7 Day Diet For Hair Growth – Healthy and Easy

Who does not want healthy and beautiful hair? A good diet for hair growth is a dream that many possess. However, modern-day pollution and hectic life have robbed people of many things, including beautiful hair. Pollution is the favored reason the search for healthy hair products has increased. The good news is – you can get healthy hair by making some changes to your life. Yes, you need to include a few healthy things in your life if you want healthy hair. 

A balanced diet for hair growth is one of the critical ingredients for healthy hair. You need to make friendship with healthy meals if you want healthy hair.

6 Elements Of Healthy Diet For Hair Growth

6 Elements Of Healthy Diet For Hair Growth
6 Elements Of Healthy Diet For Hair Growth

People with healthy, thick, and beautiful hair are fortunate for several reasons. Healthy hair does not just happen. Several factors affect the growth of healthy hair; Genetics plays a significant role in this. Thus, if you are fortunate to have a family with healthy hair, you are likely to possess healthy hair as well—those who are not lucky enough; need to follow a few steps to keep their hair healthy.

A hair care routine is essential to make hair healthy. However, people think that hair care is restricted to conditioning and oiling only; this is not true. You need to nourish your body as well. Improvement of health should come from inside. A proper diet is essential to enrich your body with the required vitamins and minerals. You need to include some foods in your diet to improve your hair’s health and not just the texture. Therefore, if you want silky, shiny, and thick hair, you need to indulge in the foods mentioned below.


Biotin is a famous nutrient; this helps hair to remain healthy. If you lack biotin, you will notice discoloration of hair. Also, your hair will begin to thin for this reason. Thus, you need to include foods that have biotin in them. You should consume biotin-rich food every day for the best result. (1)

Being enriched in biotin; Whole grains are beneficial for hair. Egg yolk, cranberry, and soya beans can also complete your biotin needs. Therefore, you need to include these in your diet for the best result.

Omega 3 Fatty Acid

Omega 3 fatty acid is responsible for healthy hair. It would be best if you had this to make your hair healthy and beautiful. It hydrates the scalp and makes hair silky. Therefore, you need to include foods possessing Omega 3 fatty acid if you want your hair to be smooth and healthy.

To get Omega 3 fatty acid, you need to include oily fishes in your diet; this will help you get healthy hair. Fishes, including salmon, trout, and mackerel, are enriched with omega-three fatty acids. You can also include pumpkins in your diet to get omega-three fatty acids. Walnut is another thing to include in your diet. The nut, as mentioned earlier, is full of omega-three fatty acids. Munching on walnuts will make your hair healthy. Thus, create your diet plan in a way to include these.


Protein, an element essential for both hair and health both, You need to improve your hair’s overall health. Thus, you need to include protein in your diet as well. If you want healthy hair, you cannot ignore the need to eat protein. It is this compound that makes hair healthy and prevents breakage. Therefore, you need to eat foods enriched with protein every day. Lack of protein may lead to hair loss; this is why – you need to eat protein without fail.

Include chicken, turkey, fish, eggs along with dairy products to your diet. These will supply a sufficient amount of protein to your body. You can have nuts to get protein as well. (2)


Iron is essential for healthy hair; It is a crucial mineral. Iron is not just critical to hair; It is highly required for a health as well. Lack of iron may lead to a lot of problems. Iron supplies oxygen to hair and keeps it healthy. If you lack iron, you may suffer from hair loss. If Deficiency is the problem, you need to amend this by including foods enriched with iron in your diet. Hair roots and follicles get nutrition by iron. Thus, to make your healthy hair dream a reality, you need to include iron-enriched foods.

Now, the question is what to eat. You will get a lot of foods which are rich in iron. You get a high level of iron in seafood. Also, you get iron by eating red meat and chicken. The vegetarians may eat spinach to get an iron supply to their bodies.

Additionally, you can find iron in apples, beetroots, and soybeans. Thus, you need to create a diet plan that includes these. You will have to consume iron-rich foods every day to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C, when taken with iron, makes a great hair improvement team. Vitamin C makes it easy for the body to absorb iron; This is why – you must plan to include vitamin C in your diet. Vitamin C helps in the production of collagen. Besides, it helps in blood supply to the hair shaft.  

Now, if you are confused about what to eat, you will have a list of things. Sweet potato contains an ample amount of vitamin C. You can have blueberry, strawberry, and oranges as well to get vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another essential vitamin to include in the diet for hair growth. You need to include this in your diet to have healthy hair. Vitamin E repairs hair tissue. Thus, you get to have smooth and silky hair.

