Tulsi Giloy Juice Complete Immunity Booster Benefits and Recipe

The deadly coronavirus has been taking the lives of people and Tulsi Giloy Juice gained popular opinion to fight against it. To keep yourself safe and protected from this contagious disease, it is important to strengthen your immunity system. This can be done with the help of consuming adequate amounts of Vitamin C and Ayurveda herbs. 

Giloy is one of the valuable immunity-boosting herbs that will keep you safe and protected in the long run. This potent herb prevents the spread of the virus by building antibodies that effectively fight against the virus in the body. In this way, it becomes useful for the prevention of COVID-19.  (1)  

Giloy Benefits

The stem of Giloy is known for its anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-tumor, anti-diabetic, and anti-microbial properties that help in getting rid of all types of ailments in the body effectively. 

Let us see in what ways can you benefit from this magical herb:

  1. Giloy is a rich source of antioxidants that fights against free-radicals to keep the cells healthy and disease-free. By strengthening your immunity system, Giloy also prevents recurrent fevers in the body. 
  2. Kada made from Giloy sticks perform detoxification and blood purification. Read this post to know how to prepare kada from Giloy sticks. 
  3. By effectively fighting against bacteria, Giloy is an effective cure for UTI (urinary tract infections) and liver ailments.
  4. Giloy kada also helps in treating infertility and boosting the reproductive system in a person.
  5. Its antipyretic property can lower signs and symptoms of various life-threatening situations such as Swine Flu, Malaria, and Dengue.
  6. Extract of Giloy sticks improve digestion as well as treats any bowel related disorders
  7. Giloy tea is an effective hypoglycaemic agent that helps to reduce increased levels of blood sugar and treats diabetes. Read this post to find out how to prepare Giloy tea from Giloy sticks.
  8. This adaptogenic herb has a calming effect on the mind. Regular consumption helps to combat anxiety and stress in a person. Read the post to learn about the most trusted places to buy fresh and organic Giloy stem. 
  9. Due to its remarkable anti-inflammatory and anti-arthritis benefits, Giloy stem powder can treat respiratory issues, joint pain, and arthritis in the body. (2)

tulsi giloy juice

Giloy is one of the power herbs in Ayurveda that is believed to be “The Root Of Immortality”. This implies that the person who consumes it will not die due to any kind of infection. The incredible benefits of the herb have been scientifically proven and used in the formulation of Indian medicines for ages. From efficient treatment of severe flu to improving immunity and digestive system, Giloy shows abundant medicinal properties that can treat almost all types of diseases and health disorders effectively.

A Giloy stick or stem can be consumed in either fresh form or capsules, powder, or juice.  Consuming the herb in the form of kada, and tea are some of the best homemade recipes to get its medicinal benefit. 

In addition to Giloy, there are several other immunity-boosting Ayurveda herbs such as Cinnamon, Tulsi, Dry Ginger, Turmeric, Mulethi, Pepper, Cloves, Cardamom, etc. that can be added to prepare an herbal juice. 

Tulsi is a natural anti-biotic, immunity-booster, an antioxidant and, adaptogenic herb that heals your body from deeper levels and maintains balances in kapha, vata, and pitta energies in the body. Tulsi Giloy Juice is a healthy Ayurvedic drink that is enriched with the therapeutic benefits of the two herbs. Drinking this juice can treat the severe viral and bacterial infection easily. It purifies blood, cures joint pain, and treats rheumatoid arthritis and asthma effectively. 

Tulsi Giloy Juice for Skin Disorders

Application of Tulsi Giloy juice on skin cures skin disorders, slows down aging, and gives a flawless and radiant skin naturally. When applied to eyelids, it also enhances clarity of vision. Prolonged consumption of this juice is beneficial for Type 2 Diabetes patients. It reduces high glucose levels in the blood and maintains the right levels of insulin in the body. This juice also boosts metabolism, enhances digestion, and regularizes bowel movements in the body. 

