4 Steps To Use Onion Oil for Hair – Side Effects & Benefits

Everyone is familiar with onion. Onion oil for hair has loads of benefits. This is a spice which has added flavor to numerous dishes. However, what most are unaware of is the medicinal qualities of onion. The sulfur compound of onion has been used to treat different diseases and ailments. 

The botanical name of onion is Allium Cepa L. This plant is easily available as it grows across the world. People consume it in different form as well. From raw to fried, onion has its use everywhere. Throughout the century, onion had been used to treat many ailments in folk medicines. Those who use onion for medicinal purpose claim that the spice possesses a varied range of qualities including anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic. (1)

How to Use Onion Oil On Hair and Scalp

Onion Oil for Hair

Onion oil for hair can end your struggle with hair fall. It can add volume to your hair and cure dandruff. This is a miracle oil which can help you get shiny and healthy hair within a short time.

Onion oil for hair is easy to use. You would not need a plethora of ingredients or elaborated method to use this oil. People have picked this oil up for its benefits and ease of use for a long time. You can add this oil to your hair care routine as well. 

To use onion oil, you would need a carrier oil. This oil should not be used directly on the scalp. Even if you are using onion juice, you should be careful about applying the juice directly. It is advised to gather a little information before opting to apply this oil on your scalp. 

To be safe, you can pick a carrier oil of your choice. Coconut oil is the most preferred choice when it comes to picking carrier oil. You can go for olive oil if you want. Olive oil is another preferred choice of carrier oil. You need to mix the carrier oil and the onion oil together for the best result. This oil can work like wonder for your hair and scalp. All you need to do is warm the mixture up before applying to your scalp.

Make sure to massage the mixture on your scalp. To condition the hair, you need to apply the oil on the length of your hair as well. You can leave the oil on your scalp overnight if you want. The next day, wash off your hair with some mild shampoo. This practice will help you have healthy hair and healthy scalp. Regular use will arrest hair fall and promote hair growth. In case, you don’t want to leave the oil overnight, you can leave it for a few hours before washing off. You will notice the difference in your hair texture quickly. 

This oil can be prepared at home as well. You can add onion to a carrier oil of your choice and boil the two ingredients together to prepare your onion oil. (4)  

Onion Oil for Hair Care

For a long time, people have been using onion juice to treat hair loss problem. This is a famous home remedy which many have used and reused. Many claim that the juice of onion can restore hair luster. Some users use this juice to prevent hair graying.  

There are multiple ways onion juice helps in preventing hair loss. This spice possesses high sulfur rate. This is one of the reasons, onion juice can combat hair loss. Sulfur is a known component of keratin. This component is required for hair growth.

Onion juice and oil provide the scalp additional sulfur which is required to promote hair growth. Collagen promotion is another benefit of applying onion juice on the scalp. The juice offers required collagen to the scalp. Some believe that onion possesses blood circulation ability. (2)

Benefits of Onion Oil for Hair

onion oil for hair benefits

Because of the medicinal properties, it is small wonder that onion gets used to prevent hair loss and add shine to hair locks. The antioxidant of Onion oil for hair is known to arrest hair fall. However, some people restrain themselves from using onion due to its strong odor. It leaves behind a faint odor even after hair wash. 

If you fall in this category, then you can opt for onion oil to treat your hair related problems. Onion oil possesses the properties of onion and promotes hair growth. This oil possesses rich sulfur. Using onion oil is beneficial for hair as the scalp gets nourished with the sulfur. In addition, this oil improves the blood circulation of the scalp. As a result, the scalp gets its required exercise and hair becomes healthy. Given below is a list of benefits of onion hair oil which will bewilder you.

Onion Oil Promotes Hair Growth

Hair is an essential part of the body. The locks frame the face and add to its beauty. This is the reason, maintaining the health of hair is important. However, in this era of pollution and hasty life, often hair gets ignored. As a result, the volume of hair gets affected. Thinning hair is a common matter in today’s world. Using onion oil is an easy way to nourish hair and scalp. This oil is known to promote hair growth. Onion oil is easily available. All you need to do is get a good quality onion hair oil. In Ayurveda also, onion hair oil or the juice of onion gets used to treat hair related problems. 

Onion Hair Oil Treats Dandruff

Dandruff is a serious problem which almost everyone suffers from. Dandruff is not only embarrassing; it also causes damage to hair. Onion possesses antibacterial qualities. This quality comes handy in treating dandruff. Regular application of onion hair oil removes dandruff related problems within a short while. In addition, this oil possesses the ability to treat scalp infection. However, if you suffer from serious scalp infection, you should see a doctor immediately. Sometimes problems are best detected and treated through medical assistance. 

Onion Oil Prevents Hair Graying

Premature hair whitening is a common problem. There are many young people out there who are suffering from this issue. Here also onion oil can help you. The plethora of goodness of the oil arrests the premature hair graying and promotes healthy hair. Onion hair oil improves the texture of hair. Regular onion hair oil massage reverses the process of hair graying and balances the ph level of hair. 

