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Soaked Almonds Benefits: Almonds are one of the superfoods that has a remarkable nutrition profile. From boosting mental health to improving digestive health and fighting cancer, they are an important inclusion in the diet. These are a delicious snack that tastes great when eaten in raw, soaked, and roasted form. However, when you eat it in soaked form, it gives you more benefits to your body. In this article, let us learn soaked almonds benefits of a soaked form of almonds for overall health and the right ways to soak and store them.

How To Soak Almonds?

Soaked Almonds Recipe
Soaked Almonds Recipe

So, now that we have seen the benefits of eating soaked almonds, let us see the ways to soak them overnight:

  • Take a handful of almonds and pour them in a clean bowl. 
  • Now add water in the bowl such that all the almonds get soaked completely.
  • Let it stay like this for eight to twelve hours. You can also keep it overnight. 
  • Now remove all the water from the bowl and rinse the almonds.
  • If you are going to add them to a dish, then you can remove the outer brown covering. It will give it a smoother texture.
  • Pat the almonds using a clean and dry napkin or paper towel before you eat them.
  • You can eat it on an empty stomach, with milk or in your milkshake, oatmeal, smoothie, or any other breakfast cereal for better absorption of its nutrients.

Soaked Almonds Benefits For Weight Loss

Recommended Dosage for maximum Soaked Almonds Benefits – 4 Almonds Soaked Overnight before breakfast.

Soaked almonds are a lot better when compared to raw form in terms of nutrition, texture, and taste. Raw almonds are hard and crunchy. They have a bitter taste due to the presence of anti-nutrients. Soaking makes the outer brown covering of the almonds soft, palatable, and easier to digest its nutrients. The procedure also inhibits the two main anti-nutrients that include phytic acid and tannins that are present in its covering. 

Regular intake of soaked almonds can reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol levels in the body. This can lead to weight reduction. Furthermore, it can also lead to a reduction in the size of waist circumference, water weight, and fat mass in the body. When you eat these nuts in moderate amounts, it is linked to energy expense that also causes weight loss.

When you eat soaked almonds, it releases a lipid-breaking enzyme named “lipase” that helps in the digestion. Full of fiber, and protein, it keeps you fuller for a longer time. It prevents unnecessary cravings of food and restricts calorie intake. In this way, eating soaked almonds benefits to maintain the right levels of calories in your body. This, in turn, leads to weight loss. (1)

11 Soaked Almonds Health Benefits

In addition to weight loss, soaked almonds are also beneficial in the sound functioning of various organs in the body, such as the brain, heart, stomach, etc. Let us look at the various therapeutic benefits of eating this wonder food. 

Boosts Your Digestive Health

Soaked almonds have the ability to make the digestion of the food digestion quicker and smoother. Soaking softens the outer layer of almond and makes it easier to digest. The procedure reduces anti-nutrient levels and activates the nutritional content in the almonds. 

In this way, it helps facilitate the entire digestion procedure. Soaked almonds release an enzyme “lipase” that breaks a lipid-breaking enzyme in the body. Soaking improves the nutrient bioavailability via the breakdown of phytic acid and boosts digestion in the body. (2)

Improves Memory

Almonds have L-carnitine in them that aids in the secretion and development of new cells of the brain in the body. It contains phenylalanine that can enhance memory and cognitive function in a person. Almonds also have good amounts of vitamins B6 and vitamin E in the body that helps preserve memory.

Promotes Cardiac Health

Soaked almonds benefits are numbers of loaded with protein, magnesium, potassium, and fiber. They also contain antioxidants and polyphenols that can prevent heart ailments. These nutrients are beneficial for the prevention of heart ailments in the body. 

Beneficial In Pregnancy

Almonds have high amounts of folate in them that are helpful in labor and prevention of congenital heart defects and neural tube in the baby. By soaking the almonds, you can see an increase in the bioavailability of its nutrient thus increase in Soaked Almond Benefits. Constipation is very common in pregnant women. The high fiber in almonds may help them relieve from this discomfort.

Helpful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s

Almonds aid in supplying proteins to brain cells, and reduce the rate of cognitive decline linked with Alzheimer’s disease. Almonds contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that enhance brain development. It also delays the age-induced cognitive dysfunction in a person. (3)

Regulates Blood Pressure 

The high potassium and low sodium content of almonds prevent blood pressure from rising in the body. It can be a top reason for heart attacks, cardiac arrests, and stroke. In addition to potassium, magnesium is another highly beneficial compound in almonds that can reduce the risk associated with congestion in the arteries.

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Soaked almonds are high in good fats or monounsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E that reduces the levels of low-density lipoprotein/bad cholesterol in the blood. They also fight against LDL and increases the level of good cholesterol or high-density lipoprotein in the blood. (4)

Treats Constipation

Soaked almonds benefits in digestion related problems directly and permanently. The presence of insoluble fiber in the almond aids in the treatment of constipation. It normalizes the movements of bowel in the intestine and gives relief from constipation.

Reduces body weight

When consumed in moderation, soaked almonds benefits reduce body weight. It boosts metabolism in the body and avoids frequent hunger to assist in weight loss. They can be very helpful for weight management in obese or overweight people.

Many weight loss diet plans include taking almonds at least once per day.

Boosts Energy

Almonds are full of dietary fiber that digests slowly in the fiber and keep your metabolism active for longer periods. So, when you consume this high fiber food, it produces energy at a constant rate. Furthermore, the presence of potassium and riboflavin in almonds also aids in improving energy metabolism in the body.

Helpful in the treatment of Diabetes

If you are a diabetic, then you should start consuming soaked almonds. This is because it helps regulate blood glucose levels in the body. People who suffer from Type-2 diabetes have shown that soaked almonds raise their lipid profile as well as increase glycemic control in the body. 

How To Store Soaked Almonds?  

Freshly soaked almonds are anytime better for consumption. It is advised to soak only that much that you would consume in a day. However, if you have soaked them in more numbers, or you could not eat them throughout the day, then you can even preserve them for next day consumption. 

You can soak almonds for up to five days in the refrigerator. Keep them in an airtight container so that it doesn’t get exposed to the outside air. To increase the shelf-life of your almonds, you can dry soak them by either dehydrating or roasting them prior to storing them. For it, pre-heat oven to 79° C. Now put your soaked almonds in a bowl inside the oven so that all the moistness in them dries out. 

Do not store them beyond five days, as it can become stale. If you notice a change in color of the nuts, then that would indicate that it may have lost its nutrition and is good to discard them. 

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are some of the Frequently questions related to the benefits and consumption of soaked almonds 

Why are soaked almonds better?  

Almonds are a storehouse of nutrients. When you soak almonds, it makes its outer layer soft and easy to digest. Soaking improves digestive health, maintains the right body weight, as well as prevents cardiac ailments in the body. It becomes more nutritious and healthier than roasted or raw forms of almonds.

How many almonds can be eaten in a day?

To get the maximum benefits of almonds, you should consume around ten to twelve soaked almonds daily. Your body will get a good supply of valuable nutrients that will boost your health as increase in Soaked Almonds benefits

What happens when we eat soaked almonds daily?  

Soaking improves the nutritional value of the nut and improves its texture, availability of nutrients, and taste. Soaking of almonds leads to healthy digestion of the nutrients contained in it. It improves heart health, regulates blood pressure, and reduces bad cholesterol in the body. 

Does soaked almonds increase weight?

If you consume them in excess, then it can also cause you calories and fat gain in the body. So, the number of nuts you eat in a day depends on whether you will gain or lose weight. 

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