Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss and 6 Months Diet Plan Review- Is it Healthy

Probably the most buzzing celebrity of Bigg Boss 13, Shehnaaz Gill, was latterly in the news for her rapid weight loss. Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss journey inspired many others to follow the same. This article will analyze some of the facts about Shehnaaz Gill Diet Plan to lose weight fast.

By following the given diet, Shehnaaz Gill observed a dramatic change in her life after losing more than 12 kilograms in less than six months. Let’s analyze Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss Plan in depth.

Shehanaaz Gill Weight Loss Plan

There are few facts we know about her weight loss journey based on the interviews she did. Based on the collected information, we can draw a fair idea of her weight loss diet. Shehnaaz Gill Weight Loss Plan, as reported by her during an interview with Times of India, were:

  1. No or Reduced Non-Vegetarian Food
  2. Cutting on Chocolates and Ice Creams
  3. Limited Food Options
  4. Lentils based diet
  5. Cutting on Chapati’s (Tortilla) Portion
  6. No Intense Workouts

There are few things about Shehnaaz Gill’s balanced diet chart which we can examine based on the interview.

Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss
Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss Plan Review

Reduced Non-Vegetarian Food

It’s a myth that only non-vegetarian food can aid in weight gain. Many types of diet charts include consumption of increased quantities of non-vegetarian foods to make quick weight loss. Even the most popular Keto Diet Plans also relies mainly on promoting animal-based products like meat and salmon.

Cutting the fried food of any kind can help aid the weight loss journey.

Cutting on Chocolates and Ice Creams

Ice Creams and Chocolates are generally high in calories which can create imbalances in your weight loss journey. Cutting all the low-energy high-calorie food is the very foundation of every triumphant weight loss journey. Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss Plan effectively eliminates all the guilty pleasures.

Limited Food Options

There is absolutely no reason to limit your food options while being on a weight loss diet. Before following Shehanaaz Gill Weight Loss Plan, you can check out many diet plans posted on our website for free access:

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  2. 3 Day Plant-Based Diet Plan – Health Advantages & Components
  3. Guilt-free Calorie Deficit Diet Plan Calculator for Weight Loss
  4. 14 Day Easy Keto Diet India Plan: Basics and Side-Effects

These plans are only the tip of the iceberg; we have over 80+ Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian tasty food options to assist your weight loss journey. To know more about our assisted weight loss program, contact us on WhatsApp or email.

Lentils (Dal) based diet

Lentils (Dal) are one vital nutrition in vegetarian diets that can help you attain a dramatic weight loss. Consuming the right amount of Lentils each day can help support your weight loss journey.

Consuming the right amount of protein-rich lentils is possibly the key factor behind the success of Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss Journey.

Cutting on Chapati’s (Tortilla) Portion

Chapatis are an essential part of dietary requirements for many. At the same time, Chapatis are made of wheat which is high in Carbohydrates. That is why Chapati (Roti) ‘s controlled consumption is critical while being on a weight loss diet.

It was a good decision to cut on carbohydrates to support the weight loss journey. The body derives power from burning fat with fewer carbohydrates available. Maintaining the calorie deficit level is crucially important while being on a weight loss diet.

No Intense Workout

Weight Loss journeys generally have workout or exercise regimes; everybody takes up those workouts differently. It’s totally up to the person to decide what is suitable for their weight loss journey.

Workout and Diet are factitive to each other. An ideal diet plan needs to have a seamless balance between the two pillars of a healthy lifestyle to be a success.

Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss Plan Review

Shehnaaz Gill Weight loss Plan was to live on the basic dietary requirements with a calorie-deficit food intake. This plan worked for Shehnaaz Gill to lose 12 Kgs in 6 Months but might not work for everyone in the same manner.

It could be a good start if you’re not suffering from diseases like Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOD, Asthama, High Cholesterol, High BP, or extreme obesity. An ideal diet plan needs to be founded with the correct foundations to monitor Sugar Levels, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure, and other significant hormonal and body changes.

We highly recommend you to follow a set balanced diet plan which a certified nutritionist or dietitian posts. Such types of diet plans will keep you safe from imbalances in the body.

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