Castor Oil for Piles – Benefits, How to Use + Treatment Side-Effects

Castor Oil for Piles: Castor Oil could help get rid of piles. This article will learn how to use Castor Oil for Piles, its benefits, and its side effects. Castor Oil is no less than a magical wand for people suffering from Piles and Fishers. Castor Oil is a laxative, the first mention of its use in history is 3500 years old.

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According to a report from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, around 40,723,288 people suffer from piles, making it one of the most common and dangerous diseases people suffer from.

  • More than 10 million cases are recorded per year in India.
  • Ages which are affected by piles are:
  • Teenagers (14-18 years): common
  • Young Adults (19-40 years): very common
  • Adults (41-60 years): very common
  • Seniors (60+ years): very common

Hemorrhoids are a common disease; there are many ways by which you can cure this disease at home by using proper home remedies. Castor Oil is known for its distinctive characteristics and effectiveness as a home remedy for piles.

One of the popular methods used at home to cure piles is by applying castor oil directly to the infected area and keeping it overnight. This oil has proved to be very beneficial in treating hemorrhoids and piles, but some side effects of this oil have also been reported.

Let’s get started.

What are piles?

Piles are the swelling of hemorrhoids that occur inside and outside the anus and anus canal. Everyone has hemorrhoids which help in the control of human feces.

However, when the hemorrhoids guarding the human feces in the anal canal become swollen or inflamed, the victim faces difficulty while urinating; that is when piles occur.

People of every age suffer from piles where people above 40 are the most common ones while those below 14 are the rare ones.

What are the causes of piles?

We still don’t know the real reason behind piles, but some factors are believed to be responsible for this condition. One of the most common factors believed to be that due to the increased pressure in the abdomen, piles occur.

Some other factors may include constipation, diarrhea, obesity, sitting for a long time on the toilet, etc.

Primary causes are a lack of fiber in the diet, constant heavy lifting, pelvic floor dysfunction, etc.

Both males and females suffer from piles, and females are mostly affected by piles during pregnancy while delivering the baby.

What are the symptoms of piles?

In 40% of cases, people don’t have any kind of symptoms because they even don’t know when it occurred. Generally, piles often shrink on their own. But in most cases, which is usually very painful while urinating.

Some symptoms which people face are:

  1. Bleeding from the anus during urination
  2. Painful swelling or inflammation near the anus
  3. The area around the anus becomes red
  4. Irritation around the affected skin
  5. Itchiness around the area
  6. Pain during bowel movement

Why we should use castor oil for piles home remedies?

Castor oil – A vegetable oil produced from castor beans. It is widely used for cosmetic and medical purposes. For its anti-inflammatory and laxative properties, Castor is believed to be very beneficial for the face and skin. This home remedy on piles could be really helpful for people looking for remedies for piles at home.

The main benefit of castor oil for piles is that it is a mighty laxative that relieves occasional constipation when taken orally. Thus it helps in preventing piles. But overuse of castor oil can lead to abdominal cramping, itching, vomiting, and diarrhea, which can worsen the condition of piles.

So, it is advised to use castor oil with tea tree oil because it dilutes the oil, reducing swelling and inflammation. Along with hemorrhoids, Castor Oil is helpful in curing Lips damage.

Benefits of using castor oil for piles

Castor oil may be the most commonly used home product to treat hemorrhoids. It can shrink hemorrhoids along with reducing swelling and inflammation.

Though you can ingest castor oil, and relieve occasional constipation, it is advised to use castor oil by mixing it with different oils like tea tree oil.

Using Castor Oil for Piles for more than three days in direct application with Tea Tree Oil could reduce the irritation in 3 days. Hence it’s the most effective natural piles cure in 3 days.

Why we should consider tea tree oil with castor oil?

Tea tree oil has antiseptic qualities which reduce itching and pain. This can ease much of the pain during piles, especially when combined with a carrier oil like castor oil. Using castor oil and tea tree oil for piles is recommended.

Tea tree oil has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, preventing infections when bleeding and irritation occur. Tea tree oil comes in a diluted form which can be applied directly to the infected area. But it is better to mix tea tree oil with carrier oils like castor oil which can further dilute it, thus reducing skin infections and inflammation.

