Tea Tree Oil Benefits, Uses, Side-Effects and Caution

Tea Tree Oil – Why It Is Loved By Everyone?

With time the world is slowly waking up to the notion of nature’s goodness. Time has, once again, reminded the humankind that Mother Nature has made everything available to them. The recent era has seen a surge in aromatherapy. Different essential oils are being used for the purpose of beautification. Not only beautification, but people also use aromatherapy essential oils for various other purposes.  

Tea tree oil is one of the most famed essential oils. If you begin to explore, you will find countless beauty products that had been created from the extract of tea tree oil. The oil has huge potential to treat many ailments (1) including – itchy skin, Psoriasis, eczema and skin inflammation as well. Due to this reason, many use this oil as an alternative to traditional treatment. However, it is not wise to blindly go about anything. You need to gather ample information about any such element before beginning to use them. 

Why people love this oil so much? What are the benefits of tea tree oil? What is the right procedure of using it? Is there any harmful trait associated with this oil? Too many questions are surrounding this seemingly magical aromatherapy oil. This article will attempt to answer each one of the questions one by one. So, let’s get started.

The oil comes from the leaves of a plant called tea tree. This plant is mainly found in the Australian coastal areas. Since the time, people have become aware of this oil, they have been using it for various purposes. Beautification is just one aspect of tea tree oil. There are many other benefits this aromatherapy oil brings to you. 

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

tea tree oil benefits

The aromatherapy oil is famous for its beneficial qualities. The famed oil soothes the skin to heal its impurities. It is known to treat mild acne (2). In some cases, the oil may work slowly to treat acne. Yet, because it causes less skin irritation, people prefer this oil for acne treatment. However, to remove acne, you may have to use the oil twice daily. It has succeeded in treating a plethora of issues. However, there are some precautions that you must pay attention to while using this oil. 

It Sanitizes 

If you have run out of the hand sanitizer, you can pick this oil without hesitation. It has sanitizing properties (3). It keeps illness-causing bacteria at bay. Due to this, the aromatherapy oil can easily replace your hand sanitizer anytime. To increase the power of your hand wash, you can add a few drops of hand sanitizer in it. Many have been benefitted from this.

It Repels Insects

This oil has the ability to keep insects away (4). Without hesitation, you can use this oil to repel insects from your home. Through study, it has been seen that the essential oil can repel mosquitoes as well. Some users will tell you that the oil is even more effective than any market product which claims to repel insects. You can create insect repellent using this oil. This does not possess any harmful properties. 

It Works as Deodorant

Underarm odor can be an embarrassing thing. This is why people use a wide array of products to combat the smell. Here also tea tree oil can help you. This essential oil has the capacity to combat the bacteria which causes the odor. This is why applying this oil can be a great way to keep yourself fresh all the time. The oil’s property will help you create an effective deodorant that is safe to use (5)

It Heals Wounds

The antiseptic property of tea tree oil adds to its fame. You can use this oil to treat any cut or wound. When the skin gets broken, bacteria enter the blood. This leads to infection most of the time. Tea tree oil prevents bacteria from entering the body.  However, you need to remember that the oil is capable of healing minor cuts (6). In case of severe wounds, it is essential to get in touch with a medical expert. Otherwise, you can apply tea tree oil to treat your wounds.

It Cures Acne

Acne is a serious problem. Many suffer from the outbreak frequently. Tea tree oil can help in curing acne. The oil possesses properties that can remove acne (7). May acne curing beauty products use tea tree oil extracts. You will find ample facial tea tree gel selling in the market. However, you can create a homemade mixture to treat acne. All you need to do is mix tea tree oil and water. This solution will help you have acne-free skin. You can add this oil to your regular beauty cream to treat your acne as well. Such mixtures are said to cure acne quickly. 

It Works As Mouthwash

This oil can be used as a mouthwash (8). To create mouthwash from tea tree oil, you need to add a few drops of oil in warm water. This is an effective mouthwash. However, you should be careful while swishing your mouth with this mixture. Essential oils are not edible. Therefore, you should not swallow this at any cost. 

Tea Tree Oil Uses

tee tree oil uses

Like any other essential oil, you can use tea tree oil on your skin or at the time of bath. You can also use this oil for inhaling purposes. The simplest way of using this oil is to inhale it directly from the bottle. You can pour a few drops on cotton and keep it by your pillow while you sleep as well. However, when you use this oil, you need to be careful about touching undiluted oil. 

Vaporized essential oil has been used for a long time. You can use vaporized tea tree oil (9) to purify the air of your room. This vapor is especially useful for the purpose of deodorize inside air. You can use tea tree oil vapor as well.   

Tea tree oil is great for the skin. Many use this oil for their skincare. If you want to use it for that purpose, you can easily do so. All you need to do is to – add a few drops of this essential oil to a carrier oil. You can massage this on your skin to cure your acne-related problems (10). To add volume to your cosmetic products, you can mix this oil with the skin serums or toner as well. 

Aromatherapy essential oils are great shower accessories. You can add tea tree oil to your body wash or shampoo for a great shower experience. If you have a bathtub, you can put a few drops in the bubbles to get overall health benefit. 

Tea Tree Oil Medicinal Properties

This oil is loaded with medicinal properties. It has the healing ability which most seek. The oil can be a great help if you are suffering from dry eczema. Its medicinal quality works like wonder in treating itching. Applying tea tree oil to the affected area will surely reduce the irritation (11). You can mix this oil with your favorite moisturizer or body lotion or any carrier oil of your preference to treat the affected area.

Anti-inflammatory property is another reason for which this oil is so famous among the users. You can apply tea tree oil to soothe inflammation (12). Regular use can soothe the swelling and the reddishness of the affected area. 

Tea Tree Oil Usage Caution and Side-Effects

Despite the benefits, the essential oil needs to be used with caution. You must dilute this oil before using it. It is essential not to apply tea tree oil directly. To dilute the oil, you can use any carrier oil. However, coconut oil, olive oil, and almond oil are the best combination for this one. If you don’t want to use a carrier oil, use moisturizer, beauty cream, or gel to dilute the tea tree oil.

While applying this oil of face, you must be careful. The oil must not come to contact with eyes. It can lead to eye irritation or redness. 

Like any other essential oil, you should test tea tree oil before applying it to your face or body. Rub a little oil mixture on your wrist to see whether you are sensitive to this oil. 

Be careful of the quantity of tea tree oil when you add it to the carrier oil. Overuse can lead to some side effects like irritation, skin dryness, or itching. If you suffer from any such issues, stop using the oil immediately.  

Commonly Asked Questions

What is tea tree oil?

Tea tree oil is an essential oil which is derived from Melaleuca Alternifolia plant. This plant and the oil derived from it is famous for antibacterial quality. 

What does this oil do?

This oil heals the skin. Due to this reason, the oil is used for many skin related issues. 

How to use this oil?

Tea tree oil is recommended for external use only. In addition, this oil should be used with a carrier oil or lotion. 

Can I drink Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is recommended for external use only. In addition, this oil should be used with a carrier oil or lotion

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