14 Day Easy Keto Diet India Plan: Basics and Side-Effects

The Keto diet India has gained fame around the world because it promotes quick weight loss. This diet offers a high-fat level, low-carbohydrate and moderate protein to the consumer. Keto diet India promotes weight loss by helping your body to accomplish ketosis. This is a metabolism state which makes the liver burn fat quickly.

Ideally, people who opt for a keto diet in India go for low carb foods like seafood, eggs, meats, and poultry food. However, in case you are a vegetarian, you need not be heartbroken. You can easily mushroom, lettuce and broccoli. If you are on a kept diet, you must remember to exercise regularly. Also, it would help if you drank much water. (1)

5 Keto Diet India Basics

keto diet india basics
Keto diet India basics

A Keto diet India Plan is far better than other low carb diets. The best thing about the keto diet is that – the plan is utterly fulfilling. This is why – you will not have to starve while you follow this diet. Here you don’t have to track down your eating to lose weight. This is the reason this diet plan is gaining fame with time. Before you follow this diet plan, you need to understand that the keto diet promotes weight loss by eliminating carb. Therefore, you need to cut down on your carb intake.

So, now the question is – what can you eat when you are following the keto diet?

  • Meat is an essential element in the keto diet. Therefore, you need to create a diet plan dominated by meat. You should include sausage, turkey, bacon, and chicken to your diet for better results.
  • Fish is another essential element of this diet plan. Try to include salmon, tuna, mackerel in your diet to create an effective keto diet India plan.
  • Dairy has a lousy reputation for promoting weight gain. However, the keto diet does not agree with the traditional concept. In this plan, the diary is a must inclusion. Butter, cheese, and cream are the diet essentials in this plan. Therefore, don’t shy away from these foods.
  • Nuts and seeds are also essential in this plan. Walnuts or almonds are the vital elements that can help you lose weight quickly. Thus, you must include these nuts along with chia seeds and flax seeds to your diet. These are essential parts of the weight loss meal.
  • The Keto diet plan does not only include foods; you will find many beverages that are keto compatible. Water, sparkling water, and unsweetened coffee are the essential keto beverages without any hesitation.

14 Day Keto Diet India Plan

Here is a 14-day keto diet plan which you can follow to lose weight fast.

14 Day Easy Keto Diet India Plan

Day 1 - Monday3 Omelets with spinachAsian Meat SaladPesto Chicken Salad and Baked Salmon
Day 2 - TuesdaySlices of bacon with CheeseSpinach SaladMeat Salad
Day 3 - WednesdayEgg Muffins with spinachChicken soup without noodlesMeatloaf
Day 4 - ThursdayFried eggsTuna SaladGrilled chicken salad with broccoli
Day 5 - FridayMushroom OmeletSmoked SalmonMeat tacos
Day 6 - SaturdayCheesy Scrambled EggsRoasted VeggiesTaco salad
Day 7 - SundayAvocado Baked EggsChicken and hummus wrapCheesesteak Casserole
Day 8 - MondayNo bread keto sandwichBunless burgers Hamburger patties
Day 9 - TuesdayMushroom OmeletRoasted Meat and cheddar plateFried salmon and broccoli
Day 10 - WednesdayYogurt and granolaSteak with veggiesBunless cheeseburger
Day 11 - ThursdayEgg MuffinSteak with veggiesCheese broccoli with steak
Day 12 - FridayBaked Avocado with eggsLow carb Caesar salad Chicken stuffed with pesto
Day 13 - SaturdayBacon and eggsChicken Salad and fata cheeseRibeye steak
Day 14 - SundayEgg, Basil, Tomato and Goat cheese omeletWhitefish, Egg and SpinachCoconut Chicken curry

Day 1 – Monday

It would be best if you had three-egg omelets along with spinach. With this, you can have cheese and sausages. You can substitute sausages with scrambled eggs as well. eggs are great for the ketogenic diet as it contains low carb and high protein. (2) Also, spinach is loaded with minerals like iron, manganese, and magnesium, and thus, it is suitable for the keto diet plan. Cheese is loaded with nutritional values, which is ideal for a low carb diet as well. For lunch, you can have tomato salad or Asian meat salad along with lettuce, bacon. At dinner, you can have Pesto chicken salad and baked salmon.

