6 Powerful Home Remedies to Get Rid Of Heat Boils On Face

Heat Boils On Face are very common occurrences in various parts of the body, exposed to air, sweat, or friction. These areas include the face, eyes, shoulders, armpits, neck, and buttocks. It happens due to a skin infection that begins in the oil gland positioned on a hair follicle. A majority of boils can be easily treated at home without the intervention of a doctor. Let us learn a few effective ways to treat boils on the skin. 

What Causes A Boil?

Heat Boils On Face happens due to a bacterial infection on the skin. Sweat is one of the major reasons for causing infection. It happens when the “staphylococcal bacteria” enters into the body via small scratches on the skin. This germ then travels down the hair follicle.

Initially you would notice redness on the skin that will transform into a tender lump. After a week, this lump will fill with white pus and cause a lot of pain. A majority of boils burst, and heal in a period of two or three weeks after its formation. (1)

Facts about Heat Boils On Face

  • The boil formed on the eyelid, is termed as a sty. If these boils form in a group, then it indicates a serious kind of infection known as a carbuncle.
  • Boils do not always happen due to an infection. It can also be caused due to a condition termed as Hidradenitis suppurativa.
  • Many people think boil is a pimple. It is a painful lump that causes a lot of discomforts. It is an irritating volcano.
  • A set of boils and large-sized boils need immediate medical attention to prevent the chances of chronic complications that include sepsis and even death.

People who suffer from below health conditions make them susceptible to boils:

  1. Diabetes
  2. Issues related to the immune system
  3. Malnutrition
  4. Improper hygiene
  5. Contact to damaging chemicals that irritate the skin

Home Remedies to Cure Heat Boils On Face

We know how painful and irritating a heat boil is. These natural and easy remedies will provide you quick relief. 

 Heat Boils On Face

Apply Castor oil on Face

Castor oil helps treat heat boils naturally and safely. It as a beneficial fatty acid called ricinoleic acid that breaks down accumulated bacteria on the skin. It is a potent moisturizer and one of the best oils to treat wounds. All you need is to clean the infected area and apply a reasonable amount of the oil on the skin. Do it three times daily till the boil goes away

Apply Turmeric Paste

Turmeric has active ingredient curcumin that exhibits remarkable anti-inflammatory properties. It is also an antiseptic agent that helps eliminate the infection from the skin. It is effective in treating boils and gives you clear skin. You can prepare a paste of turmeric and water and apply it on the infected region. Also, you can consume turmeric milk to quickly get rid of boils. (2)

Neem oil is known for Antibacterial Properties

Neem oil is renowned for its potential antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities. Due to this reason, many over the counter medicated and anti-bacterial products are enriched with neem oil. 

It makes it effective in the treatment of skin infections that includes boils too. Due to the toxic nature of neem, it is not advisable to consume it orally. You should prepare a fresh paste of neem leaves and apply it on the boil. Ensure that you wash the skin and your hands before its. application. This will help to prevent any further infection. (3)

Onion is rich antibiotic

Onion is another beneficial way to get rid of various types of infections on the skin. It possesses natural antibiotic compounds termed “allicin” that has powerful absorption properties. So, when you apply onion on the infected region, it draws the abscess out of it. It is a pain-free and effective way to drain all the accumulated pus from it. 

The right way to use this procedure is to apply onion rings to the infected skin. This action will produce heat, stimulate the flow of blood in the region and boost the natural wound-healing method of the body. Keep onion slices on the boil for one hour. The natural compounds in the onion will penetrate the skin twice a day. Regular application will help in vanishing the boil effectively and naturally. 

Compress Garlic paste can do wonders

Garlic is another anti-bacterial ingredient that is helpful for the efficient cure of boils. It comprises of a powerful antimicrobial compound named allicin. Extract its juice from the cloves. You can apply the juice right away to the boil, or add it with onion juice and apply it. A combination of onion and garlic will multiply its anti-bacterial effect manifolds. Regular application of the juice will assist in the prevention of infection and ease the signs. 

Tea tree oil can fight infections

Tea tree oil is an incredible antiseptic, and antibacterial oil that can treat a wide range of skin infections. It is helpful for the treatment of boils too. Add a few drops of this oil in castor oil and apply it directly to the boil. Now cover the area using sterile gauze. Repeat the method two times a day to ensure quick healing. (4)

Known Complications with Boils

Boils may lead to problems that include scarring, and infections

  • Do not pick a boil as it can cause more redness, pain, scarring, irritation and deeper infection.
  • formation or reformation of boils in groups
  • deeper infection that penetrates deeper skin layers 
  • infected hair follicles 
  • sepsis
  • infected and swollen tissues of the heart valve 

How To Prevent Recurring Boils?

Here are a few tips by which you can prevent boils:

  • regularly wash your heat boil using a mild antibacterial soap
  • exfoliate your skin once a week, especially those areas that are prone to sweat. 
  • stay hydrated 
  • eat nutritious meals to enhance the immune system
  • exercise regularly
  • clean and cover damaged skin using sterile gauze, and bandage
  • frequently clean your hands with medicated soap 
  • Keep your body and face completely dry and clean.
  • Do not share your towels, razors, and skincare items.
  • Do not pick the infected area

When to see your doctor for Heat Boils On Face?

Here are a few signs that indicate that you need to get the assistance of the doctor.

  • You get a high fever, and chills along with the infection
  • the boil starts to increase in size
  • it lasts for a longer duration more than three weeks
  • it is not going away even after the use of remedial measures and antibiotics
  • the frequent occurrence of boils 
  • you experience an immunosuppressive condition like diabetes 
  • your lymph nodes are swollen
  • you feel an unbearable pain
  • the boil doesn’t drain

Commonly Asked Questions about Heat Boils On Face

How Long Does It Take For Boils To Go Away?

A majority of boils heal on their own in fifteen to twenty days of its appearance. 

What to eat to reduce heat boils?

There are some foods that you can consume to effectively heal your heat boils. Include these foods in your diet.
1. Turmeric
2. Tea tree oil
3. Garlic
4. Milk
5. Apple cider vinegar
6. Onion
7. Cumin seeds 

Is it OK to squeeze a boil?

No, you should not squeeze the boil. Forced opening of boils can result in scarring. It will aggravate the boil and leave a mark. If the pus released from this action, is not wiped properly, then it can cause further infection. You should not try to burst or drain a boil on your own. Try the above simple home remedies to speed up the healing process naturally. 

Can I get rid of Heat Boils On Face at home ?

Mostly boils heal on their own within a period of two to three weeks. Use these herbal remedies several times a day to boost the recovery process. However, if you notice that the size of the boil is getting bigger, and it is not healing even after using these remedies then it is a serious concern. If you have a fever along with the boil, you should reach out to the doctor. He may advise you some powerful antibiotics to treat the condition. 

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