7 Day Indian Diet For Uric Acid Patients – Powerful Gout Diet

Many are not aware of uric acid; this acid is nothing but body waste. Indian Diet For Uric Acid Patients helps you get rid acting as a Gout diet. The body produces uric acid when the body discharges purines. You will find purines in some foods. Usually, we get rid of uric acid when you urinate. However, if uric acid level is high, you may suffer from gout; this is when you may need a blood test to understand how much acid your blood is containing. 

Uric acid creates crystals in different joints; this causes pain. You may also suffer from inflammation. To get rid of purines, which is the reason it’s essential to stay away from food that is high on purines. You can also follow a Indian Diet For Uric Acid or gout diet to combat purines. (1)

7 Day Indian Diet For Uric Acid Patients

Day 1 - MondayMilk With OatsBrown Rice with lentils (dal)Quinoa, spinach, eggplant and Paneer salad.
Day 2 - TuesdayQuinoa or Bajra with MilkPeas, Mushroom and Green Leafy Vegetable Curry with ChapatiWhole-wheat white pasta with Basil Sauce and Half Glass Milk
Day 3 - WednesdayMilk With OatsBrown Rice with lentils (dal)Whole grain sandwich with Milk
Day 4 - ThursdayQuinoa or Bajra with MilkPeas, Mushroom and Green Leafy Vegetable Curry with ChapatiQuinoa, spinach, eggplant and Paneer salad.
Day 5 - FridayMilk With OatsBrown Rice with lentils (dal)Whole-wheat white pasta with Basil Sauce and Half Glass Milk
Day 6 - SaturdayQuinoa or Bajra with MilkPeas, Mushroom and Green Leafy Vegetable Curry with ChapatiWhole grain sandwich with Milk
Day 7 - SundayMilk With OatsBrown Rice with lentils (dal)Milk with Berries

Advice: Uric Acid patients should drink at least 2 liter water every day. While following 7 Day Indian Diet For Uric Acid, do try to cut weight as well using weight loss diet.

This Indian Diet For Uric Acid focuses on vegetable protein and dairy products. Water intake plays a significant result in this. Also, you must make sure to stay away from purine foods. People who are suffering from gout are advised to consume milk; this is because milk is entirely purine free.

However, buttermilk, aged cheese, and yogurt contain purines; this is why it is advised not to consume these while following gout diet. On the other hand, cottage cheese can be a great addition to your purine free Indian Diet For Uric Acid. 

Besides, high protein foods like meat, egg, or fish need to be restricted as a part of your gout diet. Doctors advise avoiding alcohol as well while following Indian Diet For Uric Acid.   

Indian Diet For Uric Acid – Food

Indian Diet For Uric Acid
Indian Diet For Uric Acid

So, now the question is, what should you eat if you are suffering from gout. Here is a list of foods you can include in your diet to get rid of uric acid. These foods will reduce the level of uric acid and will promote good health. Along with the food, you may need a low carb diet if you need to lose weight.

Whole Grain

This should be an essential inclusion to your Indian Diet For Uric Acid. Whole grain comes with a high level of nutrients. These are missing from maida or semolina. The refined flours are not going to help you with this. Maida or semolina are known to create an additional layer that promotes uric acid growth. Therefore, you need to restrict yourself from using these strictly. Oats, bajra, buckwheat, barley, and quinoa are suitable for a uric acid diet. You can use these to make delicious dosas or Mathias. (2)

Fiber Loaded Fruits

Fruits are healthy and tasty. Thus, fruits are the most common find in any diet list. However, for the patients of uric acid, fruits with high fiber are specially required. Why do you need to eat fruits? First. Fruits help in weight loss; weight loss is appreciated when you have a high uric acid level. The second reason is – fruits help in detoxication. 

Eating a lot of fruits will help you get rid of food wastes. Include a lot of fruits that contain vitamin C in your diet. Tomatoes, guava, orange, and pineapple are the fruits to eat in this health condition. You can make tasty strawberry, orange, and pineapple juice and drink it regularly to improve your health. It will lower the level of uric acid within a short while. Also, the juice helps in weight loss. When it comes to fruits, you have a lot of recipes to try out. You can toss healthy fruits in your bowl and create a tasty fruit chaat. Or, you can have melon slushes for a better eating experience. (3)


When it comes to veggies, you need not restrict yourself. Eat as much as you can in your Indian Diet For Uric Acid. Toss all the green leafy veggies in your dishes to eat healthily. Green veggies are good for health. These veggies don’t increase the uric acid level, so green veggies are essential for people suffering from uric acid. Eating veggies regularly will improve your digestive system. You will notice the transformation within a short while; this is why – learn to make salads, sabzis, and Indian loaves of bread like rotis using green veggies. 

Low Fat Dairy Products

You should include Curd, milk without fat, and un-fermented buttermilk in your Indian Diet For Uric Acid. High fat is not suitable for uric acid. It is considered one of the causes of uric acid level growth; this is why – it is essential to avoid high-fat products as much as possible. Drinking low-fat milk every day will boost your health. Curd is also helpful in this situation. Therefore, include Curd in your daily diet as well. To add a tangy and tasty touch to your menu, you can make black grapes and strawberry raita by adding lots of homemade Curd; this will add taste and health to your meal. (4)

Healthy Fats

Just because you are advised not to eat fat, you should not just shun this food group from your life. In fact, including healthy fat in your diet is going to help you immensely. Foods containing healthy fat are both tasty and healthy. Therefore, you can include avocado, almonds, walnuts in your diet. Chia seed is again a great thing to include in your daily diet. Adding these to your diet will increase omega-three fatty acid consumption.