Day 2 – Tuesday 

At breakfast, you can have cheese roll up, eggs, or slices of bacon. Cheese can be a great addition to your keto diet plan. It contains high saturated fat. However, that does not mean cheese is terrible for the heart. Some claim that cheese can help protect your heart. (3) Bacon can be another addition to the keto diet plan. It comes with no carb and a high level of protein and fat. At lunch, you can have spinach salad or Caprese omelet. You can have meat pie or bunless cheeseburgers for dinner. Meats are suitable for keto diet dinner because of the low carb and high level of protein contain.

Day 3 – Wednesday 

On Wednesday, you can have egg muffins along with fresh spinach for breakfast. Lunch should be of no-noodle chicken soup, or you can have cottage cheese instead of chicken soup and walnuts. Cottage cheese is a good source of keto diet plan. It comes with a low carb level and high protein. Therefore, this dairy product is a perfect inclusion to your keto diet. You can have meatloaf or carbonara for dinner. Meatloaf is low in carb and high in protein. Therefore, this is great for a low carb diet plan.

Day 4 – Thursday

You can have a dairy-free latte for breakfast or fried eggs. Along with this, you can have green veggies.

Green vegetables are shallow in the carb. Therefore, green leafy veggies should be part of your diet plan for a change. However, the keto diet plan does not agree with veggies grown under the ground. Therefore, try to stay away from such veggies. You can have tuna salad, lettuce wrap, and avocado along with slices of bacon and cheese salad for lunch. Tuna is low carb seafood. However, it comes with high protein. You can have a keto salad that could be grilled chicken salad or egg salad for dinner. Make sure to load the salad with cucumber, avocados, and tomatoes. You can throw some broccoli for added protein as well.

Day 5 – Friday

You can have fat coffee for breakfast, or you can mushroom omelet instead of fat coffee. Mushroom contains fiber. It is low on carb, and therefore, it is suitable for your keto diet plan. Adding this healthy food to your diet would give your project a quick health boost. For lunch, you can have smoked salmon or spam fries along with coleslaw. Your dinner can be of meat tacos or tortilla with salsa. Again, salsa is low in carb. Therefore, this is good for the keto diet. However, your salsa sauce should be sugar-free. Or else, it would lose its value in your keto diet plan.

Day 6 – Saturday

You can have baked bacon omelet or cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast. After the breakfast, lunch should consist of pork roast along with roasted veggies. Pork can be an excellent addition to your diet plan because it is high on fat and low in carb. Therefore, this is going to be great when you add this to your diet plan. You can have a taco salad for dinner. Asian cabbage stir fry can replace the salad if you prefer.

Day 7 – Sunday

You can have avocado baked eggs or pancakes along with berries for breakfast. Avocado is high on fiber and low on the carb. It also contains good fiber. Therefore, avocado can be a great addition to your keto diet. This would make your keto diet a real-time success. For lunch you can have an Italian keto plate or chicken and hummus wrap. Philly cheesesteak casserole or pork chops with green beans can be your dinner time menu.

Day 8 – Monday

You can have no bread keto sandwich for breakfast on the next Monday of your keto diet plan. You can have a fried egg for breakfast as well. Add some sauteed green veggies for a health boost to this menu. For lunch you can have bunless burgers. Add cheese to this burger along with avocado and mushroom. Alternatively, for lunch, you can have tuna salad and eggs as well. Dinner would have two choices in Keto Diet India with two different options. Hamburger patties and creamy sauce is your first choice. Pork roast and roasted veggies are your next choice.

Day 9 – Tuesday

On this day, you can have a mushroom omelet along with coffee for breakfast. For a tasty lunch in Keto Diet India, you can have tuna salad and celery and tomatoes. Alternatively, for Day 9 in Keto Diet India, you can have roasted meat and cheddar plate for lunch as well. On Day 9, dinner would be a tasty affair here. For a healthy day nine dinner menu, you can have fried salmon and broccoli. You can have cheese with this dinner menu. Roasted chicken and broccoli can be another option for you.

Day 10 – Wednesday 

On day tenth, you get to each cheese-stuffed bell pepper. For breakfast, you can also try coconut porridge. Shrimp and artichoke plate would be your lunch menu. Shrimp is seafood. Therefore, it is going to be your best bet when you following the keto diet. This low carb seafood will help you lose weight fast.

