20 Bottle Gourd Juice Benefits, Side-Effects and How to Make

Bottle Gourd Juice is full of many benefits for all age groups. In this article we will learn about Bottle Gourd Juice, its benefits and side-effects. Green veggies are famous for a lot of things. These are known to be the sources of nutrition and healthy nutrients. Eating green veggies has ample health benefits. While everyone knows this, they may not know that drinking juices made from green veggies can do wonder for health.

Bottle gourd is held in high regard by many people out there. Bottle gourd is considered to be one of the healthiest. There are many reasons for this consideration. This modest veggie comes loaded with water. Besides, bottle gourd contains a high level of healthy minerals. Therefore, eating this veggie of drinking juice made from it hydrates the body. Even though this veggie is highly beneficial for health, it does receive the attention it should get. This article gives you an in-depth insight into bottle gourd juice and its various benefits.

Bottle Gourd Juice Calorie Content

Bottle gourd possesses around 96% water. Bottle Gourd Juice is why the veggie is the perfect one for making juices. Also, the best thing about bottle gourd is the availability. The veggie is available, and you can get it quickly. Another good thing about bottle gourd is the affordability. The veggie is amazingly affordable. It is low on the fat level and also keeps cholesterol in control.

If you consume 100 g bottle gourd, you will get 15 calories and 1 g fat. Bottle gourd is regarded as a powerhouse of many nutrients because it contains low saturated fat. You get vitamin C when you consume this veggie or juice made from it. Also, you get dietary fiber from the veggie. Bottle gourd is high on carb and calcium as well.

Therefore, you get many benefits from eating this green veggie or just by drinking its’ juice. It does not load you with calorie and unhealthy carb.

How to Make Bottle Gourd Juice

Now, you must be wondering about the lauki juice recipe. How do you make this wonder juice? Well, the process is pretty simple. You can make the juice easily without much hassle.

To make the juice, you need first to taste the bottle gourd. Chop off its end and taste it. In case, find the lauki a little bitter, you should not use it. Once you have selected your lauki, you need to take off the skin. After that, you must cut the lauki into pieces. Once done, you need to blend the elements. You will have to make a smooth paste from the cubes. Now, you need to add black salt for taste.

A dash of lemon juice will add an extra layer to the tangy taste. A few mint leaves will also increase the taste of the liquid. You will need a little water to create the right consistency. For a bit more flavor, you can throw in some cucumber in the blender as well. Make sure to drink this juice right after making it. If you keep it aside, it may turn black.

Benefits Of Bottle Gourd Juice

Bottle gourd juice is beneficial for a lot of reasons. This veggie is high on many vitamins and minerals. This is why it can help you stay healthy. If you drink the juice of bottle gourd every day, you are sure to get high nutritional benefits as it possesses vitamin C and K. You will be able to get other benefits by eating bottle gourd or drinking its juice as well. Given below are some benefits of the juice of this veggie.(1)

1. Digestive System Improvement

Bottle gourd is impressive for the digestive system. Those who are suffering from digestive system related problems will be able to get benefits from this veggie. Two qualities help in getting the digestive system right. First, this veggie is high on the water level. Second, it possesses soluble fiber. This is why when you eat lauki or drink the juice made from it, you get fantastic health benefits that improve your digestive system and helps you live freely without worrying about stomach related problems. Thus, make sure to drink bottle gourd juice for a better digestive system.

2. Solution To Constipation

Constipation can be a significant problem for some people. It leads to many other health hazards. If you are suffering from this problem, you probably need to drink bottle gourd juice. The veggie is terrific when it comes to treating the digestive system. It possesses fiber and water. Thus, when you drink its juice or eat this veggie, your digestive system heals. You get the right solution to constipation that way. This is why – to treat constipation, adhere to lauki juice. However, don’t drink bitter juice as it may lead to vomiting problem.

3. It Cools You

In the summer, when keeping the internal system becomes a problem, you can turn to bottle gourd juice for support. The high water level of the veggie will keep you cool throughout the summer. Lauki juice has the properties to keep your body healthy. It is also beneficial for skin in the summer. If you suffer from a skin-related problem during this season, you can turn to lauki juice. Drinking it will cool you down.

4. Cures Insomnia

Insomnia is a problem for many. If you are suffering from it, try lauki juice. However, you will have to add sesame oil with this juice before consuming it. The liquid is terrific for people who struggle to fall asleep.

5. Treats Urine Related Problem

Lauki juice can be mixed with lemon juice to treat problems related to urine. This juice is impressive when it comes to treating your urinary issues. If you regularly consume this juice, you will notice positive changes soon enough.

6. It Controls Blood Pressure

Those who are suffering from blood pressure related problems may turn to lauki juice. Drinking the juice every day helps in keeping blood pressure under control.

7. Controls Hair Graying

If you drink lauki juice in the morning every day, you will see that the hair graying has come under control. The vitamin and nutrient present in lauki prevent premature hair graying. Thus, this is a fantastic way to control hair graying.