In Indian Diet For Uric Acid, Change your snacking habit, and instead of store-bought chips and other such products, try to munch on almonds or walnuts. You can eat 5 to 6 nuts every day to control inflammation. Tossing these into veggie salads is another way of adding health to your diet. Flaxseed raita is a famous dish that you can try with your meals. 

While you are at it, don’t forget to consume plenty of water. The idea is to get rid of the acid through urination. For that, you need to drink at least eight glasses of water every day. Remember to avoid sugar-loaded juices which come in tetra packs. 

Foods To Avoid in Indian Diet For Uric Acid

There are many foods that you should avoid when you are suffering from uric acid. These foods usually lead to acid growth inside your stomach. Therefore, you should restrict eating them as much as possible.

Non-Vegetarian Foods

If you are suffering from a high uric acid level, you must be careful about non-veg food consumption. Foods like meat, turkey, and slices of bacon are high on fat. It would be best to avoid any food that is high on the fat level to control uric acid. There are some fishes which you need to avoid as well. These foods cause pain due to uric acid. Also, these lead to inflammation. Therefore, you must stay away from foods with a high-fat level to stay healthy and control the uric acid level. 

Alcohol & Carbonated Beverages

Both of these boosts the sugar level of the body. These increase the body’s fat level as well; this is why you should avoid consuming these when you are suffering from uric acid issues. Alcohol leads to inflammation. Inflammation is a significant problem for patients with uric acid. Lowering alcohol consumption is going to help you get back to a healthy life. Also, getting rid of carbonated drinks like sodas and store-bought fruit juices will help you control the uric acid level. (5)

Sugary Foods

Foods like pastries, cakes, and other bakery made delicacies are not suitable for uric acid patients. These foods contain a high level of fat; this is why you should control consuming these. It would help if you also avoided Candies for a similar reason while following gout diet or Indian Diet For Uric Acid.


Although we do not advise to restrict plates of seafood. However, some kinds of seafood are high on purines; this is why you should avoid eating them if you are suffering from uric acid. Plates of seafood like tuna, shellfishes, and sardines, contain a high level of purines. Restricting seafood may benefit you to control uric acid with these in your diet. Yet, these come with natural food value. Therefore, don’t just get rid of these. Instead, moderate the consumption for better results.

Processed Foods

Foods like maida, pasta, loaves of bread are known to cause inflammation; this is the reason patients of uric acid are prescribed to avoid these foods in Indian Diet For Uric Acid

Some foods moderately contain purines. These foods should be restricted when you are getting into a purine free diet. Foods like lentils or kidney beans are moderate possessors of purines. Therefore, instead of banishing these entirely from your life, you should restrict consumption. Some veggies also contain purines. Veggie like spinach contains purines. However, spinach is not known to cause pain or inflammation. Carb, oyster, lobsters are also considered to be moderate possessors of purines. Thus, it would help if you controlled consuming these.

Dos and Don’ts Indian Diet For Uric Acid

There are some dos and don’ts of patients of uric acid. Suffers of gout are required to lead a very restricted life; this is why you need to pay attention to your lifestyle and lead a disciplined life.  

Should Do – Indian Diet For Uric Acid

Do Drink Water – Keeping yourself hydrated is the secret to staying healthy. Water helps in detoxication. Due to this reason, you must make yourself drink at least eight glasses of water every day. If you increase water intake, you will reduce the risk of gout attack naturally. Therefore, drink plenty of water to stay healthy.

Do Exercise – It is essential to losing weight to control uric acid; this is why you must include some workout routines in your daily life. Even if it means a brisk walk, you should make it a daily habit.

Do Eat Cherries – Cherries are healthy and good for gouts. Therefore, you can eat cherries to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Never Do – Indian Diet For Uric Acid

Don’t Eat Candies – Candies are loaded with sugar; this is not good for gout. Therefore, restrict eating candies as much as possible. 

Don’t Drink Sodas – Sodas are high on sugar. These lead to weight gain and inflammation. For this reason, you should avoid drinking sodas and other sugar-loaded drinks.

Commonly asked questions about Indian Diet For Uric Acid

Which food is best for the uric acid patient?

Those who are suffering from uric acid need to eat low-fat foods. Fresh veggies and fruits are good for gout patients. Therefore, these are foods to include in the diet when you are suffering from gout. Veggies and fruits don’t lead to inflammation either. Due to this – make sure to include these on your menu.

Is bread suitable for the uric acid patient?

The bakery made loaves of bread are not suitable for gout patients. These are created from maida, which causes inflammation. Consuming bakery made white bread also increases the acid level in the body. Thus, this is a food to avoid if you are suffering from gouts.

Is Indian food good for gout diet?

Indian food is indeed good for gout patients. The Indian veg foods are especially helpful in lowering uric acid down. Skillfully created Indian diet plan can work wonders for gout diet patients. The diet plans don’t only lower uric acid levels. These help in weight loss as well.

Which dal is good for uric acid? 

Mung dal is excellent for uric acid patients because mung dal increases the ability to digest food. Besides, mung dal is light enough to get outlined without difficulties. 

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