Castor Oil for Lips – 3 Benefits, How to Use and Side-Effects

Castor Oil for Lips is really a magic to get rid of bad lips. The most irritating thing we hate in winter is the dryness of our skin. During winter, temperature and humidity drop significantly which affects the dryness of the skin.

When humidity drops below 30%, it adversely affects the skin, mainly our lips and hands. As we grow older, the ability of our body to produce natural oil declines.

The harsh weather during winter strips the natural barrier from the skin and allows water to escape thus making the skin dry. Similarly, the skin on the lips is extra thin and sensitive which makes the lips chapped and sore. As our lips don’t have any kind of oil glands to make it moist, it gets dried out when the cold air touches the skin of the lips.

In order to protect your lips from getting dried or sore, you can use a lip balm which will seal the moisture on your lips. But these lip balms contain chemicals which can be very harmful to your skin and lips.

The most effective method to protect your lips in the harsh weather is by using castor oil for lips by applying it on the upper skin.

Castor oil has proved to be very beneficial for skin because of its moisturizing technique. This oil contains essential fatty acids which act as a natural skin moisturizer thus protecting our skin from drying out.

So you should consider using castor oil for lips. But before jumping on to buy this product, read this complete article where you will get to know that overdose of castor oil has several side-effects which you need to take care off.

We will discuss the benefits and side-effects of this oil in this article. So sit tight and read all the points carefully. We will study the following points in this article:

  • What is castor oil?
  • How castor oil is useful for your lips?
  • What are the benefits of using castor oil on your lips?
  • How to use castor oil for lips?
  • What are the side-effects of using castor oil on your lips?

So let’s get started and learn about Castor Oil for Lips.

What is castor oil?

Castor oil is one of the most popular natural ingredient used in medical purpose. Castor oil is produced from the castor seeds which contain around 30-50% of oil. It is made by extracting oil from the seeds of the Ricinus communis plant.

These seeds contain ricin which is the known toxic substance. But during the extraction process of this oil from the seeds, this toxic substance gets deactivated thus making the oil to be used safely.

It is most commonly used in food and preservative, medicines, coating, industries, cooking purpose, etc.

India is the largest producer of castor seeds with China being the second and it is a widely grown crop in Ethiopia.

It contains several fatty acids like ricinoleic acid, oleic acid which are beneficial in moisturizing the dry skin. It also contains vitamin E and has nourishing and hair growth minerals.

Castor oil was believed to be first used by ancient Egyptians thousands of years ago. They used this oil as their lamp fuel, in hairs to boost their growth, as a medicine for treating piles, etc.

How castor oil is useful for your lips?

Castor Oil for Lips
Castor Oil for Lips

The skin on your face is very different from the skin on your lips. The skin on the lips is very delicate and requires great attention. Due to the harsh weather, when cold winds touch your skin on the lips, it soon gets dried out as our lips do not have any kind of natural oil-producing glands.

To protect the lips from losing its moisture, it is quite important to use castor oil on your lips. Other products like lip balms available in the market contain chemicals which are harmful to our lips, that’s why we should use 100% natural ingredient to retain moisture.

Castor oil is beneficial for your lips because:

  1. Castor oil contains fatty acids like ricinoleic acid which is a great moisturizer. These fatty acids retain the moisture on your skin and prevent it from drying.
  2. Castor oil acts as a natural barrier which prevents the water from escaping from our skin and lips thus preventing our skin from getting dried out.
  3. Castor oil is thick, filled with rich ingredients. When it is mixed with other oils like tea tree oil, coconut oil, etc, several ingredients are added into the oil thus making it ultra-hydrating moisturizer.

What are the benefits of using castor oil on your lips?

Castor oil contains fatty acids like ricinoleic acid which is a monosaturated fatty acid. These type of fatty acids act as a skin moisturizer thus preventing skin from drying out.

Some of the moisturizers available in the market contain chemicals which are harmful to the skin and lips and causes irritation. Replacing them all with the castor oil will be very beneficial for you.

Castor oil is inexpensive and hence can be used by everyone. You can find it at every supermarket or online store at a very cheap price. Though it is cheap, it is a great alternative of lip balms and moisturizers.

Mixing castor oil with other oils like coconut oil, tea tree oil increases the minerals and vitamins of the oil which makes it ultra-hydrating moisturizer.

How to use Castor Oil for Lips ?

Castor oil is a very beneficial natural ingredient to protect your skin and lips.

Here are the tips which you can follow to apply castor oil on your lips:

  1. Clean your lips with scrub but do not scrub vigorously because it can damage your delicate skin on the lips.
  2. After cleaning, take a cotton swab and pour castor oil on it.
  3. Take this cotton swab with castor oil and apply it gently on your lips covering the entire area.
  4. Once you are done, leave the oil to soak and hydrate your lips.
  5. Perform this step daily to see better results.
  6. Use this method before going to bed.
  7. If you find castor oil to be thick, mix it with other oils like coconut oil or tea tree oil to make the oil dilute and then apply it gently on your lips.

What are the side-effects of using Castor Oil for Lips ?

Even though castor oil has several benefits and has been used for centuries for skincare but there have been rare cases where its side-effects have been observed.

Some cases have been recorded where people complained about skin rashes due to the use of castor oil. When castor oil was applied to the infected area, it increased the itchiness around that area making it worse.

But these cases are very rare and maybe the reason behind these side-effects are using low-quality castor oil. You will find castor oil of several brands in the market; some at a very low price but you should check it properly before buying.

You should check the reviews online to ensure that the product you are buying is original and of high quality without any chemicals.

Using Castor Oil for Lips

Overall castor oil is very beneficial for your skin and hair. It is a multi-purpose, super beneficial, affordable and the best natural ingredient which you should consider keeping at your home.

Castor oil has been used by people from thousands of years.  As it is produced from a vegetable seed, it is also used for cooking purpose.

Due to its moisturizing ability, it has been used to improve the health of your skin and lips.

This oil is 100% natural and does not contain any kind of chemicals thus makes it safe to apply it on your skin and lips without causing any damage.

So if you have not used this oil yet, then go and replace it with your lip balm and moisturizer and feel the difference by yourself.

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  1. Using the castor oil for my lips to make them shining. It has been 2 days now. I cannot feel any difference. Why?

    • Maybe do a scrub once a week with a lip scrub
      This exfoliates
      When you finish brushing your teeth, with a clean tooth brush brush your lips in a gentle circular motion, daily
      This improves blood circulation to your lips
      Apply castor oil as needed, nightly is good
      Your lips should now be able to absorb the castor oil more readily.


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