Nuts, especially walnuts, are excellent sources of Vitamin E. You can also have almonds, avocado, and spinach to give your body Vitamin E supply. You can also have vitamin E capsules.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A helps natural supply conditioners for healthy hair; This is why you should include food enriched with vitamin A to replenish your hair with the natural conditioner using the diet for hair growth. 

Any orange and yellow colored veggies or fruits contain vitamin A. You will get an adequate supply of Vitamin A from carrots. Sweet potato is also a great thing to eat for healthy hair.

Type of Hair Problems

Few problems can be easily cured with Diet For Hair Growth. There are some hair related problems people suffer from. To control these problems, you need to eat particular foods.

Hair Growth: If your hair is not growing, you can include eggs and Greek Yogurt in your diet. Eggs and Yogurt contain a fair amount of protein; The egg and yogurt diet will help you get healthy hair and prevent hair loss. Diet for hair growth ensure that you get proper hair growth.

Excessive Breakage: You can have guava to combat this problem. Regular consumption of guava prevents hair from damages. Also, guava makes sure that your hair stays strong. It provides vitamin C and solves hair related problems.

Dull Hair: Sweet potato is the solution to this problem. This veggie, loaded with beta carotin, helps in vitamin A production. Therefore, if you have dry hair and do not solve the problem, eat sweet potato; This will help hydrate your hair.

Brittle Hair: Spinach can solve this problem. Veggies like spinach and kale are the solutions to brittle hair related problems. Spinach is loaded with iron and vitamin A. Therefore, try to include spinach and kale in your diet.

Vegetarian Diet For Hair Growth

People who consume vegetarian food might face a problem when it comes to eating hair growth food. You need to include protein in your diet. Hair is made from protein; This is why – you need to include protein in your daily meal. Eat a lot of dairy products and nuts to make your diet wholesome. Also, you need to have iron and vitamins. You will get iron from beetroot and soybeans. You can include fruits and green veggies to consume vitamins daily.

Here is 7 Day Vegetarian Diet for Hair Growth

7 Day Vegetarian Diet For Hair Growth

Day 1 - MondaySweet PotatoesBeans and lentilsOats and Nuts
Day 2 - TuesdayCereals and NutsSweet PotatoesBeans and lentils
Day 3 - WednesdayOats and NutsSpinachYogurt and Berries
Day 4 - ThursdayBeans and lentilsSweet PotatoesOats and Nuts
Day 5 - FridaySweet PotatoesBeans and lentilsOats and Nuts
Day 6 - SaturdayYogurt and BerriesRoasted Veggies Spinach Salad Beans and lentils
Day 7 - SundayOats and NutsSpinachYogurt and Berries

Non-Vegetarian Food For Hair Growth

If you are non-veg, it is easy for you to create a diet plan. You can include many foods in your diet chart. Eating chicken, red meat, and eggs will help you get enough protein. Also, you can eat fishes like salmon or trout for omega-three fatty acids. Make sure to create a diet plan that includes all the required vitamins and minerals.

Here is 7 Day Non-Vegetarian Diet for Hair Growth

7 Day Non-Vegetarian Diet For Hair Growth

Day 1 - MondaySalmonOystersShrimp
Day 2 - TuesdayEggs Omelet SalmonOysters
Day 3 - WednesdayShrimp Eggs Omelet Oysters
Day 4 - ThursdayEggs Omelet Shrimp Salmon
Day 5 - FridayOystersShrimp Oats and Nuts
Day 6 - SaturdayEggs Omelet SalmonShrimp
Day 7 - SundaySalmonEggs Omelet Shrimp

Commonly asked questions about Diet For Hair Growth

Here are few frequently asked questions about Diet For Hair Growth.

What should I eat to stop hair loss?

There are a lot of foods that can stop hair loss. You need to include vitamin A in your diet. Eat carrots to give your body vitamin A. Also, you can eat shrimp, oats, and eggs to stop hair fall.

How can I regrow my thinning hair?

You can apply various oils to regrow hair. Onion oil is especially beneficial for hair growth. You can also use aloe vera for hair regrowth.

What foods help hair growth?

You can eat eggs, spinach, Greek Yogurt, and meats for hair growth. The idea is to give your body all the required vitamins and minerals. 

Does diet affect hair loss?

Yes, it does. Lack of iron, protein, vitamin, and minerals affect hair growth and leads to hair loss.  

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