cabbages, and even capsicum will serve the purpose of strengthening the health benefit of the food. 

Is Upma Healthy?

If you have any doubts about the health benefits of upma, you should chase it away. The dish contains a lot of loaded health benefits. You will not only remain full for a long time – you will get a high level of nutrition from upma as well. However, you need to load it with great veggies and other healthy elements to increase the beneficial qualities of upma.

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