3 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Hair Growth – Avoid Side-Effects

Using Coconut Oil for Hair Growth and Repair is one of the most common practices around the world. Coconut Oil is being used in many things around us, be it cooking or skin glow.

One of the most common uses of Coconut Oil for Hair is repairing the dead ends and controlling hair fall. Coconut oil benefits the follicles of humans, and house pets are also occasionally massaged with it to prevent hair fall.

However, you should only use the correct type of Coconut Oil for hair properly to be effective against hair-related ailments. In this article, we will discuss the proper procedure to use Coconut Oil for hair.

Coconut Oil is Good for Hair

The oil reduces overall protein loss from your precious hairs and reduces hair maintenance costs for people who generally undergo procedures like the keratin treatment.

The hair shaft can easily absorb this oil in the scalp, which is the primary reason why it’s considered suitable for hair damage repair. It can fix lice, dandruff, and split ends related to damage to your hair.

So, in a nutshell, it might be a wise decision to start using Coconut Oil for hair if you were not already using it.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair
How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

Using Coconut Oil for Hair is very simple; you can follow this procedure for around three months to get the best results.

For Oily Hairs

If your hairs are Oily, then apply Coconut Oil only as a pre-wash guard for your hairs. Apply Coconut Oil to your hair thoroughly and let it stay for 15 minutes before getting a hair wash.

We will highly recommend you start using Coconut oil only before washing your hair. Despite its powerful properties, excess of any oil on hair can cause damage. Applying the oil before wash will make sure that excessive oil washes away during the shampoo.

Hot Oil Unavailable? – Make Oil for Oily Hairs: Mix 6 tablespoons of centrifuged oil with three tablespoons of lemon juice and two tablespoons of grapefruit juice.

For Dry Hairs

If your hairs are dry, stop using Coconut Oil as a pre-wash guard. Apply a thin layer of Coconut Oil on your hair after shampoo. This thin layer of oil will protect your strands from dust and sun while giving your hairs a rich oily texture.

Keep your day-to-day activities going on with oil applied on hair. You can also use a tissue to absorb the excess oil.

Hot Oil Unavailable? – How to make Oil for Dry Hairs: Mix 6 tablespoons of centrifuged coconut oil with four drops of tea tree oil and four drops of rosemary oil.

For Damaged Hairs & Scalp Treatment

To repair your damaged hair or treat the damaged scalp, you need to let Coconut Oil do its work during bedtime. In this method, we will use coconut oil as a hair mask.

Apply a thick layer of Coconut Oil on your hair and massage it. Use the comb to make sure the oil reaches every possible corner of your head. After applying it thoroughly, use a Cotton towel to cover your head and tie all your oily hairs with it.

Wash with shampoo in the morning.

Best Type of Coconut Oil for Hair

Types of Coconut Oil for Hair
Types of Coconut Oil for Hair

In the article about Coconut Oil for Face, we discussed the types of Coconut Oils available in the market. Coconut Oil freezing temperate is 25 degrees Celcius (76 degrees F), which means you couldn’t directly use it on hairs in most parts of the world.

There are ideally two types of coconut oil that are generally recommended for hair application.

Hot Coconut Oil: This type of Coconut Oil is produced by many brands around the world. The most popular brand producing hot oil is Parachute from India. In this type, the oil is infused with some ayurvedic medicines for hair growth and repair to promote overall hair health. The most common ingredients in hot coconut oil are Piper Nigrum (Black Pepper), Carcum Copticum (White Thyme), Malakangani Extracts, and Hibiscus (Gulhal).

Centrifuged Coconut Oil: While application of Oil will be troublesome in most regions around the world. But if you still want to use the purified version, then this is the highest recommendation. This type of oil is extracted using the centrifuge process, and it’s considered the most expensive and purest form of Coconut Oil.

Using Hot Coconut Oil is always recommended for Hair Scalp and Damage treatment.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil for Hair

There are multiple benefits of using coconut oil for hair; the primary benefits of using it are:

  1. Repair dry hair
  2. Moisturises your hair – Can be used as hair conditioner
  3. Good for scalp – Get rid of lice and dandruff
  4. Reduce chances of scalp psoriasis (Fine scaling that looks like dandruff)
  5. Blocks bacterial and irritants damage.

Side-Effects of using Coconut Oil for Hair

Although generally there are no side effects of using this oil, some people could have allergic reactions. If you observe any allergic reaction like increased hair fall or redness in the scalp, immediately contact your health practitioner.

  1. Limited Effectiveness: Coconut Oil is natural product and have some limitations when it comes to effectiveness.
  2. Hair fall: If you comb your hair too hard, there is a small chance of hairfall with it.
  3. Allergic reactions: Some people are allergic to Coconut Oil

How do you apply coconut oil to your hair?

While Applying Coconut Oil to your hair, always mix it with other warm oils like Hibiscus Oil or Carcum Copticum (Ajwain) Oil. This will make the oil hot enough to be applied to hairs directly. Coconut Oil starts freezing at temperatures below 25 degrees Celcius.

Does coconut oil help hair?

Applying a layer of Coconut Oil based on your hair type can promote the growth and repair of your hair. Coconut Oil helps hair by limiting the damage caused by pollution and bacteria.

Why is coconut oil bad for your hair?

Coconut Oil is generally not a wrong product. Its often recommended by dermatologists as one of the readily available oils for hair repair. Coconut Oil is bad for those people who use it in excess or have allergic reactions to coconut.

How long should I leave coconut oil in my hair?

You should leave the Coconut Oil in hairs either 15 minutes before the shower or overnight if you’re trying to repair the damaged follicles.

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