Cure Computer Vision Syndrome Easily With Posture Corrector

You can easily cure the below mentioned symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome with Posture Corrector. Below are the symptoms of Computer Vision Syndrome, but don’t get scared by all these big words, we have just the right product for you to deal with this issue in a few simple clicks. In this article we have the answer to all your questions, so keep reading!

  1. Are you a tech savvy who is glued to computer screen 24*7 and never seem to get rid of it ?
  2. Do you have a love/hate relationship with the internet where you love scrolling but hate how it affects your health ?
  3. Are you suffering from constant back ache and improper posture ?

Computer Vision Syndrome Causes

We understand your love for the internet and don’t want you to fall ill because of social media. But, before we tell you about the unique feature of this magical product let us first understand what is Computer Vision Syndrome and how it is caused.

Computer Vision Syndrome, generally known as digital eye strain is a group of eye or vision related problems which are caused due to excessive usage of computer, mobile phone or other digital screens. Relatable much?

It’s the social media age and everyone has become a prey of it. We all can’t get enough of memes, videos and unnecessary rambling on the internet. All our lives are linked to our Aadhaar as well as to our Instagram. These things can be refreshing and recreational for short term but one also has to care about their health while having fun. We often forget to take care of our health while being affixed to our computer and phone screens.

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Computer Vision Syndrome Symptoms

People are most often spotted hooked to their cell phones throughout the day and these devices emit a lot of harmful radiations which can cause eye irritation and dry eyes. Even when you’re not using your phone and it’s lying there in your pocket, it is emitting harmful radiations. The sad truth is that we aren’t even aware that these problems exist.

Many people have confirmed having eye discomfort and blurred vision due to prolonged use of digital screens.

You must have experienced something similar in your day-to-day life, when after looking up from the screen, your vision suddenly gets hazy and it takes a while to regain focus. For example, having distorted vision of streetlights and seeing fuzzy figures can be a sign of bad eyesight and you should be concerned!

However, all these problems can be corrected if you start using our Posture Corrector ASAP!

In a constant race to ace our to-do-lists every day we tend to forget our health and the amount of time spent in front of our desktops is alarming. Like any other illness, this issue starts small but ends up causing major damage in the long haul.

Computer Vision Syndrome, first starts affecting your posture and then leads to severe headaches, eye burns and back pain. To decrease the effect of digital eye strain, 20-20-20 rule is recommended, the rule suggests taking a 20 second break and looking at something 20 metres away every 20 minutes helps in dealing with Computer Vision Syndrome.

computer vision syndrome
computer vision syndrome

You may have noticed while working on a desktop that you begin with good posture and 15 minutes into work, your shoulders start slouching, your back curves down and your face gets closer to the desktop. Often times this happens also because of trivial things such as using a small font size, glare on the screen which gradually pushes us to move closer to the screen. This is a very small issue which can easily be corrected, yet we still don’t make these little efforts and end up suffering with the Computer Vision Syndrome.

It’s true what they say, that little things make a big difference. Just like that, the little steps that we take now to take care of our bodies, will help us hugely in the remote future.

For your reference, we have listed out some of the common symptoms of Digital Eye Strain or CVS-

  1. Blurred/Double Vision
  2. Dry & Red Eyes
  3. Eye Irritation
  4. Back Ache
  5. Neck and Shoulder Pain

These are the most common symptoms pertinent to digital eye strain, if not cured properly this might turn into a drastic situation. So, be smart and detect these before it gets too late!

According to a study, Computer Vision Syndrome also depends on individual’s visual abilities. Every person’s eye potential varies, the factors could be their age, usage of digital screen, food intake, lifestyle and much more.

It is observed that, one of the key reasons for Computer Vision Syndrome is similar eye movement for an extended span of time.

Nowadays, our working routine is such that it requires us to take notes in meetings and share it with everyone in the team afterwards. Doing continuous and repeated movement of the eyeball in the same pattern, looking at your computer screen then looking down at papers to remember the points being discussed and then again looking at the keyboard to type ends up causing a lot of struggle and strain for our brain.

As a result, processing the same pattern again and again becomes difficult for our human brain and this causes tension between eye muscles which ultimately leads to excessive digital eye strain.

How to Cure Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer Vision Syndrome
Computer Vision Syndrome

To cure the digital eye strain, eye blinking on regular intervals and eye drops are recommended. If your situation worsens, consult an eye doctor and wear digital screen friendly glasses which will lessen the effect of digital rays entering your eyes.

One more study also suggests that, with aging of your eyes and your body, the lens of your eye becomes inflexible which diminishes your ability to look at far sighted and nearby objects, this condition is addressed as Presbyopia by eye doctors.

One of the major problem which is most often neglected while taking care of your eyes is your body posture. Even though the problem may appear very big, the solution is quite simple. Individuals usually tend to slouch while working which immensely affects their posture and health in the longer run. Poor posture can lead to stress and unease at work which can further reduce the quality of your life. It can affect you to such an extent that you might end up slouching even while walking and doing other activities which is a complete no-no for any individual.