The effective anti-inflammatory properties of Tulsi-Giloy juice repair damaged cells in the brain. It calms down the nerves and naturally relieves from stress, anxiety, and depression in the body. This immortal drink possesses an abundance of antipyretic properties that effectively cure deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, and swine flu. Giloy Juice is invigorated with the goodness of Tulsi. When consumed on an empty stomach in the morning eliminates accumulated toxins in the abdomen and promotes efficient absorption of nutrients in the body.

Tulsi Giloy Juice

How to make Tulsi Giloy Juice?

Let us learn the ways by which you can prepare this natural Ayurveda tonic and prevent a wide range of fatal ailments.

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Recipe Ingredients:

  • ​To prepare Tulsi Giloy Juice, you would need two small-sized sticks of Giloy and add five cloves, seven to eight Tulsi leaves, and an inch of crushed ginger.

Recipe Instructions:

Step 1:

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Step 2:

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Step 3:

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Neem will increase the anti-inflammatory properties of Giloy and offer enhanced protection against seasonal flu, arthritis, and diabetes. Turmeric is a natural antiseptic agent that purifies the blood, prevents cough and cold, and heals the body from inside. To prepare this drink you will need two stems of giloy, one inch of raw form of turmeric, two inches of ginger, and six to seven tulsi leaves. Blend all the ingredients with water in a blender to perform this healthy juice. (3)

Tulsi Giloy Juice – Covid 19 Update

There are few questions in everyone’s mind about the current situation and Tulsi Giloy Juice. In the following frequently answered questions section, we made an attempt to answer them.

Can I drink Tulsi Giloy juice for Covid 19 

Yes. Tulsi Giloy Juice is very effective in boosting immunity. It is recommended by AYUSH Ministry for the treatment of coronavirus. This herbal concoction is enriched with powerful antioxidants that enhance the immunity of the body and aids in fighting damage due to free radicals in the body. Tulsi Giloy juice is approved by the FDA. It works in the body by developing resistance towards bacterial and viral attacks, treating allergies, cold, fever, and flu. This drink works as a natural detoxifier and purifier and makes your body resistant towards deadly virus attacks like coronavirus.

Does Giloy guarantee Covid 19 treatment

No. Giloy is a potent immunity booster that increases the count of white blood cells in the body. This action strengthens the defensive mechanism and forms a natural immunity shield to fight against external virus, and pathogens from entering into the body. Kapha imbalance is the root cause of COVID 19 infection. Regular intake of Giloy cleanses and strengthens all seven chakras in the body, balances tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha) and builds a strong immunity. 

The presence of powerful phytochemicals in the herb makes it one of the best-known Ayurveda herbs that maintain the right levels of WBC in the body. It strongly responds against external infection causing elements from harming the body. If a person gets infected by COVID, then along with Giloy, he also needs a targeted treatment to destroy and eliminate the virus from the body. 

Where Should I Buy Tulsi Giloy Online?

For people who can’t get the ingredients or have a lack of time to prepare Tulsi Giloy Juice at home, can also buy it online. There are several reputed and trusted Ayurveda stores online that prepare and supply the best quality herbal drinks, and products to treat a wide range of illnesses naturally. Below are some of the recommended Ayurveda Pharmacies by Ayurveda and Wellness Experts in India.

1. Kerla ayurveda
2. Vaidyaratnam
3. Arya vaidya pharmacy
4. Nagarjuna Pharmacy
5. Kottakal Aryavaidyasala

When you shop at these Ayurveda stores, you can rest assured of the quality, hygiene, and effect of Ayurveda products. They provide 100% satisfaction to their customers. 

Neem Grown Giloy for Tulsi Giloy Juice

Neem grown Giloy is one of the most effective ways to consume the therapeutic benefits of giloy. Both these herbs have been scientifically proven for its immunity-boosting abilities in the body. Getting it from a trusted vendor keeps you safe from seasonal flu, infection, cold, runny nose, and other irritable issues. 

Choose the reputed brand that contains no added sugar in it. These manufacturers make use of premium-quality and authentic handpicked herbs that translate into an impactful Ayurveda product. Branded Ayurveda products are made by procuring ingredients from reliable manufacturing companies to meet quality standards. They use only matured, and hard sticks of Giloy for juice extraction to provide you the maximum level of nutrition. 

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