Onion Oil for hair is a Great Conditioner

To maintain the health of hair it is essential to use hair conditioner. The hair care specialists urge people to use conditioner every time they shampoo their hair. Instead of using expensive conditioner, you can use onion hair oil. It comes with an array of benefits. To condition your hair, you can use a mixture of onion hair oil and coconut oil. These two oils blend really well. Make sure to use this oil every time you shampoo your hair. This mixture will condition dry hair to boost hair volume. If you are suffering from frizzy hair, this mixture will be your best pick as onion oil can prevent frizzy hair as well.  

Onion Oil Helps Fighting Infestation of Lice

Unhealthy scalp and dirty hair breed lice infestation. This is a serious problem. Also, once lice infestation takes place, it becomes difficult to control. This is why people take this matter seriously. Onion oil helps in preventing this infestation. Regular onion oil use does not only nourish the scalp, but it also protects the scalp from lice. 

The best thing about onion juice is, you will be able to prepare this at home as well. However, to be safe from getting allergy or other infections, you can use onion oil on your hair and scalp. It will help you have healthy hair and nourished scalp. Onion juice has other health benefits as well. It can help you steer clear of scalp related ailments. (3)

Side Effects of Onion Oil

There is no doubt that onion oil comes with a plethora of benefits. If you use Onion oil for hair regularly on your scalp and hair, you would surely be benefited. However, everything in life appears with some downsides. There are some side effects of everything. Onion oil is not different from this law of the nature. Along with the beneficial sides, the oil comes with some disadvantages as well. You need to minimize the disadvantages and accentuate the benefits to enjoy the goodness of the oil.

This oil does not come with any harmful chemicals or any serious harmful quality. However, it might cause allergic reaction. This is the main reason everyone is advised to use this oil carefully. You should always test the oil on your hand before using it on the scalp. The same goes for onion juice as well. 

In case, you are allergy prone, you need to avoid this oil as it might elevate the allergic reaction. Your scalp may suffer due to the oil application. Those who are not allergy prone might be cautious about the oil as well. 

This is a strong oil. It can to cause allergic reaction even to those who are not allergic prone. The side effect of onion oil, even though mild, might cause irritation. You may suffer from skin redness. Some may suffer from itchiness as well. However, often the allergic reaction occurs due to the blend. If you directly use this oil on your skin or scalp, you may suffer from the allergic reaction. This is the reason it is advised to use a carrier oil. It tames down the reaction of the onion oil. You will be less exposed to allergic reaction then.

Adding coconut oil as a carrier oil can help you get the maximum benefit of this hair care product. If you are not fond of coconut oil, you can use aloe vera gel as well. The blend would help you nourish your scalp and have healthy hair without delay.  

However, you need to be careful about intense hair loss problem. While onion oil can treat mild hair loss problems, when it comes to issues like alopecia, you should get in touch with a medical expert as onion oil might be unable to treat this issue. 

Baldness is another issue which needs medical attention. In case of baldness, you should not opt for onion oil treatment. In addition, if you are under some kind of medication, you should seek medical assistance before using onion oil as this oil might increase skin sensitivity. 

Onion oil for hair – Should I Prefer it

Onion oil for hair could be really beneficial at times. This oil has helped a lot of people overcome hair related issues. Onion in itself comes with a plethora of beneficial properties. This is why this spice gets used by thousands of people. However, the blast of strong odor might be a little disarming for people. To erase the smell, you will have to use shampoo. However, it is better to apply mild shampoo as a chemical-based shampoo might damage the hair. 

Lastly, onion oil or onion juice can be great choice of hair care. This mild oil can be used on weekly basis. All you need to do is run a test before adding this hair care to your daily routine.

Commonly Asked Questions – Onion oil for hair

Is onion oil good for hair?

Yes, this is a beneficial oil which arrests hair loss. It is also known to add hair volume. Those who are suffering from frizzy hair problems can opt to use this oil. It is known to treat frizzy hair as well. In addition, this hair oil treat scalp and promote hair growth. 

Can I make onion oil at home?

Of course, it is possible to make onion oil at home. You will have to peel and grind onions in a mixer. Once you get the onion paste, you can heat the paste along with coconut oil. You can mix coconut oil and onion juice to prepare this oil as well. 

Can it be used every day?

Onion oil is a mild hair oil with a plethora of benefits. You can use it more than once a week. However, it is best to use the oil on every alternative day.

How to erase the smell of onion?

The smell of onion is the key problem with this oil. You can use lemon scented shampoo to erase the smell from your hair. You can also use lemon juice after you shampoo your hair. This too would help in removing the smell of onion. 

Can I use castor oil and onion oil together?

Yes, these two oils blend well. You can mix these two oils and apply on your scalp and hair. It will give your hair an additional health boost.     

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