8. Smooth Skin

Lauki possesses amazing properties that can help in keeping skin smooth and healthy. If you drink the juice every day, you are sure to enjoy smooth and glowing skin within a short while.

9. Great Hair Mask

If you want healthy hair, you can turn to a lauki juice hair mask. You have to mix the juice with amla powder and olive oil to make a paste. This mask is fantastic for hair.

10. Treats Dandruff

To treat dandruff, you can use this juice. All you have to do is – mix amla juice with bottle gourd juice and massage your scalp with this mixture. It will treat your scalp and wash off dandruff.

11. Face Mask

You can make a fantastic face mask from lauki juice. Mix the juice with cucumber juice, yogurt, and basan to make the pack. It will nourish your face and will treat a pimple.

12. Astringent

Bottle gourd has a fantastic property to make homemade astringent. You can mix the juice of lauki with tomato and cucumber juice. Once it is made, you can apply the mixture to your face with cotton. This is an excellent treatment for oily skin that suffers from pimple related problems. The mixture will wash off the excess oil and leave your skin fresh and healthy. Try this homemade astringent to have significant and healthy skin.

13. Treats Suntan

Lauki possesses anti-inflammatory properties. This is why applying lauki juice on suntan helps. To remove the dark patches, you need to use the liquid to the affected areas at least three times a day. Regular application of this juice will make the skin smooth and treat the sun affected areas. However, it would be best if you used this juice every day to get its benefits.

14. Prevents Depression

Yes, this is true. Drinking lauki juice can prevent depression. Bottle gourd juice has an ample amount of possesses Choline. Possesses Choline helps in brain function properly. This is why when you drink this juice, you get to chase away depression and stress.

15. Lowers Blood Sugar

If you are suffering from blood sugar related problems, you need to drink this juice. It helps in controlling blood sugar related problems and gets the level of sugar down. This is why lauki juice should be consumed every day for at least 90 days to get the best result.

16. Replaces Protein Shake

Your lauki juice can replace the protein shake you use. This one is especially beneficial when drank after a workout session. The liquid works wonder in replacing the lost sugar, carb, and glycogen. Try this juice after a workout and find out its benefits yourself. Lauki juice is excellent when taken every day right after workout sessions.

17. Treats Various Diseases

This juice is highly beneficial for people who suffer from epilepsy and insanity. Regular consumption also treats acidity. In case you are suffering from an ulcer, this juice will help your condition.

18. Great For Jaundice

People who are suffering from jaundice will get benefits from drinking lauki juice. Sometimes this juice gets suggested when someone has jaundice.

19. Liver Function

Bottle gourd juice is excellent for keeping liver function properly. If you drink this juice every day, you will notice its benefits within a brief period. This is the best use of lauki in health care. However, you need to drink juice every day for the best result.

20. Weight Loss

Yes, you read it right. Bottle gourd contains high water. This is why making juice of this veggie becomes easier. Because it possesses iron, vitamins, and potassium, it is excellent for health. The veggie and its juice can promote weight loss. However, not many people talk about it.

In the family of weight loss foods, lauki or bottle gourd is the most ignored one. Yet, when you drink the juice of this veggie, you get a fantastic health boost that promotes quick weight loss. If you explore its nutrients chart, you will find that bottle gourd is totally calorie less. This veggie juice can also be incorporated for weight loss. You can make juice from this veggie along with using it for cooking dishes. The health benefits will remain the same.

Side Effects Of Bottle Gourd Juice


Of course, there are some side effects of this juice. Everything comes with some downsides. Here are some of the side effects of lauki juice.

Bitter bottle gourd juice could be toxic. This is why you should never drink bitter juice. If you find that a lauki is tasting bitter, replace it. Bitter juice may lead to death. It can also cause diarrhea. Vomiting and nausea are also side effects of this juice when made from bitter lauki.(2)

Gastrointestinal problem is another issue that you may face when you drink bitter juice. This is why you should stay away from bitter juice at any cost.

There are some other side effects of this juice as well. If you drink this juice excessively, you may suffer from low blood sugar related problems. Yes, too much of this juice will lead to low blood pressure. Therefore, you should refrain from drinking too much.

Some may suffer an allergic reaction from lauki juice. It would be best if you found out whether you are allergic to the liquid or not.

Commonly asked questions about Bottle Gourd Juice

Can we drink bottle gourd juice daily?

Yes, you can drink this juice daily. In fact, to get its benefit, you should make its point to consume it every day. However, drinking too much of this juice could be harmful to health. This is why you need to drink carefully.

Can lauki juice cause death?

Lauki juice is immensely beneficial. However, if you drink bitter juice, you may face various adverse side effects. Death is one of the side effects of the liquid. Therefore, you must be careful about drinking its juice.

Is raw bottle gourd juice harmful?

Well, it is not harmful to drink raw bottle gourd juice. However, if you drink bitter bottle gourd juice, you may face many adverse side effects.

How much bottle gourd juice should I drink?

It would be best if you drank this juice every day. However, you should not consume more than 88 ml.

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