Posture, in general terms is the position in which someone holds their body while standing or sitting. Posture is attitude of body, it’s a combination of multiple reflexes, habits and instant reactions towards anything that resists our body from being upright or straight in a line.

Our bodies have a natural tendency to move towards gravity, to keep upright, a good posture is extremely important. A bad posture can take a huge toll on your health and life. It creates tension between muscles and joints. Not just that, it also makes an individual feel irritated all the time, being burdened with work but not able to perform well increases stress hormones.

Additionally, a good posture always leaves a good impression on others. As its said, first impression is the last impression.

However, a bad posture may lead to a bad impression in important office meetings, or even while making new friends.

A perfect body posture is upper back straight, shoulders down, abdomen tucked in and lower back with a slight curve. An ideal body type is nothing but muscles free from tension and body straight in line. There are two different types of posture, one when you are not moving it is termed as static, and when you are moving its dynamic. Both static and dynamic posture and segregated as active postures.

When your body is still, it is inactive posture, a complete period of no work done physically. To understand the definition of Correct Posture you need to concentrate the entire body mass towards its centre in order to have proper body alignment. If you still fail to do so we have got you covered with ultimate Posture Corrector.

Posture Corrector, just as the name suggests, corrects your posture and helps you sit up straight.

It works wonder for people going through posture related problems. Before revealing the unique feature of the product let us first understand the major reasons for poor posture-

  1. Gravity
  2. Irregular Anatomy
  3. Uncomfortable working space

Gravity, universally present everywhere on earth and irregular anatomy are unavoidable however latter can be improved. If you feel your office chair is not comfy enough you can easily have it replaced or you can of course use alternatives. You can use a soft pillow to provide your back with support or a posture corrector belt to keep your pose right.

As its said, your posture reflects your outlook towards life. There are countless negative side effects of having a poor posture-

  1. Headaches
  2. Insomnia
  3. Mood Swings
  4. Lack of productivity
  5. Back Pain
  6. Constipation
  7. High Blood Pressure

All these factors vandalize your happiness and gradually ruin everything. Maintaining a good posture is as important as breathing is for life.

Who doesn’t want to live a long and healthy life? But, if you maintain incorrect posture in your younger years, you’re going to end up with terrible health problems as you grow old. Now, that’s scary to even think of! But, don’t fret, our Posture Corrector has got you covered!

Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment using Posture Corrector

Computer Vision Syndrome
Computer Vision Syndrome Treatment

If your problem still persists and you can not improve your posture. You can opt for Fully Adjustable Hunchbacked Posture Corrector Back Magnets Support Brace Shoulder Band Belt which works like magic. It keeps your body in line and maintains your body posture.

This posture corrector is not just for people going through computer eye strain but anyone who is having a hard time getting their posture right, this optimum belt is your go to solution to all your problems akin to posture.

High quality material is used in Fully Adjustable Hunchbacked Posture Corrector Back Magnets Support Brace Shoulder Band Belt like Neoprene, Elastic Fabric (helps in movement), pp bar and an adjustable strap. It has highly breathable material and it does miracle once worn.

It can be worn under or on top of clothes, depending on individual’s choice and it’s adjustable strap makes it an ideal fit for every body type. Posture Corrector is specially designed for those who cannot go on their own and need a trainer to keep their back and shoulders in place. As you can not take your trainer everywhere, the extraordinary Posture Corrector comes to your rescue.

The belt works gently when you begin to slouch whether at or work or while gaming, it keeps you in right position. It’s extreme light weight and gel metatarsal pads relax your muscles and minimizes pain and uneasiness in foot area.

This way, you can divulge in your work without having to worry about your posture and it will instantly help you decrease that deathly back ache!

Whether you have to work in front of a computer screen the entire day or go for a long drive, do not fear neck pain or rounded shoulders. Bid a final goodbye to all your spinal problems and place your order for Fully Adjustable Hunchbacked Posture Corrector Back Magnets Support Brace Shoulder Band Belt right away exclusively available on our website for

Consider this an investment for a healthy present and a better future.  Its unique features like finest quality material, weightlessness, flexible strap makes it a perfect buy.

We recommend this product to you because after going through extensive studies and researches, we have come to the conclusion that the current generation is highly affected by back problems.

Many young girls start having problems such a cervical at a very young age because of extravagant digital media usage and incorrect posture. This is an extremely sad reality because even though life expectancy has increased, we’re leading a terrible lifestyle in this day and age even after having all the facilities and all awareness about these problems.

Hence, we recommend our Posture corrector to you, so that you can dive deep into your work, or your memes without worrying about your posture. Our posture corrector will help you maintain your eyesight as well as treat your back aches instantly with correct posture. So what are you waiting for? Place your orders now!

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