Consequently, you should include this in your keto diet. For dinner, Arugula salad and eggs can be another option for your diet plan; you can have either one. Tasty grilled salmon and spinach will be your dinner menu. Here also you have another option. You can have a simple chicken casserole for your dinner here.

Day 11 – Thursday 

Delicious egg muffin would be your breakfast menu on the eleventh day of your diet plan. Yogurt with granola could be your other breakfast option. Lunch is going to be steak with lots of veggies. You can replace the steak with cauliflower soup as well. Bunless cheeseburger is going to be your dinner on this day. Or, you can have cheesy broccoli with steak as well for dinner. This is your second option.

Day 12 – Friday

Baked avocado and eggs will be your breakfast on the 12th day. If you are not fond of avocado, you can replace it with boiled eggs and mayonnaise. Low carb Caesar salad is going to be your lunch on this day. However, you can return the salad with Shrimp salad and avocado as well. Top this salad with olive oil for taste and health. Pork chops and veggies are your dinner time table essentials. You can have chicken stuffed with pesto for a change as well. Eat this dinner with lots of cheese and veggies for taste and health.

Day 13 – Saturday

Tasty bacon and healthy eggs are going to be your breakfast table essential on this day. In case you are in a mood for veggies, you can replace the dish with cauliflower toast, cheese and avocado as well. Chicken salad and feta cheese with olive oil are going to be your lunch. You can also have salmon-filled avocado for a change. Ribeye steak is going to be your dinner. Have it with veggies of your choice. Or you can eat meatballs for your feed as well. Eat the meatball with zucchini and cheese for taste and health.

Day 14 – Sunday

On the last of your keto diet plan, you can have ham along with cheese omelet for your breakfast. For day 14, breakfast egg, basil, tomato, and goat cheese omelet would be an excellent option. Healthy lunch options include Whitefish, egg, and spinach. You can have cobb salad with lots of green veggies as well. Day 14 dinner would be tasty coconut chicken curry; this is both healthy and tasty. You can also have steak with chicken salad for dinner.

This is a general keto diet plan for you. The Keto Diet India plan can be personalized based on your taste and availability of the essentials.

Keto Diet India Side Effects

Nothing is without its side effect. The Keto diet India has some side effects. Here are five side effects of the keto diet.

Weight May Return

A Keto diet is a highly effective diet. However, when you give up on the keto diet and start eating regular food, you may gain back your weight. A highly low carb diet leads to loss of water level in the body and muscle tissues. Because of this, your weight loss may get affected the moment you start eating typical food.

Keto Ignores A Food Group

The body needs all food groups to function. Keto ignores carb completely. This is why following a keto diet may jeopardize your body function. Many carbs are suitable for the body. These carbs help people affected by diabetes. However, ignoring carb ultimately would affect this.

Keto May Lead To Hypoglycemia

Ketoacidosis may be a result of following a keto diet. This situation arises when the human body gives up consuming sugar entirely and start eating fat for energy. The body requires time to get used to the change. However, during the preparation time, the body may undergo hypoglycemia. This may lead to a severe condition like coma or even death.

Keto Diet Might Lead To Health Concern

Keto may result in serious health concerns. Low carb eating affects health bone. Following this diet may reduce bone density.

Keto Diet Is Difficult

A low carb diet is not easy to sustain. Maintaining this diet regularly can be a difficult task. You may begin to suffer from nutrition deficiency when you eat a keto diet. This is why – following a keto diet is not advisable for a lifetime. Due to nutrition deficiency, you may start suffering from fatigue regularly.

Commonly asked questions about Keto Diet India

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about Keto Diet India.

What Indian dishes are keto?

Methi salmon, tandoori chicken, chicken malai kebab, and paneer tandoori are low in carb and high on protein and fat. Thus, you can order these without hesitation.

Is curd allowed in keto diet?

Carb is high on protein. This does contain some carb. However, you can consume carb without hesitation and include this to your keto diet as the carb level is too low.

Is any Indian food keto-friendly?

Yes, the best keto Indian foods are tandoori foods and kebab. Of course, you need to have these without the sauces. Other than these, palak paneer, paneer bhurji, sarso ka saag, and baingan ka bharta are keto-friendly foods.

Which Indian vegetables are Keto-friendly?

Several Indian veggies are keto compatible. You can have eggplant, bell pepper, cauliflower, green beans, and tomatoes to create your kept veggie diet.

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