Gondh Ka Laddoo After Delivery: Benefits & Nutrition Secrets

Gondh ka laddoo after delivery has a special meaning to the Indians; it is the taste bud teasing treat that the new mothers get to post-pregnancy. The fact is – people pay real good attention to the women before the childbirth takes place. However, the care and attention wane a bit after the child is born. 

Yet, this is the time mothers become very vulnerable. During this time, the new mothers get to eat sure treats, including gondh ka laddoo. These fat stuffed tasty treats have ample gondh, sugar, ghee, raising, and many nuts and dry fruits. Overall, this is the treat anyone will prefer to have time to time. But the new mothers are lucky enough to eat these without guilt. Now, let’s have a look at the way these laddoos cooked.

How To Make Tasty Gondh Ka Laddoo

gondh ke ladoo after delivery
gondh ke ladoo after delivery

To make gondh ka laddoo, you need to make the right preparation. You must begin with dry roasting some ingredients.

Ingredients to make Gondh Ka Laddoo

  1. Crushed nutmeg (Jaifal) – 1
  2. Cardamom (Elaichi) – 50 g
  3. Fennel seeds (Saunf) – 50 g
  4. Aliv seeds (Halim Seeds) – 50 g
  5. Poppy seeds (Khasakhas) – 50 g
  6. Almonds (Badaam) – 125 g
  7. Ghee – 500 g
  8. Grated jaggery (Gurr) – 500 g
  9. Grated coconut, dry – 500 g
  10. Powdered dates, dry – 500 g
  11. Gond (Edible Gum) – 125 g

Grated coconut needs to be dry roasted until it turns brown. However, don’t roast too much. Now take jaifal, methi dana, aliv seed, sauf, khuskhus, kharek, badam, and elaichi.

After you have roasted all the ingredients on a dry pan, you need to take them out. It is time to make a powder from the elements. Put everything in a blender to blend till you get finely blended powder. You can leave it slightly coarse if you want.

Take a pan, put in one tbsp of desi ghee, and allow it to heat up. Once the ghee is heated, add the gondh to it. Now, you need to cook these ingredients for at least 3 seconds. The gondh will begin to fluff up. You need to remove the gondh and put it in a big mixing bowl.

Now you need to cook the rest of the gondh similarly. The idea is to cook a small portion separately. The gondh may remain uncooked if you try to cook a large part at once. Therefore, be a little patient when you are cooking the gondh in desi ghee.

Once Gondh is thoroughly cooked, you need to cook some jaggary. Once again, put some ghee to the pan and allow it to heat up. Now add jaggery to the heated ghee. Cook until the jaggery melts. You will be able to see bubbles coming up. Once you have the melted jaggery, you can turn off the heat.

This melted jaggery will go to the mixing bowl along with the gondh. Add the dry roasted powder to this bowl. You need to mix all the ingredients to create a consistent mixture.

Once the mixture is created, you can start making the laddoos. Take ghee on your palm and roll the ingredients to make balls. After you get the laddoos made, store them in airtight containers.

Benefits of Gondh Ka Laddoo Post Pregnancy

It is an Indian tradition to make the new mothers eat gondh la laddoo. The practice has been there since the past. It is still prevailing. There must be some reason for the women to eat gondh ka laddoo after delivery. Why do you think the tradition has remained even after so many days? There must be some benefits to the laddoos.

Energy Source

During the delivery, a woman’s body goes through immense trauma. Once the child’s birth is done, the woman needs the energy to return to everyday life. In this situation, gondh ka laddoo comes with all the taste and health. It provides incredible power to the woman. Also, gondh offers a lot of nutritional values to the new mother. Therefore, gondh la laddoo is an excellent treat for new mothers.

Effective in Winters

Women who give birth in the winder need additional energy. This is because in the wintertime body spends more life to keep the child warm. Due to this, women lose immense power during this time. The above mentioned are the reasons women advised to eat gondh ka laddoo after the delivery. The laddoos provide the required energy that the body has lost during childbirth. Therefore, you need to incorporate this into your life if you give birth to your child in winter.

Good for Heart

Heartbeat regulation is an essential part of childbirth. The body needs the right blood circulation to every aspect of the body, so healthy heartbeat regulation is vital after delivery. Now, gondh ka laddoo can help in regularizing heartbeat and promote the right blood circulation.

Protein Source

Protein is an essential element. A woman needs protein after the childbirth. This is why women need to eat food that is high on protein. Due to these reasons, a tasty treat like gondh ka laddoo is recommended to the women after the delivery. The laddoos offer the new mothers the required protein and nutrition. These are also tasty to have.

Stress Relieving

Childbirth is difficult sometimes. The new mother frequently goes through a series of trauma during this time. In case the delivery is long and stressful, the new mother will need more energy to recover. Also, the requirement for protein will increase in this case. Here again, gondh ka laddoo makes a difference. You can have these laddoos to fulfill the gaps of energy left by the long delivery. The constituents of the laddoos will help the body to repair itself. Therefore, this is something to eat once you have given birth. The laddoos will help you recover fast.