You can mix tea tree oil with a few tablespoons of castor oil. After mixing, use a cotton swab to apply it directly to your swollen hemorrhoids or piles.

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How to use castor oil for piles?

There are two ways to consume Castor Oil for Piles

  1. Orally – Half Tablespoon consumed without mixing with any other oil.
  2. Application on Effected Area – Directly apply Castor Oil for Piles on affected area with Tea Tree Oil.

Castor oil can be consumed orally if you’re not mixing it with any other kind of oil. Consuming it orally helps prevent constipation, which further prevents swelling or inflammation of hemorrhoids.

If you’re mixing it with other oils, especially tea tree oil, then apply it directly to the infected area with a cotton swab. It has shown great benefits in reducing inflammation and swelling and curing hemorrhoids. Castor oil may be very beneficial, and when it is mixed with strong oils like tea tree oil, it completely shrinks the swelling of hemorrhoids.

But note down that you must consume castor oil for piles when mixed with tea tree oil because tea tree oil could be toxic if consumed directly. Thus only use tea tree oil with castor oil for anus fissures.

Regular application of this combination daily will completely cure piles.

Note: While consuming Castor Oil for Piles make sure the bottle is marked safe for Oral Consumption.

Side-effects of using Castor Oil for Piles

Though we know the benefits of using castor oil and how beneficial it is to cure piles. But what most people don’t know is the side effects of using castor oil. Most of the side effects of castor oil are related to skin and digestion.

When this castor oil is consumed directly, it breaks down into ricinoleic acid when it reaches the small intestine. This acid can irritate the intestinal lining.

Some side effects also caused due to the origin of castor oil seeds. These castor oil seeds may be heavily sprayed with pesticides which reduce the quality of the seeds.

Side-effects of using Castor Oil for Piles:

  1. Diarrhea: Castor oil contains ricin which may be responsible for diarrhea though the exact cause is unknown. One study suggests that ricin is one of the most toxic substances known.
  2. Skin Rashes: Though castor oil may be used to prevent itching around the infected area, it can sometimes worsen the itchiness. There are very rare cases where castor oil has triggered skin rashes.
  3. Cramps: Castor oil can be a mighty laxative is consumed to relieve occasional constipation. But some reports suggest that an overdose of castor oil results in muscle weakness, resulting in cramps.
  4. Harmful to kids: Castor oil is not suggested for kids below 12 years because it can be harmful to them. So parents must not give castor oil to their children.
  5. Weakness: Some people experience dizziness or weakness when they consume castor oil. People who consume castor oil have been reported to experience breathing problems.

Conclusion – Using Castor Oil for Piles

Side Effects of Castor Oil for Piles
Side Effects of Castor Oil for Piles

Though castor oil has many side effects, it is still very beneficial to cure hemorrhoids or piles as it completely shrinks the swelling and inflammation. So if you are using castor oil, just be careful and take some necessary precautions while using it, so you will not face any kind of problem.

The best part of castor oil is that it is not only beneficial for curing piles, but it also boosts hair growth and essential fatty acids in the castor oil help to regain the skin’s natural moisture balance. After all, it is a great natural product which you should keep at your home.

castor oil for piles
Castor oil for piles

Which oil is best for piles?

Along with popular options of Frankincense and Myrtle essential oil, Castor showed significant improvement in patients having fishers and piles. Thus Castor Oil is the best and safest available option for the patients suffering from piles.

How to permanently cure piles at home?

Regular usage of 100% Organic and Pure Castor Oil helped all our patients permanently getting rid of irritation in anus area.

How can I shrink piles naturally?

Castor Oil is effective in shrinking the piles naturally without chemicals. We at Reboot With Nature understand the importance of alternative medicine.

How can I use castor oil for piles?

Apart from following the traditional methods of consuming oil to get rid of hemorrhoids. Here is a quick guide to applying the oil directly to the concerned area for quick relief.

Application Time: 5 minutes

Make a Cotton Bud

Take a Cotton Bud. For this step, you can roll a small piece of cotton on a matchstick if a cotton bud is not available.

Apply on the affected area

Apply 2-3 Ml of Castor Oil on the tip of a cotton bud or dip the cotton bud in a bottle and apply bud on the affected area


  • Castor Oil


  • Cotton Bud
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