Immunity Booster

After the childbirth, the immunity of the mother falls. During this time, the new mothers become exposed to the risk of losing ill. Therefore, it is essential to eat immunity-boosting foods. Gondh ka laddoo is one of the foods which can help you develop immunity. The ingredients which these laddoos contain help in immunity building. Thus, this is something you must not ignore after your childbirth.

Menstrual Energy

The menstrual process resumes after the childbirth. This can be a complicated process as the new mothers suffer from muscular cramps. Eating gondh ka laddoo helps balance the blood flow; this is why incorporating gondh ka laddoo after childbirth is important.

Skin Repair

Skin usually suffers after childbirth. This is a joint event. Gondh ka laddoo also helps in recovering from this problem. Yes, the nutrients of the laddoos make it beneficial for dry and lifeless skin. You will notice the changes very shortly if you start eating the laddoos after childbirth.

Once the childbirth takes place, the new mothers suffer from another problem. It is a urinary passage related. Gondh has Ayurvedic benefits which might help you in getting relief from the urine related issues. If you eat laddoos made from gondh, you will get all the benefits of eating gondh.

Nutritional Benefits of Gondh Ka Laddoo

Gondh is famous for its nutritional benefits. It comes loaded with so many nutrients that you will like to incorporate it into your life. The matter goes beyond the new mothers. Yes, this is more than that. Gondh, due to its nutritional values, could be beneficial to the entire family. This is why you should consider eating these laddoos to enhance your health condition.

One serving of gondh ka laddoos contain these nutritional benefits: 

17% Iron, 15% Calcium, 35 MG Cholesterol, 5G Fiber, 100 Carbohydrates

  1. Seventeen percent iron, which helps in restoring many essential functions in the body. It includes energy and concentration. Yes, eating iron mineral energizes you and makes you more focused. Iron helps in enjoying healthy pregnancy time. It would help if you remembered that iron deficiency could cause a lot of problems. Therefore, to get more iron, you need to eat foods with iron. Gondh ka laddoo is one of the unique foods to try.
  2. It possessed 15 percent calcium. Now, we all know how calcium could help you. Calcium is essential in bone building. This is why you need to eat as much calcium as you can during pregnancy. Other than keeping your bones healthy, it also helps in making your muscles movable. Therefore, this is another element to embrace during pregnancy.
  3. Gondh ka laddoo packs 35 mg cholesterol, which is another essential element for pregnant women. Cholesterol helps in the growth of the baby. It also promotes estrogen production. This is why you need to accumulate cholesterol during pregnancy. Thus, gondh ka laddoo would be a good thing to turn to.
  4. The laddoos come with 5g fiber; pregnancy time weight gain could be a thing of worry. Fiber controls weight gain. Also, fiber prevents any chance of constipation. It improves digestion. Thus, the element is required during the time of pregnancy.
  5. You get 100 g carb in the laddoos. Carb is essential in the development of the baby. This is the reason you need to eat as much carb as you can. Gondh laddoos are the significant sources of carb.

Why You Must Have Gondh Ka Laddoo After Pregnancy

Gondh ka laddoo is a must-have after pregnancy. Ayurveda has high regard for Gondh. According to Ayurveda, Gondh has healing properties. It also recommends gondh has generous servings. Gondh ka laddoo, therefore, comes with a high recommendation, because eating gondh ka laddoo helps in improving the tensile tissues of bones. Also, gondh helps in enhancing the tissues of the joints. These are some key reasons to have gondh ka laddoo after pregnancy.

Gondh is high on calcium and magnesium. Both of these are essential for the body. Protein is another element that the body needs. The requirement for protein grows after wear and tear. Because of tissue loss, after pregnancy, the need to have protein increases. It is the time when you should eat protein-rich foods. Gondh ka laddoo is both healthy and tasty. Conclusion – This is the treatment that you will love to munch on and appreciate having near you.

Gondh helps in increasing breast milk production. You will get immense relief from joint pain if you consume gondh ka laddoo.

Can I eat Gondh Laddu during pregnancy?  

Gondh ka laddoo is no doubt beneficial after the pregnancy. You can eat this laddoo during your pregnancy as well. However, gondh ka laddoo is loaded with sugar and saturated fat. Too much of these two might not be suitable for your health. This is the reason you need to restrict your consumption. You can have in moderate number. Little sugar, lots of fiber, and cholesterol will surely help during pregnancy.

Is Gondh good for health?

Yes, Gondh ka laddoo is good for health. Gondh is loaded with health-boosting nutrients. It comes with Vitamin C, Calcium, fiber, and iron. All of these are essential elements of fitness. This is why you can have gondh ka laddoo without guilt.

Is methi ladoo good after delivery?

Yes, methi is right for your health. Methi is especially suitable for breast milk production. 

Can we eat Gondh Laddu in summer?

Gondh is, by nature, heat-producing. Heat- Producing character signifies why gondh laddoo is best consumed during the winter. A new mom should always moderate quantities of gondh laddoo that should be consumed during summers. 

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